Friday, June 24, 2011

I had driven to the premier of Deewar at the Minerva Cinema Big B

I had driven to the premier of Deewar at the Minerva Cinema Big B
Jalsa , Mumbai     June  23 , 2011    Thu  11:54 PM
I had driven to the premier of ‘Deewar’ at the Minerva Cinema and on reaching the location was greeted by the loudest cheer I had ever heard in my short public career ! That was in the 70’s.
I walked out today from the Cinemax Theatre at Andheri after a press conference to release the ‘go meera go’ song for #BHTBaap, into the Infinity Mall, to a reception and cheer that I had last heard at the Minerva during the 70’s. There have been many occasions, of visits and excitement - Kolkata, West Indies, South Africa, Mauritius … and they have all been extraordinary … but tonight at the Infinity Mall … goodness, it was back to the old days. The tiers of mass audience inside, their screams drowning the dubbeat of #BHTBaap, and the tears swelling up inside me .. just uncontrollable !! Thank you Mumbai and thank you for making me feel so wanted … I simply cannot get over the reception ..
The ‘Go Meera Go’ song will be on air now, since we have premiered it to the media. I think thet are trying to put it out by the Saturday or Sunday. Simultaneously of course it shall be on the net and you could let me have your comments.
There has been a distinct reference often to the other film release on the same day -’Delhi Belly’. And those that wish us well have wanted me to conduct our promotions with a keen eye on that. I have been patiently reading and listening to their comments and have just this to say. We make films in this very homogenous industry not to compete or destroy or wage war with our compatriots. Destroying one would jeopardize the very base we exist on. All products should do well, all should succeed. In the success of all, do we have the success of an individual. Our desire is that all films do well and I would not wish any other for anyone else. I wish that we both succeed and prosper. In our joint prosperity, lies the future prosperity of the industry. Aamir and his production company are much bigger than me and my AB Corp, in commercial standing. We are a small budgeted film of 10 cr, from a group of artists that do not compare equally with the cast and starring of DB. They have spent 35 cr on their film. That would show the intensity of their investment. They would have to do a very large business to recover their money and they will, looking at the past record and the present standing that they have. We cannot be compared to them .. they are bigger than us .. and shall do bigger … leave it at that… if our film is liked it will fetch dividends, if not it will not .. simple and straight. We are not going to be able to make a rupee more by pulling down another. Each of us shall have our own merits and demerits, and so be it …

a few glimpses of the Mall and the press conference with Abhishek .. and it is difficult to put these up without the sound and the atmosphere … that would need imagination ..
More interviews tomorrow and perhaps a look at some of the final prints of the finished product .. its like delivering a baby … ironically !!
More tomorrow ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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