Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greetings and good wishes and love from one who has admired you Big B

Jalsa , Mumbai      June  20/21 ,  2011       Mon/Tue  1 : 26 AM
My dearest and most loved EF ..
Greetings and good wishes and love from one who has admired you from the day we started this association. I have been at it in the radio studios, one after the other and finally ending up at MTv and have only just returned a short while ago ..
I see as usual the fraternity anxious and worried about my condition, but there really is nothing in it. I am good and in fine fettle. Its all the others that tire and fall ill - my staff, security, make up etc. Virus in the air is taking its toll on all. But all is good with me, do not worry !!
In the entire journey today the last at MTv was the most thrilling and fruitful I think. They had really gone out of their way to celebrate my arrival at their studios, built special programmes for me and for the film, put up sets to match the occasion .. really very enterprising .. and then the irrepressible Cyrus and all the other dudes - Jose and Rhea and Ayushman all managed by live wire Jaggi .. great time was had by all .. cracking up doing mad things .. great fun !! Took them on at their programme ‘What the Hack’, where they discuss latest inventions .. gave them a long spiel on what all I do - Blogging, Twitter, Vogging, iPad, iPod, Mac and spoke of all my relations with the people on the blog .. they were so impressed, that they were ready to leave the studio and put me on the anchors chair !! Ha ha Ha  !! I mean they were pretty impressed that I was managing all this social networking all by myself !!
Ok enough of the ‘trumpets’ ! And on to some other queries that are being asked repeatedly - the 4 promos of Balki. They should be on air tomorrow, but what I can do is get them up here for you as soon as the sun reaches its highest point in the hemisphere .. Okaaayyy !! Glad to see some smiles of approval coming my way ..
And hey ! A few Hollywood hotties are giving interviews to the media on our film industry and invariably some of the stuff that comes out from them is a bit … well ..
Tom Hanks would not mind doing a film here provided he had me in the film opposite him .. me and Abhishek .. or so the press today had to say ! Ha ha !! Such a funny moment .. I mean do you really believe this to be true ?? And what is the young man’s name … Reynolds, from the ‘Green Lantern’ .. he too has heard of moi and is keen to meet up .. I mean … this is getting too much yaaar !! These guys are international stars that are stratospheric in their standing. Why would they be knowing us !! Cannot seem to understand !! Don’t believe me … fine shall put up the cuttings tomorrow .. ok .. right !
The lovely and lively and non stop motor mouth Malishka at RedFM is always a delight to be with. Today she was uncontrollable ! Just carried on non stop ! A sweetheart really ! Such fun to be with her and in front of a mic !!
Tomorrow is a relatively easier day … so what I shall do is connect with all in the morning hours and spend some more time putting up pictures of today and of a few days before .. plan ?? ok plan !!
Good night dear ones … calling it a day, before the medication hits in and I forget to push the ‘Public Post’ button ..
Love to all as ever,
Amitabh Bachchan

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