Monday, December 17, 2012

Creative artists hunger recognition and reward

Jalsa , Mumbai                Dec 16/17,  2012                Sun/Mon  2 : 12 AM

Creative artists hunger recognition and reward , not necessarily in that order, but they do, even if they were not to accept it ..

Our species is unique in many ways … ways that may not be appropriate to talk about now, but we are … we are also blessed, and gather the affection of those whom we may never know. This in itself is a quality that would always prove attractive, even to the non believer !!

Attention at times if taken away proves detrimental to our standing. Many wish they would get preferred positioning - the proper seat at a function, at a table of some formality, of the liberty of breaking lines at important stations - the security, immigration, movie lines et al ..

Not something that grants itself an appreciation according to me. In front of the law of the land we are all equal. In public platforms no one is superior, each has its value and its importance. Fritter away not the reason for reactions that belong to a stage of compliment. Distress not at the eventual possibility of failure or a combing down of sentiments that may well have been at peak some time ago.

Look not at that ladder that you used to climb those higher domains, with contempt, for they shall be the bearers of your disillusioned status when it shall be time to descend.

Taunt not the possession of your glory in obvious degree, when in the company of him or her that perhaps lacks it. Words and expressions and praise of the self, once spoken can boomerang very quickly. remember always that as you round the corner, there shall always be a stronger, wealthier, and competent authority, coming at you from the other end …

Everyone is fallible and not .. it is a possibility ..

Does one ever wonder how the vagaries of life become our greatest teachers, than episodes which many lament. Sometimes failure possesses greater strength that victory. Win yes, always and work towards it too. But not at compromise, nor obligation.

The human fights alone ever, and for himself and its betterment. In passing he may extend a hand to hold and behold, but not always does the object of desire, stay long enough for it to be monopolized. 

I do monopolize … my Ef and their affection … I was born with them but I have been born by their interest and love. In our times of today rare are the moments when we think of the other for benefit. Give and see, or seek … you shall be rewarded …

for reward is fulfilling .. that is all … otherwise its another piece of metal in the environs of living. Its procurement through an arduous process is mostly welcome, but not always and not always to all ..

My wishes for a peaceful night shall always be attractive and benevolent … the heart can do no other ..

Love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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