Thursday, October 11, 2018

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Auspicious 'navratri' and the music and dance of love .. a glance over the shoulder amidst all the callisthenics , a look at them that cannot find the breathing at all .. that do not have work, so they are searches .. searches lead often enough to the idea of a sanctuary of peace and love, by doing a simple .. meet ..

Gracious greetings to several other requests .. they will have to go through 'the process' before a meet .. but meet we must later in the evening .. share and compare and depart to treasured dreams of the strongest facility - the Bank !

I spoke to some .. some agreed .. some disagreed .. most of them were matters of phenomenal quality and most personal conquest  .. the others were rude and threatening in demeanour ..

BUT .. really the issue is a combination of several yardsticks of animals left overs - tasty or without and correction .. the deliciousness of the chutney is oblivious to the weather condition here too .. and our weather, which is basically our mind condition, does coerce all to visit the stall with the books Paradise Towers ..


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