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A moment to be remembered by the grandchildren": Big B blogs about carrying the Olympic Torch

A moment to be remembered by the grandchildren": Big B blogs about carrying the Olympic Torch
NDTVMovies.Com | Thursday, July 26, 2012 (New Delhi

Amitabh Bachchan, who wrote earlier about taking the sunshine with him to London, will be part of the final leg of Olympic Torch Relay. He writes on his blog:

"So the excitement of the surprise is over - the very prestigious Olympic Organizing Committee, headed by its Chairman, Lord Sebastian Coe, that amazing athlete of Great Britain, who I saw winning that historic moment in the track event for the 1500 meters at the Los Angeles Olympic - sends an invitation to be a part of the Olympic Torch Relay tomorrow as the flame passes through London, on its final journey into the Stadium for the Opening Ceremony, London Olympics 2012 !!

This is an incredible honor, humbling and so full of pride and emotion. A moment that fills me with all that reflects the spirit of the Games - a certain respectability and dignity that it offers, to all people and communities of the world, to come and compete in their respective skills in an atmosphere free from discrimination. To acknowledge not just respective talent, but to also demonstrate, equality, and democratic secular belief. A belief, practiced despite its destruction all around us in a world overflowing with violence and assertive practices.

Uniformed in the dress code of the Olympics and briefed on protocol and procedure, I am asked to cover a distance of 300 meters at Southwark in the Borough of London starting around 10:50 AM - a moment to be hopefully remembered by the grandchildren.

The run may not be possible keeping my surgery in mind, but there shall be effort made to move as close to it.

Much of the Ef and others on the networking sites have already been informed by certain official announcements, and I am happy that they are as happy and excited as I am.

As I write my thoughts for the DAY, I play the television before me and watch with amazement a coverage of the relay of the torch through Great Britain. It is a most emotional site to see the quality of those chosen to be a part of this run. There are athletes, now aged and barely mobile that have brought great fame and achievement for the country in past Olympics. Little children that have contributed in some way to society and its environs. Older men and women, contributions from whom can never be replicated, and several more. A sight that brings a nationalistic upsurge of what their country means to them, and how greatly they admire contributions made by these special citizens. So impressive !! The media through various channels that exist here in London, has been calling in and I shall be with them as soon as my portion of the event is over. This once there shall be no hesitation in sharing our information with them. Moments such as these should all be documented in its purity, for future generations to absorb and comment !

I have posted too, the promos that depict the temperament of the forthcoming KBC and do hope to have some comment on them. Rehearsals for the oncoming season shall have to begin as soon as I get back. The apprehension if all shall work out fine, keeps bothering the psyche. But really the greater the apprehension and uncertainty, the more valued, and in greater control we all feel. It is the fear of failure and rejection that keeps one going embarrassingly close to what many wish to achieve. I shall concede this argument. Surely I am out of my depth here.

The promos for KBC are in Hindi and shall be of some problem to the non language speakers. But they are propagating the belief that knowledge and knowledge alone can provide for you the right you so richly deserve. A young man deprived of his correct position and a young lady that has excelled in her studies, but is discriminated against, are the topics for this campaign so far. There are more that have been shot and I shall endeavor to put them up to you as soon as they are ready !

I should try for a good nights rest if I am to hobble my way onwards in a jog for the run, which I believe may take me longer than what is expected and programmed. May the moral support you give me remain with me with your blessings and love .."

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