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Prateeksha , Mumbai Nov 30 , 2010 Tue 11 : 21 PM

Greetings and gracious thank you’s for the kind words on the pictures - in particular those of Shweta ! Nothing could give greater joy to any Father than to receive such words of praise for their progeny ! Pride in our children is one of the greatest blessings that can ever be bestowed upon us and no matter how much we may disagree with them, in the end it is always they that shall bear the symbol of our love and affection !

A disposition during the day made me cancel a few appointments and I do sincerely regret that. Sometimes it does become unavoidable. At this age things begin to pack up rather rapidly and without warning most of the time. Nothing alarming though, at least not for now, but yes, reason enough to be a little cautious.

So much happens around us throughout the day and so much is the desire to put it all down with our opinion and reflection. But prudence prevents. It should not, if this medium is us talking aloud to ourselves. Unfortunately though, our own personal whisper becomes an issue for debate and discussion and before long, publicized through bigger and greater mediums, becomes valuable news, worthy of being carried prominently through larger outlets.

The strength and the power of the media is an uncontrollable force which when unleashed changes fortunes, governments, individuals and thereby history. There is much debate in the media today of both print and the electronic, on what the functions of this potent force should be. Many insights have been gained and expressed and many will continue to be expressed. So be it. But how does the common man benefit or derive benefit from such incidents is what shall eventually matter.

Everyday we read and watch how the irrepressible media shall bring out the culprits on to their pages of prominence. Give them a place where they are placed strategically so they get noticed. Their fate being decided first by the Fourth Estate before other agencies take over. How marvelous for the media to have achieved that and to have achieved that in record time as far as particular incidents are concerned. They have the ultimate right of questioning the integrity of an individual. They instigate law and prosecution. They will pass judgement and it shall stay. Stay till eternity. For, once out in their columns or in print, once out in their mediums of the electronic, it shall become the gospel truth, there to remain till ‘thy Kingdom come’ !

There are many among us that shall endorse what they have just read, and there shall be many who will not. What matters really at the end of the day is the capacity to say that ~ ‘jo kiya kaha maana usmay kya bura bhala !’ - what was done said and believed in, what was it in that, that could have been correct or good !

For mankind and womankind this shall be the final judgement, the final call. And it shall remain to be seen who or what follows this belief.

I am still in the throes of KBC and watching what has been recorded every evening with the family brings us a bit closer. Our routines though have been the bane of our existence and it is regretful that this particular issue is attempted everyday to be resolved, but unfortunately has never had occasion to. KBC hopefully will be doing just that I hope …

The time spent in the open sun has been the most rewarding event in our lives. Or so I would like to believe. I have been indulging in that for the past few days and it has been very invigorating. More days should follow, if that is any criteria for fitness and well being ! My gym trainer also gets me to meditate in reference to the sun and I comply. One does not wish to be aloof on such issues. Who know’s …?

Mahesh Manjrekar that consumate artist and director, who directed me in our home production “Virudh”, had a few shots to take for his unique theatre experience and I complied. He is also forming part of the group called MIFTA … a group of people that shall promote and encourage Marathi Cinema overseas. Next step shall be soon and shortly, of which you shall be hearing, later. But for the moment they inform me that they have a tie up with Dubai for a program and I have given my consent to it. Apart from honoring our presence there, they also wish to honor our film ‘Vihir’ which is in competition. Incidentally, those that did not know, ‘Vihir’ has won almost all the platitudes in all the prominent film festival fraternities of the world. The most recent region being the New York Film Festival, where it was given recognition and award.

So to many more such occasions …

I remain as always ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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