Thursday, July 25, 2013

There are times when you wish that the day never comes to an end

Jalsa, Mumbai        July  24/25,  2013               Wed/Thu  3 : 24 AM

There are times when you wish that the day never comes to an end. Days when you wish to do much more but are restrained by nature ; the sun is down, darkness prevails, so must it be time to be in rest. When many aspects of the work remain unfulfilled, when there is a job that is kept pending, when the time required is not sufficient to address it, is limited … then !!

Often there are moments when one pushes the work to be done today to a tomorrow. That tomorrow never comes, for, in the tomorrow there is work that shall come anew, afresh, to usurp what had remained over from the yesterday .. Do I make sense ??

The joy and relief that accompanies the clearance of unattended work is like the weight of the atlas you bear suddenly being removed. But that is not and never the end. There is more that comes your way and more and more …

Many a times when work piles, you discover that when you eventually do reach the unattended, you wonder if remaining in such condition did not draw my attention, or cause any major decision, then really, the pending work was somewhat unimportant. The need to suffer anxiety on this count therefore would be quite unnecessary …

Subject over … too yawn inducing, as some of the Ef would say … so to matters more present and perhaps of greater interest. An article by a known journalist elaborates on the 'politeness' among celebrities. How various public figures behave towards that very basic sentiment and why. And yes … they have me in prominence, which is mighty flattering as you read the presentation, but soon turns to an aspect which is not totally surprising.

It mentions that I do come across as a polite and well mannered individual, though the general opinion form the rest of the world is that it is 'fake and pretentious'. A cultured politeness, put on for effect….. and … I simply love this assumption, for it has given me the great and much desired compliment of being a very convincing performer - one that I have found hard to come by !! At least from the world of the Fourth Estate !

Celebrity positivity, is always unattractive. The minus here is greater than the plus, a mathematical miscalculation ! To them the only answer, if I needed to ever condescend to give would be the evaluation of the medium we converse on. The substitute, the alternate, the faster than what you may want it to be ! The Ef and the followers and many others … 

The competition of it is far too complicated and far too one sided, but it does carry with it the desired balance, much longed for, in comparison of what was earlier - controlled and manufactured by one source, as opposed to the multiple sources now …

Issues get varied dimensions of expression. It has been up to the common man and woman what they perceive and understand, after the immense bombardment of information from several regions and sources. And that is where the crux of the matter lies. The limits of perhaps now 20,000 journalists has expanded to a billion of them, not all in the profession. They are in the realm of independent social media, which grows exponentially and most rapidly.

My own avid newspaper reading has diminished, though I do subscribe to them all, for I shall visit the news site before bedtime to be aware of all that shall be appearing on the headlines in a few hours, or more.

The sizes of the information contraptions all move in the degrees which project a size smaller than the last one. Soon perhaps, from the iPad to the smaller version, it shall all be appearing on your mobile or your watch, or, who knows, a few flicks in the air anywhere in the atmosphere … !!

The intent is clear … life to be made easier and more infinitely less complicated .. to replace the mind and the brain by an instrument that shall be operated individually, independently and programmed by another .. an alien !

Goodness just looked up to the many time keepers that abound about me .. it is past the am of 4 ..

Good night and love …

Amitabh Bachchan 

Mahendra Gorele

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