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We spoke yesterday about the netizens and the response factors on the promos of various films

We spoke yesterday about the netizens and the response factors on the promos of various films
Jalsa , Mumbai        June 9/10 ,  2011          Thu/ Fri  12 : 39 AM

We spoke yesterday about the netizens and the response factors on the promos of various films. Well above is that statistic in print and for all to see read and pat your backs, because it was indeed your very sincere effort that made it happen ..
In the comfort now of the home, one reflects back on the day and how it passed. Sudhir Mishra came by in the morning to narrate a subject and we are looking at it with some sincerity. There were meetings on promotional activity - visits to Dubai perhaps and the Hard Rock Cafe to accompany Vishal and Shekhar as they perform live on stage some of the songs from the film ‘Bbuddah’ , smash a guitar as an honor from the facility, ride a Harley … gosh this is like being back in University again … ha ! What a time we would have then ! Bunking class, jamming at restaurants and coffee joints with the ‘gang’, buzzing off on picnics in borrowed cars and scooters and then dragging ourselves home looking most studious and overworked in College !! We were incorrigible were we not. One could get past Dad, but Moms always knew ! How did they ever come to gather what we had been up to ! Ha ha !!
Ah ! those days of College and University. How ever can we ever forget them ! Sad they got over in 3 years ! Never knew how time flew by. The freedom to move independently, to follow opinion away from the norm, to become temporarily impressed by pseudo dudes, to lumber up to the girls at the bus stop, hands in pocket of unwashed for a year jeans, and the only one you had, shirt collars up, Elvis Presley in making side locks, the only book of study in the hip pocket, and wondering why none of the girls was noticing you !! And the music …. never went beyond Elvis, and for the more intellectual, Miles Davis and Zoot Sims ! Any one remember those fantastic jazz artists ?? Astounding !!
Late evening tonight at the Novotel, the opening of the first look for ‘Aarakshan’ and meeting the press. I have to say that the media was never more disciplined, sensitive and intellectualized for the moment than they were tonight. There were questions of great merit and observations of immense value. I think the subject itself was never kept out of the ambit of the meet and that was somewhat of a miracle. Usually they will ask all else not concerning the film on show ! Thank you media !!
The question of reservation is varied controversial and has a long history within the country. My own knowledge of the subject was most minimal until I read and queried Prakash Jha the director on them. But ‘Aarakshan’ is not just about the reservation policy of the country, where segregation in our society took place on the grounds of caste. And then subsequently opportunities for them at work at education and at all levels got hampered because of the systems prevailing through ages on the caste divide. The film also deals with that very pertinent matter of capitation and wealth that now prevails in private institutions, that are considered prestigious and worthy enough because of your standing in society. The divide between the elite and the less privileged and the absence of equal opportunity for deserving pupils. The whole matter of coaching institutes that have sprung up, inviting the rich to invest their education on them because they are being run by teachers of eminence connected actually to the University, but performing acts which they should not be. Bringing better results, but for those that could afford the fee or the capitation. And so on … very volatile, but interesting all the same ..
And at the end of it, I think that it ended on a most positive note …

And these from the press meet just concluded ! Rapid fast and efficient delivery system , do you not think ??
Ok … so back to the daily horizontal effort … EF permitting … and good night .. shubh ratri, shabba khair !!!
Amitabh Bachchan

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