Tuesday, October 9, 2012

There comes a time in the lives of all

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There comes a time in the lives of all when we become oblivious of who and what we are .. of being unable to understand the depth of our existence, our nature, our demeanour, and our act .. we are mortals with limitations, yet we seek forever that elixired potion which shall perhaps make exception and give us immortality.. nature shall not permit that, which is why divinity makes in roads to occupy that empty space .. and to exist with us perpetually ..

But there are some that desire through their contribution to work, life and its beauty, a wish to leave something behind that can become immortal by those that follow ..

I follow my Father and his contributions not just to my life, but to the lives of others, in what he contributed … and I consider the most important task of my life to continue his legacy … at least for the benefit of my immediate generation. There is pride and respect and the power of representation which overwhelms me. It is not a task in the real sense of the word, it is the expression of a dormant feeling, which comes but in the surge of its hidden emotion .. one knows not how or why it forms itself, but it does …

Many have argued the phenomena of divine intervention, the prevalence of the atma, the soul that escapes us all even after the cremation fires have reduced us to ash, or the buried beings that escape from within, to voluntarily prevail upon us without notice … many consider that imbecilic, yet many blindly follow and believe … do we have ready and referral proof of this extended phenomena, this rarity that pervades … I wonder if all shall have answer, but on being a victim of it, immediately crouch down on knee, in an expression of submission to that, which deems to be in possession of extreme superiority … 

It is then from this, that belief in the godliness of all erupts, fills us with immense security and strength, tiding us over against all that stands as an adversary before us ..

They possess different names - Allah, Jesus and the many hued Gods of Hinduism, of the heavenly Guru's of Sikhism and all other celestial presence … and they all preach and teach us the way to a heavenly existence …

Battles have been fought in as fierce a manner as possible .. and those that decorate themselves with all the required armaments of destruction, do indeed believe in their respective divine … the respective devines are remembered, before the act of eliminating the oppressor or the enemy … and in the final victory, yes it is the physical ability of the force that is acknowledged, but somewhere too the victory of one divinity over the other ..

But the divine has eternal legacy .. they are beyond a battle here or a battle there … victory against an adversary also counts, somewhat ambitiously, the victory of one divinity over the other … but how ?

Divinity is beyond defeat and elimination !!

What comes out as being victorious then ?

I would reckon it would be belief … our belief, or the belief of those that went into confrontation … those that succeeded, believed that their effort garbed in their individual belief, was victorious over the other, adversary or not ..

It would be difficult to believe that Hitler too would not have at some stage, prayed for a win. His defeat and his loss must be viewed as a loss of his belief … his divinity, if he did possess any, would remain untouched and unscathed … divinity should be such, else it would stand to lose the faith of billions …

My belief demonstrates certain values, which may differ from the other, but would remain devoted and dedicated to that one divinity that is all pervading … faith and belief should be universal .. but is it really !!??

My love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. Thank you very much sir for en-lighting us with your great valuable thoughts....
    it's my pleasure to read this....


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