Monday, June 27, 2011

I am begging to be excused tonight BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai   June  25/26 , 2011      Sat/ Sun  1 : 35 AM
I am begging to be excused tonight. I am due to be up in another 3 hours and there is a very busy schedule as I land in Delhi … one media after another. So if there is time to be saved it will have to be here at our connect. I have just finished for the day and knowing the anxiety that prevails among all of you, I thought it best to put in an appearance before signing off …
The Economic Times wrote a beautiful article on me this morning and I had wanted to share it with all the EF .. but time has restricted me. I am planning to carry it along with me to Delhi and if I can get the time there would love to put in more value to this writing by introducing you to the article. An example of what the best in journalism can be. I thanked the two senior journalists that came by for the interview and received back compliments of equal measure. There are some very intelligent and mature minds in the fraternity of journalism and I think that I encountered two of them for this interview.
The media I must say has been most generous for this film of mine and has been most encouraging and supportive. Thank you members of the fourth estate. Recently too I have been observing some of the debates that have been on air on Tv, and there too the opinion and analysis of some of the fraternity has been most educative.
BHTBaap is of course a light film, without any preaching or motive of bringing it on celluloid, but the next Aarakshan shall certainly attract debate and discussion, because of its sensitive nature. At times it is good to merely drift along without motive or angle. Allow matters to happen rather than make effort to make them happen. Both succeed at times, but I am more comfortable with the former. Sometimes our own belief is not strong enough to do the latter. Sometimes your conviction fails you, determination weakens and so rather than achieve, you fall into the abyss of incompetence. That is never required or necessary.
But more of that some other day .. let me be tonight .. though there is immense guilt in leaving you without completing my thoughts …
Amitabh Bachchan

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