Thursday, July 19, 2012

A visit to a theater by junior showing his latest, an inauguration of a Trade Magazine

Jalsa , Mumbai                    July  8,  2012                                     Sun  11 : 30 PM


Prabir Bhatt : a very happy birthday to you ! Love as always … enjoy !! 




A visit to a theater by junior showing his latest, an inauguration of a Trade Magazine, the well wishers on the Sunday, and the four legged that challenges – 'anything you can do I can do better' !! And finally the breaking of British hearts at Wimbledon with Andy Murray losing to the Swiss precise machine, quiet, smooth and accurate – Roger Federer !


They are enthusiastic than most other days ! A mid-eastern man grips me and weeps, not quite as publicly as the British ace on Center Court in his runner up speech. They throw bouquets and flowers, some of which have been caught in mid air by some extreme photography. The police jeep has been replaced by the van – a larger contingent of the men in uniform for control, and Shanouk who climbs up the steps to decipher for himself what the entire fuss was about !! All in a days work.

The Trade Magazine inauguration was a quick in and out. Sanjay Dutt in presence, as were many from the trade. Bhawana Somaiya who sits on the Editor in Chief chair, a senior professional journalist and among the few that have conducted themselves with a certain degree of integrity, sings embarrassing praises. I make a quick deliverance cum unveiling and out ! Out into the mob – the modern day paparazzi, blinding the eye with the flash, brushing past your teeth with the microphone, stumbling breaking glassworks and furniture as they match steps demanding a 'chomp'. Just doing their job. That footage of interest that can make news preferably 'breaking', that one odd picture around which an entire column could be devised, the clothing worn, the shoes, the hair, who smiled to whom and who was deliberately ignored. The one that works the most is the one on location. The one that writes is the one that is omni absent ! Great strategy because then you are not obliged to know the fact of the visual, the visual gets you to create the fact. Right or wrong does not matter, so long as it has covered those few minutes on the 'box' or adorned a page on the print !

Tennis has come to an end, at least in the British Isles for now. I believe it shall shift now across the Atlantic to the US of A and the hard courts at Flushing Meadows, the site for the US Open – an informal more casual and greatly relaxed atmosphere, than the 'propaar stiff uppur lip' of Wimbledon – uniformed clothing, uniformed protocol, uniformed pageantry, uniformed etiquette, uniformed greens on court and uniformed audience ! Each blade of the green grass on court measured and cut to exact size, as opposed to the yanks' hard clay court grey and stark, laid back audience, chatting cracking up joke and comment, consuming the hot dog and burger with the largest drinks ever in the entire universe, and with the side attraction of the odd skunk or a larger than normal rat in the stands, amid screams from the ladies !! Not so much Hollywood in attendance as against local popular musicians and singers and the odd Tv personage – the Stars of the Angels better present ringside, at the Lakers game by the NBA court !

Shoot tomorrow for an endorsement for jewelry and later, final sits on the move from one platform to the other in this domain.

The rain it raineth constant ! I pray it reaches the regions and destinations that most need it.

My love to all and with the sweetest of dreams for the night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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