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Jai hanumaan gyan gun saagar BigB Blog News

Jai hanumaan gyan gun saagar

Prateeksha, Mumbai  Nov 20/21, 2010   Sat/Sun  1 : 34 AM

Jai hanumaan gyan gun saagar, jai kapeesh tihun lok ujaagar ..

Ram doot atulit bar dhama, anjani putra pawan sut nama ..

Mangal bhavan amangal haari, dravahoon su dasarath ajir bihari ..

Siya bal ram chandra ki jai, pavan sut hanumaan ki jai ….

Under the composition of Aadesh Srivastav, as you may know he and I sang the Hanumaan Chalisa, by inviting all the prominent singers of the Industry to sing a verse along with us. And you will have to give it to Aadesh, the result has been overwhelming. From the moment it was done, everyone one that has heard it has just gone into ecstasy.

There are some remarkable voices in the composition and the greats of the music Industry have made such a valuable contribution. Today we presented it on the sets of KBC and there was an instant connect and applause by the audience. The wonderful Remo and his group made a most aesthetic presentation and the choreography was just apt and invigorating. I have often wondered why this particular recitation has always invoked some divinity and purity within us as we listen. But there it is. Its first promotional act will be seen by all at KBC, and the dvd should be out soon. The product is now owned by us and AB Corp and plans are afoot to have an inauguration of the release of the album. Soon it shall be available in the stores. Do look out for it.

The day was filled with other excitement too, with dignitaries and celebrities joining us in happy welcome. As the show draws to a close, I can sense a withdrawal among all those that have lent support and energy and time to it. The demand for group photographs now has become a constant. Those that work behind the scenes now show up their faces and it is wonderful to observe how dedicated a lot this crew is. They are the ones that make the show happen. They work silently, unseen and unacknowledged. My gratitude to them and immense respect.

Tomorrow is the last day of the recording for KBC for this season. Two episodes and then its done. Then its back to the sets for film and hopefully some interesting work.

I must rest now .. it is an early call tomorrow ..

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan


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