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A monkey never forgets how to do the flips or somersaults : BigB

 A monkey never forgets how to do the flips or somersaults … बन्दर कभी गुलाटी मारना नहीं भूलता  

Some habits remain .. they come into us at early ages and just .. remain .. the way we tie our shoe laces, the way we hold our pens and pencils, how we place our hands when we eat … our ways of greeting .. which side of the bed you prefer to get off … which side you wish to sleep, in what position .. how you bathe and soap yourself .. just so many unknown yet known moments …

In testing times, apart from the immediate test and its deliverance, the habits that we have lived with never change .. what we get indoctrinated with in those early years, are precious and lasting .. those impressions only get dissolved with time and other external incidents ..

Future life has the capacity to pollute one .. future life also has the capacity to retain one .. if the lessons and upbringings are firm and resolved, nothing in the living world has the capacity and the capability to change it .. those are the cherished elements .. they are the identity that others ascertain as they seek association .. may they forever remain with us .. in its likeness !

Metropolises and living cities that profess the capability to be the ultimate surroundings for those that seek .. also have habits .. habits that identify it and give it its colour , temperament and character. Mumbai pushes you out of bed each morning and commands you to go and achieve, as does New York ..

Delhi asks each other .. ‘aur kya chal raha hai’ … a hint at what is the scenario politically ..

Mumbai will utter with the calmest .. ‘aur kahan chalna hai’ … the speed of movement being depicted in almost everyday conversation ..

It may sound impersonal and distant at times, but when the need arises it gathers round and becomes that one strong bond .. at times when that call comes from the communicative device, what comes first in mind is .. ‘oh ! I wonder what he wants now ..’ … in the smaller towns and centres its always a call of well being and connection .. work and life in the bigger cities is almost always around the desire to engage in work that shall make one commercially viable, or seek its viability ; barring a few exceptions of course ..
But this above is reality .. its the form untouched and not polluted I believe .. it is affection rare in the bigger surroundings .. and for this I do not know how to manage, address or accept this fact ..

Each Sunday, I wait for that call from the front office to inform me of the gathering and its intensity and its causing of the problem for traffic, for me to come down to meet … and as I leave my surrounding, I look at myself in the mirror to check my attire, my bearing and my mind .. of what the expression shall convey, and for how long .. but once those gates open and I climb up on to the platform so all can see me, the roar of the anticipated crowd adrenalins your insides as it were , to perform, to express, to smile and to greet and show affection .. and as i return back hesitantly, I sit back and wonder whether this would be the last visit from them … would they still be interested enough to come the next Sunday or not … and on ..

Insecurity from the masses is the greatest challenge one has to face .. those that can, and many do, are blessed .. I am not .. for me the call from the audience is the moment of reckoning .. they can deflate you and pick one up, they can elevate you to unknown heights and bring you down with a thump .. I have seen it all .. the elevation and the deflation … the plateau effect and the effect of stagnation … of the smile among audiences, of de recognition, of shame and victory from it, and the triumph of those that decided to make what you become ..

It is a stage that often invites the lessening of the interest .. a cause that shall happen to us all in the business ..

Those that can bear it and live with it in peace and understanding are my heroes … !!

Amitabh Bachchan

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