Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sonam Kapoor with Fawd Khan promote Khoobsurat’ on KBC and amir khan meet again with him

 The company of stars on set … the lovely Sonam Kapoor along with the handsome Fawd Khan from Pakistan, who promote their film ‘Khoobsurat’ on KBC ..

Aamir Khan and the chance meet again with him in the Atrium of YRF … this atrium seems destined for meetings with important people ..

But in the true sense of the word the real heroes are the ones that appear on KBC with their list of difficulties and issues .. and to see them playing the game for a cause which can resolve their most deepest problematic legacies in their individual homes .. is the most heartening to behold ..

Each day on set of KBC is a test of  not just our knowledge, but indeed the heart beats of the nation .. 

In the hallowed precincts of this unusual but rather intriguing game is hidden the substance which brings with it the essence of better times, a resolve resolved, a home getting back to being a home … the fulfilment of dreams and desires, mostly not for them selves, but for those that struggle among them ..

It is an honor and a most humbling experience to be among those that have never perhaps had the opportunities that we get within a whisshhh … to be with those that have suffered the pain of poverty and abuse and limited means .. to be with those that bring such reverence ever - their little hand made gifts of presentation and its reciprocation .. 

We are a nation of such deep magnitude and feeling that it shall be impossible to fathom our real selves .. 

We ourselves would find it difficult to express what it means to us when we confront these issues …

God has been kind …. very kind …

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