Friday, March 18, 2011

I needed to wait till it struck 12 midnight and the day changed

Jalsa, Mumbai      Mar  16/17 , 2011     Wed/ Thu  12 : 42 AM
I needed to wait till it struck 12 midnight and the day changed from the 16 to the 17 th , my daughter’s birthday !!
Yes … Shweta born in 1974 on March 17, celebrating her birthday with her family in Delhi, now a married woman with two children of her own ! Difficult to imagine that this podgy little bundle, with the quizzical expression on her face at most times is now into her 37th year …
Just seems like yesterday .. ah ! cliched …. that I had rushed from Bangalore, yes in those times it was still Bangalore, from the shooting of Sholay, to be at Breach Candy Hospital just in time for the birth. And I walk past her picture in Jaya’s arms on the landing on my way up to my work place from where I communicate to my EF, and smile at her dainty frock and playful smile as she looks at the camera and then turns at her Mother’s cheeks with her fingers, tiny, round and bewildered. Hah !
So many of us wish that they be frozen at that time and age ! For them to remain in that cute cuddly stage and never grow up !
Its been attention children from the very morning today. Sadly not in the same circumstances, as we talk now. The morning papers carried a heart wrenching photograph of a small cute Japanese child in the Mother’s arms, getting a test done for radiation, after the disaster that occurred there, a few days ago. And the expression of wonder on the child’s face was just impossible to bear for long. The misery that has befallen and the manner in which we see visuals of the locals showing such great resilience is incredible. What can one say at moments like this ? Except express our prayers and sympathy and do whatever best we can to aid those in need, by contributing generously towards their cause.
Time constraints prevent me from writing at greater length. And really, the moment we talk or express about the horrors in Japan, one just does not wish to say any further. It almost seems impertinent to be addressing something else. Gives a feeling that we are unconcerned about the issue. We are certainly not. But somehow our activities to any other just seems out of place. And so for today dearest ones, I shall refrain from any further discourse !
My love as ever …
Amitabh Bachchan

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