Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amidst the pouring rains from early morning and the flooded streets of the city

Jalsa , Mumbai       June 11,  2011       Sat  11 : 59 PM
Amidst the pouring rains from early morning and the flooded streets of the city, particularly so in the JVPD Scheme, where I live, I have managed to have survived an entire day. Watching the water grow dangerously close to the insides of the house, Prateeksha. The road in front submerged and not pliable, even with cars on stilts and massive engines and the on and off again internet services. Some parts of the Juhu area and the inner lanes still ankle deep in stagnant waters, and as I drive past to get to office, where the flooding was immense and most threatening, the one factor that is noticeable is that all the security guards that man all the gates of the house residents have their pants rolled up ! Sign of the times ! And yes the stray cats, I actually said that, cat lovers, and the dogs are finding hiding elevated covers to keep afloat ! Actually found a few perched on top of the cars, on the window sils and on the steps !! Welcome cats. Keep dry. No fights and screeches in the middle of the night. And thank you for keeping the rats away !!
I think Mumbai has reconciled itself to the fact that water logging is like the spelling of the name of the city - it shall never change ! Well ..
And the traffic snarls get pronounced and people more irritable. But to give credit to the traffic police, they were all out there in the middle at every sensitive and vulnerable point in their newly acquired uniforms - white overalls to keep the rain away with hoods, and stylish black pedestrian crossing like stripes by the mid riff - pretty smart ! And  journey I thought that would take hours, actually got me to my BBC studio for interviews ahead of time !! So that kind of kept my punctuality quotient in tact !
So tell us Suri how on earth did you get the music of the film ‘Bbuddah - Hoga tera Baap’ and how did you load it up on your site, knowing that the formal and official release of the music has not taken place ? Caused quite a commotion throughout the net world, on my twitter and also shall feature as a prominent discussion on my Vog. the music is officially being released in stores on the Monday and I do hope instead of downloading it from the site of Suri, you shall make use of the official one and save us from piracy. And yes of course, as soon as you hear it let me have your valued input. ‘Haal e Dil’ seemed to create quite a stir. It is as I said, a rather melodious number.
The rains bring with them a sensuous feel to the entire day. The dark grey low rain bearing clouds form the early hours of the morning. So when you pull the curtains in the morning expecting the sun to hit your eyes, you realize that its actually time to put the lights on. And yes despite all the precautionary covers, rain does have a way of being noticed. It shall drip down at most unwanted areas and assert itself, no matter how hard one may try, embarrassing the company that is given charge of putting up the ‘taadpatri’. Shelves housing books and important paper work get shifted around. Plug points and electronics are given a constant look over so no short circuits take place and dehumidifiers find themselves doing good business during these three intense monsoon months ! Its an entire war room operation !
But you have to admit that the gentle and sometimes harsh lashes of rain on the roof and against the protective covers, does give a deep sense of romance, hot eatables, cozy sitting arrangements, a movie and perhaps if there is an adventurous mood, a drive out in the rain to search for that delicious ‘bhutta’ - corn on the cob !! ‘Bhutta’, that delicacy associated so much with the monsoons in Mumbai. Those stalls by the pavements, burning them up fresh for your taste. The slice of lemon, a bit of butter and at times the red chilli powder … satisfaction !!
But by far the most enticing is the warm interiors of a bed and something to munch as you drown yourself into a sleep by the constant tone of the falling rain !
It is quiet just now. The rain is silent and so are the birds. The sky does not thunder anymore and neither do we witness those strong flashes of lighting that precede the bang. The tire sounds of the traffic on the wet roads remains, the odd droplet from some awning reminding you of the deluge in the morning and an ominous silence. Perhaps in preparation for the morning with greater rain !
There is something about it that is so romantic, so …. gosh I do not know the right word for it, but I am sure you understand ..
My love to you .. and a gentle prayer for the most gentle and gracious Mrs Kashmira Grewal … and a happy birthday to Dharmesh Patel form UK for the 11th ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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