Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I am burdened with the pressures of my commitments

Jalsa , Mumbai                     Oct 8/9,  2012                     Mon/Tue  2:40 AM

Some birthday wishes first :

Ami a very happy birthday for yesterday … many good wishes form us all and may the Almighty look after you and that you treasure ..

Tumpa Ghosh .. to you a most prosperous birthday, with every good wish for all the goodness in life ..

I am burdened with the pressures of my commitments … they seem insurmountable, but one plods along, putting on the best face and ability. On doing so, often, the task seems a great deal more gentle and kind. Tasks need to be performed. There is a certain beauty about them, a fulfilment that at times defies any other consideration. Until one gets down to it the realisation never dawns. Thinking about its possibilities and its uncertainties, can be ruinous at the very best. But wishing those fears away by merely a deliberate act of defiance, or one of positivity, brings within us a strange strength that never fails us. So much is said spoken and written about this aspect of 'positivity', that mentioning it today seems such a cliched expression or belief. Be that as it may, I believe it should be expressed within ourselves if not to the outside world. When all around us is morose and depressive. When the silence of each expression and the limp demeanor overpowers not just us, but others too, then shall be the time best suited for rapprochement ! We shudder at times on consequence, but are never willing to challenge it, merely at times to discover what the final result would be. It would either be good or bad. If good, then we have taken a positive out of such exercise. If bad then too we have taken a positive from the exercise - never to be experimented with perhaps.

I see both aspects in one reflection. A reflection that could be a cracked mirror, depicting two different images. But if looked carefully the images can coalesce to form one subject. A subject that may or may not require that proverbial crack down the centre !! A dent one may repair. A cracked mirror shall require a replacement. A portion of it is usable, but shall always remind us of the other that does not exist even though it did start off as one.

Life's mirror needs completeness - unscathed, spotless and squeaky clean ! But does it ever . Images at times compliment each other, but most of us know its lateral inversion ; not all of which works well for everyone.

No one shall ever live life without blemish. A blemish which at times shall be seen and at times not. The unseen shall not protect one from all ills, for within us shall always fester the guilt of its presence, some of which we shall disclose and some that we shall take to our grave …

Belief is what makes us vulnerable to the others belief. Our trust determines the degree of our truth, within or without. But what of the others ? Our passport for such is just and only just our belief and nothing more.

I shall always believe my affection to all that adorn this platform … and even for those that do not .. equality should become my cornerstone and one that I shall respect, despite any alternatives that may drift about. The one that belies belief is the one that should worry, if at  all .. I must not or one must not wait to unravel the other … there is enough on our plate to devour in a lifetime … think then of the world without fear of blemish … that is a constant which shall be visible to both us and the other .. rectify or make endeavour to rectify your own, and ye shall find that the other diminishes in its value ..

Better yourself first before thinking of why the other has not. The circle of life shall move about and around you. Sadly most of us believe that the circle moves around the other, and that is what disorients us …

Better then yourself … the other shall better themselves too … 

My love and my affectionate wishes for all in betterment …

Amitabh Bachchan

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