Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just could not make the blog public last night ! Reminded by EF

Jalsa , Mumbai         June 20, 2011           Mon 9 : 34 AM
Just could not make the blog public last night ! Reminded by EF as I am waking up and have rushed to do so .. reason ?.. have been under the weather, a terrible throat, a congested chest condition and medication that is making me feel drowsy and weak .. perhaps in that stupor simply forgot to check that the post button was on ‘Private’ instead of ‘Public’ and … well ..
Am rushing off again for more radio stations and media interviews .. shall be with all of you by the evening or late night .. and seeking forgiveness for the mess up last night !!
Love as ever ..
Amitabh Bachchan


  1. U r always forgiven sir! and if u are busy & away we feel u r here, cos u r always in our heart! U said a lot of things in last 40 years of ur career! Now u don't need to say-to prove anythings! We, ur fans understand & are always with u!

  2. Who can be upset coz of it?? if Mr.Amitabhji feels not well, he has to care of his health.. His true fans will understand why He doesn't post Blog or tweets.. PLEASE.. He has care firts of all of his health!! We worry more of it and about when He can talk to us on the Blog or Twitter.. May God keeps him well!!


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