Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life has become a ‘promotional travel tour

Jalsa , Mumbai      June  13/14,  2011      Mon/Tue  12 : 56 AM
Life has become a ‘promotional travel tour’ .. one minute in one city the other in another city and talking on subjects and topics already done to death the first time around ! But such is the nature of the business these days that if not done can spell sufficient doom for the film ..
So on the flight in the early hours one catches those forty winks, undisturbed by phone calls or meetings .. one meets other passengers that express reserved greetings .. greetings on the road or in public are a great indicator of your standing in the profession .. the odd hello, a wave distant and almost forced, a look through as they walk by, a feel of ya we know its him so what … standing ! That frenzy of desperate meeting, a scream or shout, or a rush to the celebrity mean an entire different story .. happens .. part of celebdrom !! So you push your head down and move to your destination and pray that it comes soon .. do not want the embarrassment of being ignored .. it is a severe condition .. can cause deep mental misbalance if one is not intelligent enough to understand that its part of the deal .. this is what stardom and its aftermath are all about .. hysteria one day, ignored the other .. suddenly tells you that you no longer hold any importance in the lives of those people that one day lathered you with praise and adoration … no sir, that is gone now .. there are others now, more efficient younger and exceedingly popular .. they shall draw the crowds, the excitement, the frenzy … your time is over .. believe it and rest !!
But .. the cause for which we were present at the media event was comfortable and warm and enlightening ! Pleasant atmosphere, charming journalists, intelligent questions and a good repartee among them and us - Prakash Jha and I , ….” just the two of us …”
Surprising that talk of the other film #BHTBaap ( to follow twitter trends ) would invariably emerge. Keeping proper protocol and etiquette in mind I did try my best to avoid mention or talk of it … but it kept coming back from a bunch of young lady journalists, who were leading me up to speak those magical words -”Bbuddah hoga tera Baap” !!. Succumb I did and speak I did, to a rapturous applause ! And even though it was unethical to bring the topic of this film at the time of the other, I have to say that the moment of its importance was heartening to hear ! It meant that there was an awareness to the film and that they were keen to see me associated with it - for the time being …
The meet with the media was civil, and surrounded by compassion. It was rare that this should happen, but it did. And my compliments to them for understanding the film ‘Aarakshan’ and why and for what reason Prakash Jha was making the film. There was appreciation of the time and punctuality factor and no where was there any attempt to be harsh or cause discomfort to the two elders on the dias !! It was all over in an hour and a half and then back to the airport and on to Mumbai …
Delhi … I have to say looked stunning ! Had not seen it in this form ! Clean wide well maintained streets, organized traffic, green and looking good ! Those behind this beautification need a pat on their backs.
And then on the plane went about reading some of the magazines that were put forward and came across some very interesting facts, on Sikh Gurudwaras, their place of worship. A book recently released by an eminent author DS Jaspal mentions that each prominent Gurudwara was built around the importance of a tree within its premise. The name too of the Gurudwara at times bearing mention of the tree that was housed within it. The Amb Gurudwara, has a mango tree within, the Imli Gurudwara and so on .. the tree being the place where the Guru’s rested on their tours or during the various battles they fought, or when they held their prayer meetings. The tree then becoming sacred and when the place of worship was constructed, that particular tree remained an integral part of the design ! Fascinating !! Not just the religiosity of the moment but I wonder if it was a symbolic gesture on the part of those that built them and conducted prayers much after the passing away of the Guru’s, that it was an indication on the environment and how deeply maybe they thought of this factor then !! I wonder  !!
More tomorrow … I get into a string of promotional activities for ‘Bbuddah’ and do take in all the suggestions that the EF has been putting in. Thank you so much for your care and love …
Amitabh Bachchan

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