Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last episode for this seasons KBC just came to an end BigB Blog News

The last episode for this seasons KBC just came to an end : BigB Blog News

Prateeksha , Mumbai      Nov 21/22 , 2010    Sun/Mon   2 : 27 AM

The last episode for this seasons KBC just came to an end. It was a long drawn out and tiresome day, but its over now and I do apologize for this inordinate delay. Each day at the studio for KBC means the recording of two episodes and that has been fulfilled. The broadcasts shall take place till the first week of December, but the recordings have been completed today.

The completion of any act is a moment for reflection. It is never necessary, but peculiarly one goes back. Back to how it all started and was designed. To the initial fears and apprehensions. The setting together of all the important ingredients that go into making this event a success, or even a partial success. The intense preparations, inputs, discussions, debates, procedures all in the making for that one hour programme, called Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Its been a fascinating journey. Of trial and error. Of hits and misses. Of accomplishments and disappointments. Of tears of joy to tears of disappointment. Victory and defeat. Smiles and frustrations. All mixed together in a wonderful basket of colored and sweet smelling flowers. The respect the dignity and the affection given to me by those that came and by those that watched has been so full of genuineness and care, of appreciation and support. It would be difficult to say which one was the most genuine. But may I just say that a group of very dedicated workers at KBC, gave all of us that sense of matured execution, of discipline and of dedication to the craft that we now know as General Entertainment Tv. Thank you for the experience and your fine execution. And I shall say again. It was the audience that made each show memorable, personal and involved. Salutations then to them and my love in great abundance !

But you know and so do I, that this event could never have been possible, without the presence in great abundance of the common man or woman, that fought against all odds to enter a competition, to excel in the initial stages, to get picked up within hundreds of thousands of competitors, to fight for place at the fastest finger level, to win there in fastest finger and move to the Hot Seat for the play to start. It was that common person, from places we had never made or taken the trouble to explore and complete. It was the simplicity of their endeavor, the courage of their beliefs and the final effort to thrust themselves in an unassailable position, that won over the hearts of millions of viewers.

Tonight in the early hours of the following morning when I look at the clock, I understand the importance of what we are about to venture into. Of what kind of pressure would they have to deal with, or for that matter any kind of pressures to achieve what they set out to do. And achieve they did - with patience and perseverance. And with the will of the Almighty.

It is 3 AM now and I have still not got into bed. I think I should before brain fatigue makes me put down that which shall never be able to be explained, yet felt and been in close comfort too …

My love and my wishes for Guru parabh  … with love to those that have it in abundance and with the promise that reciprocation shall never be denied ..

Amitabh Bachchan


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