Thursday, April 7, 2011

Work and you live. Do not and you wither in lethargy

Work and you live. Do not and you wither in lethargy
Jalsa , Mumbai          Apr  5 ,  2011      Tue  11 : 48 PM
Work and you live. Do not and you wither in lethargy. The wonderment from those that prescribe astonishment to this are not ignorant or deprived of any intelligence. They are simply deprived. Why would there be surprise and question on continuity. Continuity of labor and excesses of commitment. It has its value in those that live with it and in its upbringing. If it is absent by its non presence within you, do not cause blame to those that do. It came about not from any written decree or trained compulsive statute. It merely came. And it remained. And thank the Lord it just remained. What and how else does one ever attempt to determine, what they that are devoid of such thought, believe. If belief was theirs, so would have been the thought. I cannot manufacture thought. Many others do it in great professional attribute. Inborn, it excels in its presence as far as one is concerned. Try administering it and it shall fail or at least not be competent enough.
Suffice to say then, that your own perception and quality is what remains and what endures. Revel in it then. Spread it to its farthest, lie upon it, cover your conscience with it and rest under its warm dwelling. No other will have the slightest incline to unwrap its gifted paper, unfold the ornate box with predetermined gifts. It is but ours to do, to relish to observe and to delve into. To derive if you must, the pleasures that small beginnings erupt with.
It is not for us to do unto others. Others have their own ‘do’ to do. Build your own space and ship. Travel alone and in solitude. Think not of the consequence. Consequences shall be thinking of you. How you did it, why and wherefore the end. It is we that must know where the finish is. The ‘other’ is oblivious of the end and perhaps unaware of it as well. Who cares ! I did what was meant to be done. It may have complexity, uncertainty and regret. But it was done by one. Ha ha … ‘done by one’ … quite cool eh ??
Most of our universe has been done by one. Most conflict, affection, disgrace, attempt, ambition, success, failure … is done by one.
I am done for now .. it is mine that I have done - unasked, unaltered and unmitigated ..
Wish to ask ? Wish to express ? Do … no one questions, or puts barriers … know why ? because you did it as one !!
Love you ..
Amitabh Bachchan


  1. It was such an amazing inspiring piece of work!
    I just loved it. Now i became a fan of ur writing too.

  2. aapke papaji k poems humlog scool me padhte the, ab yahi khwaish hai ki hamare bachce aapke poems padhe :-) :-D

  3. baar baar m checking this blogg ki ab mera comment visible ho gya hoga but still :-( aap approve nahi karoge mere comments ko?? :-(


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