Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blessings of all remain with me throughout

  Jalsa, Mumbai                 Oct  6,  2012                    Sat 9:30 PM

Daisy … a happy birthday to you … happiness always and the love and affection that you so deserve .. may your life remain healthy and with blessing ..

The innocence of the little .. oblivious to all that goes on deeper … just the joy of discovering, little flowers, objects of strange bearing .. mumbling and squeaking works which only they understand … may not make sense to us .. but understood and of value to them and their world of un corrupted thoughts … such a bright state to be in .. one wishes for them to be in such, before the big bad world takes over their lives .. protective we are, but never enough .. the effort being to give them all that upbringing that parentage demands .. the basics, the important and the essential .. and then to be left to see how much they imbibe and carry through … children .. our lives and our world .. we bring them into this world, and we feel responsible for their growth, their life and what they make of it .. it must be the most important duty of all parents .. what is taught now remains a lifetime with them !!

An off day has passed by with such speed that it is now time to turn in early, looking at the coming events and the work that precedes it. One wishes that time would stand still for a while, to live and enjoy the glory of a moment, but it never will. Even as we involve ourselves in one the other thought keeps playing .. but at the end the mojo takes over .. and keeps us in good spirit ..

Music stills the mind … and an evening spent with Aadesh at his studio near by is always enlightening. We have similar feel for most of what we produce .. perhaps it is the earth where we were born that plays importantly ..I still long for that moment of solitude and practice at the instruments that shall occupy my mind and time for hours in learning ..

Maybe it shall come when the time is free and the desire to simplify work comes through .. work though is never simple .. the day it is is the time we need to think of another … work must drive us not us it .. perhaps all may not agree, but for me it does .. maybe in oder to get to the stage of us driving it, would be more appropriate if we first succeeded in getting work .. and for that a different set of principles and time frames would be required .. but that initial struggle is most rewarding and of great definition .. it exhibits our vulnerability, weaknesses and failures, only to be winning over them in time and place ..

Many ask for those early days of my struggle and the disappointments and rejection it brought, now to be looked back on them that did so, and seek retribution .. naahh !! immature to indulge in that ..they cannot be blamed or held up for it .. how on earth would they know of your caliber, until seen … and seeing it takes time and experiment, none of which they have at that time … so … look beyond .. yes notice them and if of some attention seek them and let them see your capability now and address it themselves rather than rub their faces in the mud .. it is not just happening to you, it is happening to several and all others like you … so you are not alone in space .. you have company, and company builds strength and resilience … in the days that are to come later ..

Blessings of all remain with me throughout … that is my worth for the struggle, if at all it can be called that ..

My love and affection to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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