Thursday, August 1, 2013

The appreciation of the Sunday pictures was so great

Jalsa, Mumbai         July 30/31, 2013                 Tue/Wed  2: 56 am

The appreciation of the Sunday pictures was so great that I am compelled to put in some more .. more is good, not so, less … less in temperament perhaps works better … the lesser you show the better you feel about situations … or so some may like to believe … its the quiet one you observe the most after a time .. !!

I try to remain quiet .. !! Many who question my appearance on these platforms wonder .. you have been 'traditionally' quiet and elusive, why this opening up .. telling the world everyday what you do feel and expect … most unlike you ..

Really .. ?? How on earth did you assuage what I was indeed 'like' in the first place !

Celebration is justified on successful completion of thought deed and idea. Celebration is justified too when you become vulnerable. Indeed vulnerability is the corner stone of status. Get status, get hit !!

Part of life .. accept it and accept it again .. 

My love is a celebration … which is why there is abuse … abuse must be welcomed … many take offence on some that become abusively critical of comments .. leave them alone … let them express .. it is such a joy to be in their company … what was that expression in one of Shakespeare's plays about the best flower growing beside the nettle, a stingy leaf. In fact during the years in boarding in Sherwood, the hills around us abounded in the nettle plant, which when it touched your skin stung you with great intensity and pain. But … right next to it grew another plant, the leaves of which when rubbed at the area of the sting would immediately provide relief ..

That is life .. that is nature .. that is the world …

The most painful episodes in our lives have the solution right next to it .. simple … easy access and with cure ..

My love to all

Amitabh Bachchan

Mahendra Gorele

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