Friday, March 4, 2011

My goodness gracious ! Got my site back ! Thank you Lord

Bhopal , MP     Mar 1 , 2011      Tue  11 : 47 PM
Ohhh ! My goodness gracious ! Got my site back ! Thank you Lord ! Thank you Bigadda …
Pressed a button which said upgrade your page medium that you write on and by error it got pressed after I had written my blog for the day… AND … the entire site disappeared .. gone .. not available at all !!
Desperate I called the server and spoke to the technical team of bigadda and they have restored the site ! I would never have forgiven myself if it had gone for good. Now so many suggestions pouring in on how to behave with this technology. I shall follow all. I shall follow even those that are not asking me to follow. Just do not deprive me of this medium, please. Its like my entire life in there !!
Fine, so now I breathe easy ! And need to recollect what I wrote earlier. Ahhh ! never mind. I cannot remember now. I mean I can. But its not the same. The thrill of getting back my EF isbeyond explanation. Its like loosing everything. Never panicked so desperately ever before.
I had written earlier on my surprise and extreme joy in going through all the responses of the day and how a simple discussion or call it a debate could garner so many reactions. Overwhelming ! It has been a most rewarding day, one that educated me, informed me, corrected me, suggested to me. there were so many aspects that I was unaware of. And what a delight to be now in the know of it. I must continue this debate later on someday. It is indeed most interesting.
My apologies also to most of the EF that got left behind, without the yellow lines. I did make an attempt to answer all, but it was getting impossible to do so. One look in the mirror and the deteriorating red eyes and I had to make a stop.
I think what I initiated today on the fresh blog was the matter of relationships. Their status, their departure when associations break and how we seek the company of those we feel are in similar condition when distressed about it. It was pretty exhaustive, but now that it is gone, I feel not too keen to bring it up again at this juncture. When it needs reference again I shall revisit. For the moment let me just remain content with the fact that the entire site was not lost and is safe and been restored.
I need to rest now. Do excuse my early departure and some rather inane writing. I need to prepare for the 4th recital of my Father’s works. I need to rehearse. I need to get it correct. I need to do it so I can represent my legacy ably. A legacy that has been gifted to me by my Father and by his surname that I carry.
Good night dearest ones .. I almost lost all of you tonight … what a scare ..
Love and more ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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