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कई दिनों से आप लोगों को हिंदी में नहीं लिख पाया क्षमा Big B

कई दिनों से आप लोगों को हिंदी में नहीं लिख पाया

Goa Oct 28 , 2010 Thu 8 : 30 PM

कई दिनों से आप लोगों को हिंदी में नहीं लिख पाया , क्षमा वाचना .

कुछ समय के लिए यहाँ goa आ गया हूँ .
थोड़ा आराम करने के लिए , और फिर काम में जुट जाऊंगा .
सब को यहाँ से प्यार व शुभकामनयें !!
It is a boon at times to just spring out of circumstances and travel to just anywhere ! I just did that and find it most invigorating to be able to not be specific or scheduled. And Goa it is ! Quiet and peaceful, green and warm, sea and sunshine ! The silence whispers gently in the ears, time takes time to pass and nothingness has no value at all.
Contemplation never hurt anyone. It has to me the qualities of resolve and resolution. And on time it has been essential to bring that into our system, albeit even for a short duration.
It pays at most times to remain quiet, to listen rather than give opinion and pretend that what you say or think is the last word. Never. It never will be and cannot. And those that do, suffer considerably from such grave inferiority that they numb themselves into believing that there really is no world beyond them. It does indicate a state of instability and is dangerous. Dangerous of course for the victim, but immensely destructive for those that come in close proximity of them. A repeated assurance to the rest of the world and society at large, that there is fault in whatever they see, meet, encounter, is the most potent example of the unfortunate fact that the fault is indeed with them and not at all with the rest. Such elements need never to be told to repair, for repair does not exist with them. How can it when they are so busy repairing all else ? Nature and the process of reproduction is a complicated scientific procedure. Once you get to accept that many an issue will remain dormant and shall not surface. But when nature itself shall get fiddled with, expect a storm. A storm of emotions, uncertainty, improbability and inexplainable attitude. Your genes constructed themselves through natures gift of uncertain value and content. Why it did so gave rise to many beliefs and customs and rituals, diligently followed blindly by mankind. Blindly because, even with their eyes open there was never a solution, so better to be blind.
Some of natures genes had the capacity to accept change and improvement, some did not. Those that did not worked and managed within the way they were. They were the ones that covered their so called deficiencies with sane consideration. But those that did not exhibit any sanity, remained the way they were - ignorant, full of their righteous selfs and intolerant to all else.
The court jester in Shakespeare was the intolerant fool - the wisest. He enjoyed the proximity, the security and the protection of the King and Lord and master, yet was able to be of considered intelligence in certain matters that troubled the throne. The tragedy of such was that they groveled at the feet of the Emperor with supposed wisdom, but never did get the throne ! And that was their eternal inferiority.
In life that is where we all stand. Do we want to rule through the process of the throne or be left to extreme servility at the feet of the master, wisdom and all.
I would not be troubled with either and would happily be straddled with each. The difference would come in acceptance of the basics. If I was inferior I would accept and survive down under. The greatest complication comes from those that are unable to realize or worse, accept that they are inferior. That in itself is a natures process. Cannot change and will never.
And those that have to deal with such anomalies need either to be left to themselves or tolerated. Neither of these aspects have ever resulted fruitfully. It is an unmitigated disaster, a dichotomy of human behavior, a reason why we are human and why we are different from all other livings.
Many had desired more pictures of the awards … they be here … and many had complained that Abhishek had not sublimated in front of the President in the picture sent last time … well change your opinion ..
The moment with Balki after winning the award - the true person who should have been rewarded … he did go up for one of ours , but not the main one .. pity
And the moment with Abhishek … there were other moments with the rest of the family sitting next to him, but I thought this would be enough to digest …
And then we have the wonderful and curious Shanouk, wondering what all the fuss was about at the photo shoot in the office … Do notice the leopard on my trousers - just thought I needed to match my canine …!!!
Remain well and healthy and properous …
Amitabh Bachchan

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