Monday, April 11, 2011

It is a bracing warm and unusual climate here in London BigB Blog

London , UK   Apr  9,  2011      Sat 11 : 05 AM  GMT
It is a bracing warm and unusual climate here in London. The sun is out, the skies are clear, people walk about in light clothing and the flowers bloom in and around the gardens of prominence in this metropolis. There is a buzz on other matters too. The Prince is getting ready to wed by the 29th of the month and one can see the preparations that are afoot for that special day. Kate the would be Princess and perhaps the Queen heir apparent in time to come, adorns the stores in many ways - pictures, dvd’s and other such …
On a Saturday afternoon leading into the evening and the summer lights still prevailing, the corner pubs thrive in their week end mode, young and old holding their mugs of beer and ale perhaps, enjoying the company of their friends in groups of animated conversation.
The ‘birthday girl’ is pleased to see us barge into the room from the airport, loaded with flowers and little gifts and it is great to be together again. On the flight in, travel Twinkle and Aarav, Akshay Kumar’s wife and son along with us. Almost at the end of the journey I am suddenly reminded of the picture sent so generously by Moses Sapir, of Shweta at her first birthday party. It has me holding two little kids, about a year old. One of them is Shweta, the other is Twinkle, Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia’s daughter and now Akshay Kumar’s wife and Mother of their son Aarav. I open my computer and show it to them. Twinkle inquires who the little kid other than Shweta is. I tell her it is her and she exclaims with disbelief almost, quickly showing the picture to Aarav seated next to her and informing him that the other little girl in my arms is his dear friend Agastya’s Mother. Aarav and Agastya are best friends - often referred to by their respective Mothers as twins separated at birth. When either is in each others city, they stick to each other like Siamese twins !!
But really how incidental that I am able to show that moment to the two ladies. How time flies back when it is referred to in such manner. And how much of that time has drifted away.
I take the two family ladies out to dinner and call in Karan Johar who is in town too. The evening is spent in laughter and fun. Karan filling us in with all the gossip and in his inimitable style having us all in splits. He is here to write his new script that he is making with a fresh set of youngsters. He generally writes most of his scripts when he is out of the country. He and Shweta have always shared a close friendship right from the days when they were in shorts learning how to ice skate, with a bustling Abhishek ruining all their attempts. The three of them often still spend a lot of fun time together.
I must prepare now for Krackow, the recitation of my Fathers works, the various functions that shall be crammed into two days and the disappointment among the girls with me in not being able to get sufficient time to see the great historic sites of the city.
There will be a great deal more that shall be coming your way … so … good night !!!

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