Monday, July 22, 2013

The greatest of them all - Mohammed Ali BigB

Jalsa, Mumbai                July 18,  2013               Fri  11: 56 PM
With the greatest of them all - Mohammed Ali ! This at his residence in Beverly Hills, Los of Angeles … ! Along with Prakash Mehra and my younger brother Ajitabh .. he was fun to be with, mock punched me, spoke of films and acting and singing … perhaps my first trip ever to LA … loved it and still do … it has a unique character of its own and prides itself in that .. you get on to a street looking for a numbered house and discover that being on the street is not enough .. the number could be several miles away on same street .. the design of a modern city .. parallel lines of civilisation .. Jaipur was designed like that several decades ago, much before LA ..
‘ee hai bambai nagariya … ‘the street song from ‘Don’ … that awkward moment of song on the streets of Mumbai, early days and the embarrassment of it all … Chandra Barot the director of the film seeming to enjoy my condition .. the image at the back is Gateway of India, Mumbai .. built at the time of the official Royal visit to the city in welcome during the British Raj … 
varous Film Fare award functions and awards .. Shatrughan Sinha giving me one, Sunil Gavaskar another, another at the time of MGR, the thespian from Tamil cinema and its Chief Minister, and then with Nutan ji an award we won together ..fantastic moments collected and captured , but preserved by Moses Sapir .. thank you for this ..
My love to all as you ponder over the pictures and I retire to another day of waiting to start all over again ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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