Saturday, August 10, 2013

The celebrations for Eid continue with great fervour

Jalsa, Mumbai          Aug 9/10, 2013          Fri/Sat  12 : 39 AM

The celebrations for Eid continue with great fervour, and the friends and well wishers send in their love and affection in the shape of delicious food - a tradition during Eid here, and perhaps all over where it is celebrated. In many homes the children get 'eidi', some money or gifts on this occasion from the elders. There are dinners and Eid celebrations at the homes of all our friends and we attend them with happiness and joy … 

Festivals are such a great model of coming together, of being one, hand in hand and in embrace.They produce and create such a harmonious atmosphere of love, that one wishes every day to be a festive occasion ..

New clothes are made, children and elders dress up for the moment, there is laughter and joy … and the human spirit reaches a fresh nadir …

Give me O ! Lord the presence of such festivity ever. Give us and the entire world that which brings us closer together, with warmth and love .. give us many more such days when we forget our anger and animosity, and convert it to forgiveness and brotherly sisterly feelings … give me love, and more ..

The 'little one' is quite overwhelmed by the presence of her cousins around her .. and she will take her time to understand what goes on and where and who they are in her life. Family and its presence is such an important element in our lives. The mere mention of family brings compassion and paternal and maternal feelings .. 

It disturbs me to even wonder what they, who sadly have been deprived of family, think and conduct their lives. But it gives me happiness to learn that though there are many that fall in this category , they conduct their lives with strength and the faith of better existence.

To them then that have the blessings of family my wishes .. but also to them that are deprived, my greater admiration …

We have here a platform for all … come and be with us .. join our little family wonder and be its valuable extension ..

Some of my dearest friends, Habib and Shaad send their greetings and I to them, and always remember their friendship .. Shaad has a Eid celebration at his home and I must attend that now … tomorrow another friend celebrates it at his home and we shall be there .. but for now ..

I need to be excused ..

My love as ever ..

Amitabh Bachchan
Mahendra Gorele

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