Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Telethon for Save Our Tiger campaign Big B Blog News

Pench National Tiger Reserve, Baghvan Resort, MP   Dec 12/13 , 2010  Sun/Mon 12 : 33 AM
What an incredible day ! Just back from the Telethon for Save Our Tiger campaign. 12 hours non stop live television. Collecting funds for the most important and noble cause. Thoroughly excited with what transpired. Collected approx 5 crore Rupees. Gave personal belongings for auction - two of my favorite sun glasses and a watch of mine. The glasses went for 1.25 lakhs, and 70,000 rupees. The watch went for 7.20 lakhs. And all for the cause of saving this beautiful animal. A feeling of great satisfaction to be a part of this effort and a great education for me on what the preservation of the tiger means to all of us. Truly very committed individuals that have been pushing this very important cause for years and finally seeing something concrete being taken up. Learning the habits and habitats of this remarkable animal. Learning how the forest and its importance works a long way in the protection of tigers in various parts of the country, and so many other details. A fascinating adventure into the world of an unknown factor and how fortunate that I was able to be a part of it.
The enthusiasm shown by all sections of people across the board. The children in different parts of the country, working towards this cause and the knowledge they have on the importance of saving the tiger - absolutely unimaginable ! My deepest regard to them. And regard to NDTV and Aircel in taking up this vital issue and bringing it to the attention of all.
Putting up a show of this magnitude is no small matter and I really must congratulate all those involved in its production. Tv is a massive organisation. Hundreds work tirelessly, so a few hours of a few anchors can be put to broadcast. And when we have a live event for 12 hours non stop, then the responsibility and execution becomes even more intricate and important. But all went well. It must be noted that the normal facilities of a studio were not available to us here in the middle of the forest. So that factor of the magnitude of the task multiplies.
But all is well that ends well. And I would like to believe that the donations for the Rapid Response Force - the forest rangers and those that work tirelessly in the forests - have reached a certain figure that shall be able to provide the essential equipment in the shape of survival kits to these fearless and committed workers.
I am again going to keep this short and less informative, simply because the internet services are so inconsistent that we could get cut off any minute. I would rather not risk that.
I return tomorrow and hopefully shall be in a position to give elaborate details on this trip.
Love to all
Amitabh Bachchan

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