Monday, July 22, 2013

Dishonesty with the profession is an unforgivable crime

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 20/21,  2013               Sun/Mon  2 : 08 am 
Dishonesty with the profession is an unforgivable crime. Agree to submit to your work, yes. But to agree to be dishonest in its approach, is not acceptable. I can do the most ridiculous films, and be asked to enact with the sincerity required of me as a professional. I will do it, if I have committed to the making of it. Once the camera is on, I cannot and will not express my displeasure, or discomfort. That is dishonesty. Conduct all that worries you as an artist before you go in front of the lens, but once there, it must be 110 % or come away … 
Deciding to perform in such manner is a performance in itself. There are times when the mind and the conscience do not allow the body to agree. To give the required signal, it needs impetus. Impetus is borne from the desire to do it well. I can only do justice to it if my conscience and will provokes me positively. If not it is best to lose the subject or matter or person or opportunity. More shall come. In large numbers. Its just that one cannot see them all at that moment. 
I could and will and may, lose an exciting opportunity. That is bad. But it would be worse if I lost my conscience too… 
Amitabh Bachchan

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