Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to little Navya Naveli she just turned 13 at midnight

Jalsa , Mumbai             Dec 5/6 ,  2010         Sun/Mon   1 : 26 AM

Happy Birthday to little Navya-Naveli .. she just turned 13 at midnight .. enters her teens .. not little any more … was just born in front of us the other day, and now … time flies ..

Have been glued to the Tv and 'The Tudors', a fascinating tele serial on the history of Great Britain during the 1500's. The intrigues and calamities and adventures of the throne during the time of Henry the Eighth. The associations and the social and diplomatic deliberations in the Courts of the Kingdom, laced with infinite lustful encounters among royalty and commoners. So engrossing that I found it difficult to leave. But the blog beckoned and even though slumber poses heavily within, I have with a splash of cold water over my face and neck woken up fresh as a fiddle to connect.

A Sunday of relaxed living, apart from the 'audience' at the gate, which incidentally had to be done twice, due to the swelling crowds. I had missed quite a few of them recently due to my shoot timings and it was wonderful to find that their intensity had not reduced. They all seemed joyous and excited and with voice. The oft heard of which was centered around Kaun Banega Crorepati !!

Talking of which, Headlines Today did a wonderful tribute to the show at 2:30 in the afternoon, conducted by Denzil .. he having sms'd me of its timing before so I could tune in on time. Thank you Headlines Today and Denzil. Its nice to see something positive, after continuous bashings !!

I wonder if you remember films like 'Khoon Pasina' and 'Mr Natwarlal' … well .. they were directed by Rakesh Kumar, who worked as an assistant to Prakash Mehra on 'Zanjeer'. For long I had not heard from him or of him after our very close relationships during the making of these films and for some after. A few days ago I suddenly got an sms from him just out of the blue, and we exchanged thoughts, and spoke on a gift I had given him in 1979. He reminded me of it and it was wonderful to have connected with him after such a long time. 'Time' really was the essence of the sms and 'time' it was that reiterated our connect. I am happy that I was able to bring a smile back on his face.

Those were the good old days ! The shoots for both these films conducted in such relaxed and jovial atmospheres that one can only think back on those times with a smile on our faces. Scripts and dialogues in those days were written virtually on set. And improvisations to scenes and their enactments were the order of the day. Innovations were discovered on the spur of the moment and somehow there was a feel of great satisfaction even in those dis orderly moments.

And … every time we got stuck on a scene, or could not find a solution of how it needed to be enacted or written or performed, Rakesh in his generosity would order - " Scene shifted to Mumbai ! ", when indeed it was scheduled for Kashmir, the most important and prominent outdoor location before Switzerland was discovered by the Indian Film Industry. And sure enough it was the Chandivili Studios, the outdoor location of which I spoke about earlier in detail, where we would eventually land up.

Great moments and even greater memories !!

It is late again - 2:07 AM and I must rest !

More tomorrow and with love ….

Amitabh Bachchan


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