Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dearest ones of my beloved FmXt

Bhopal, M.P       Feb 16, 2011        Wed  10 : 22 AM
Dearest ones of my beloved FmXt,
I feel so miserable at not having written substantially last night and to have ever expressed the thought that I was not up to writing to you. This is not me and this is not done. I have the desire as always to communicate with you and you should never ever believe that I shall ever desist. Sorry. It must have been my troubled back, the late hour and my bobbing head, sleep ridden. But I am up and on to work now and the back is fine and the spirits high and the energy good. So the first thing I wished to do was to get on to my extended family and let them know of my dire circumstances which kept me from putting across to you, what I long to do at the end of every day.
I must rush now. They wait for me at the shoot and i must not disturb the discipline. More later of course and with love and more …

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