Monday, May 23, 2011

There is no bigger joy than sitting up in the late evening and sharing up the day with the extended family

‘Ekant’       May 21,  2011         Sat 11: 57 Pm
“The morning slides up upon the pane,

Fresh air through an open vane
The chill across the body warm,
No harm.
The sea it splashes hard and strong,
Beyond a point, there is no wrong
We stand and stare and stare and stare,
Nature so beauteous, can never be fair.
Take up the walk, take up the shore
Take up upon never ending and more.
A way side Inn, in sun and glare
Little seats about the pavement bare.
Much later then another walk
Vast bodies of rock, silent, no talk.
There is a silence about and above
This is not game for treasure trove. “

There is no bigger joy than sitting up in the late evening and sharing up the day with the extended family. The fear of not being able to do so was looming large through out the previous night and this morning. But the heavens helped, the skies broke away the dark and disillusioning clouds and connection exercised its vote in our favor !
A relief then … and greater than most people are able to understand. The thrill and excitement that has prevailed on the release of the ‘Bbuddah - hoga tera baap’ promo stood way behind in my thoughts when the net refused to answer to the various combinations that I continued to press to initiate just any indication of life on these fibre glass wires and cables ..
But the mood changed dramatically when quite by chance everything came to life and a whoop filled the air. We were back and how ! And no, that was not meant to steal from the promo of the film on release !!
How ever did we manage when we were unconnected, distant and out of sight and sound. How ??!
It is difficult to imagine. The personal mobile, that birthday warning, the reminders for work to be done, reactions instantly of activity undertaken and a host of other important notes, all at the palm of your hand and a reliance on them for life. Our new colorful and active brain ! Decorated by digits and screens and all kinds of apparatus needed to allow it to function at its utmost.
I had been concerned about Rajnikant and his illness. I had spoken to him a few days before coming away. He sounded frail and disturbed. His ever efficient wife, Latha ji was taking good care. I merely told him not to ignore whatever the doctors were saying and to listen to them. But media and its reporting machine through a vast blast of breakings, was making me anxious. So I connected again and was pleased to find that he was improving. The fans and well wishers , the incessant media around his house was beginning to give him no space to have a restful day in the house, hence the shift to hospital. I believe he is back home and nothing could give me greater pleasure.
But back to the promo and ‘Bbuddah’ .. when some stalwarts write in to say and give final analysis, its time to wonder what it is that we have done. A rethink follows and a desire to hope that all goes well at the time of release.
Your prayers are solicited fervently ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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