Thursday, April 7, 2011

I had not punched kicked or walloped a guy in ages ! BigB

I had not punched kicked or walloped a guy in ages !
Jalsa,  Mumbai   Apr  6/7,  2011    Wed/ Thu  1 : 02 AM
I had not punched kicked or walloped a guy in ages ! At least not in the past 15 years or so ! But finding myself in those climes for ‘Bbuddah’ I must admit I was really missing something. The stride has been firmer, the heart pumping the blood through the veins as rapidly as one would imagine and that strange feel of having conquered all, fills me up with enthusiasm, hope and a brighter tomorrow. There is a strange connect in this and I sometimes wonder why the earlier films got the kind of attention they did when they did.
The patriarch, the gentle giant, noble and dignified has long been the image that has been adhered to. One forgets how important it had been for those that identified with it. Violence has never been an appreciative point, but an action that has remained for a cause has forever found favor. Breaking away from what transpired for long, bringing back what had been dormant, is now what this home production choses to accomplish.
There is a suppleness of mind and body and that is most enduring and welcome. May be we allow our selves the liberty of lethargy and then face the consequences. But a motivated system within ourselves is and does have overpowering effects.
I have enjoyed today. Hopefully I shall enjoy more of it later.
Sitting on promotional discussions has been a revelation. Marketing, planning and public relations through media, has now become as important if not more than, the making of the film. And I never realized that an entire industry thrives on these faculties. Its an era where if you do not speak about yourself, nobody listens. When nobody listens nobody cares. How much of an effect this mode of communication has influenced and taken over functioning that in my mind should occur on the merit of its own condition, is up for debate and severe discussion.
Market makers, agents, opinion motivated individuals, advertising gurus, media strategy initiators are having a field day. Where have all these enthusiastic young and learned men and women come from suddenly. Why have I not been able to spot them despite my continued presence. And how in hell have they become so savvy as to guide the fortunes of those who invite fortune ? I have no answers. I have only marvel. And this generation has got it all pat. We may be traditional, conservative and within ethical norms, but do we have the gall to express with results what this generation generates. No we do not. I certainly do not. Yet the system developed by these young impressarios is rapid understood and executed to perfection. We all succumb to their guile and technique. We take days and months to reveal how we need to cope with it. Not this young lot. They have the sincerity of their confidence and the casualness of no imminent strife. If not this then this. Move on !!
Living in and within these well studied and executed procedures has made us all redundant and ill. Ill not in the medical term, but ill in terms of the facts and their extreme successes. We from this past world need to put away our processes at least as far as this is concerned. Trying to battle it will and most certainly shall result in embarrassed defeat. Leave it alone. Toe the line. Acquire the benefits that come. Lie back and follow orders. Be in peace. For this is where this young, shall execute what they believe should be the norm.
Yes … I am delighted to be among change … and I do pray that I have the ability to restrain myself from thinking that all that is different is not always indifferent …
My love to you … among the thought .. that failure makes you a philosopher, success precariously hangs on its own disabilities … how to balance them makes me a man !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. hello amitabh ji, we are big fan of you and ur family, many people in india loves you,,
    u r a great celebrity-icon..we all ture indian suggest you to support Anna Hazare movement....sure you definetly do this as an Indian, we are sure that you know the meaning of being such great Indian, god gifted to us. we love you amit ji,,,please support India against curruption.


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