Saturday, November 27, 2010

It is my Father’d Birthday today BigB Blogs News

It is my Father’d Birthday today BigB Blogs News

Prateeksha , Mumbai Nov 26/27 , 2010 Fri/Sat 2 : 15 AM

It is the moment in our lives when we all sat stunned and helpless, shocked and angry, pained and hurt by the drama and carnage and the senselessness of it all, two years ago. It was today that 26/11 happened and those visuals haunting and utterly disturbing kept playing in front of our eyes. We saw the carnage, we saw the devastation and we saw how inadequate each one of us felt, as the marauder brought damage to our city and to our people.

We saw also how innocent lives were lost. Mercilessly and ruthlessly eliminated in shocked surprise. We saw with baited breath how our uniformed personnel fought back and claimed a death defying victory over the oppressor. But we saw too how those who were there to protect us, bravely gave up their lives, so we could live.

What prompts them into such acts ? What motivates them to give away that which is most precious to them ? Where do they get their strength from ? It is the pride of being born on the earth which we call our Mother. It is the joy and the immense dedication to the country that gives us our identity. That gives us a classification of a region, a flag, an anthem, a song, a culture. How many can we remember, that through the ages, have willingly given fight to the invader, to the conquerer, to the ruler ? It will be an impossible task to do so. Yet there are hundreds and thousands of those men and women who have gone by unnoticed and un heralded in their act.

And through out our history millions of such patriots, nationals, freedom fighters have struggled to give voice and action to get rid of the enemy - an enemy that has forcibly taken over our land. There are so many untold stories, forgotten heroes, great sacrifices made that we know nothing of. But those that did it for us, that set us free, that gave us the just cause, are today either forgotten or relegated to a few lines in texts for posterity.

I can only say this - long may you live in our hearts and minds. Long may you continue to inspire us. Long may your painful yet fulfilling work be an example for us all through ages. We breathe this air of freedom because someone whom we did not know and perhaps would never have known, fought for our right and gave it to us.

I bend down in humble homage to all of them … in humility and in compassion.

This generation is fortunate to have been born free. They never had any inkling of what it meant to be suppressed and oppressed. To be in possession of your own home and to be told that it does not belong to you. But many of our countrymen, our brave countrymen did and did what they felt needed to be done. Their work results are what we today enjoy, and may we ever do so.

We hear our anthem and an emotion swells up within us. A mass of people voicing in unison a ‘VandeMataram’, brings within us the adrenalin required to conquer the world. It moves us activates us, propels us into action.

The strength that we enjoy in being able to call our country free is the greatest gift. This gift came to us by birth, but also was fought back for us from centuries of battle and sacrifice by brave citizens, who valued their contribution in protecting us most.

I salute them ! I idolize them ! And I thank them for what they did for us - unnoticed, unafraid. No words will be able to describe that feeling of gratitude and pride for them …

Amitabh Bachchan

It is my Father’d Birthday today the 27th of November. He was born on this day in the city of Allahabad in 1907. He would have been 103 today !

Friday, November 26, 2010

I connect with my EF my FmXt my companions BigB Blogs News

Prateeksha , Mumbai Nov 25, 2010 Thu 11 : 59 PM

It takes a few letters on a medium that conveys thoughts words and deeds to raise and brighten up the spirits .. it takes that little thought written in isolation that brings the heart a little closer … closer to the source of expression.

A kind word, an appreciative smile, a tender hand reaching out to touch … and the world changes around us. We are so vulnerable to gentleness, love and softness of being, that the smallest of gestures indulges us to an extent that envelopes us in an embrace, never ever wanting to leave. We are human and with immense human feel. We were made thus. Created by the nature of divine intervention. Till the end of our limited stay we remain in constant touch and awe with what was created for us. Many love what they see, many do not. But no one challenges the creation. Its vastness and unique quality is a lesson in its existence. Inexplainable and devoid of any science argument, we accept the hand of divinity and live with it. Many do not, in grave atheist leanings. And so must they remain and admired and accepted. The science of it all is still under investigation. Everyday a new aspect on our existence and its complicated evolution destroys in its completeness what ever we may have tended to believe earlier. Irrespective of how complex and delusioned it may have been.

Thinkers and contemplators of the world must have had an immense amount of desire and patience and earnestness to discover and explore, the where and what and how of the universe. Its vastness and its continued complexities must have driven them to an end - if ever there was an end - from where they were still unable to get relevant answers. And when the answers did not appear or they were unable to discover them, the inevitable happened - there must be some superior force that was responsible for this all. And lo ! and behold ! the seeds for the supernatural were sown. The belief of another power unknown to us was born. And then was born one of the mightiest forces in the world - religion !!

Religion gave us the strength of belief. It gave us reason to have someone superior above and around us. It gave us the reason to ask, to give, to rely on and finally compel us in to believing in hope. Prayer was constructed in hope. We pray in the hope of peace and goodwill. To seek a gift of wisdom and health and gains of material, of welfare and well being. We seek through it, around it and about it. Which ever and whatever way we seek, we believe that what happens or transpires has happened through the effort of prayer, that gift from above, of heavenly largesse, God like and beyond explanation. We do not know how or when it comes, but when it does come, it always answers the myriad questions that we may have had. It resolves, repairs, forgives, accomplishes …

And all it requires are a few words, written or spoken in either recognized norm, or in independent design. We subjugate ourselves in complete devotion, in front of images or direction. We seek that one moment when what we seek is found. When what we ask is available. And all we know of it is that it came through divine intervention !

Belief at its maximum ! Without it, where would we flounder and flourish !

I believe we all have a belief - not religious - just a belief ! In the direction that we take in the decision that we make in the execution that we undertake. And if belief is what connects us, then let us all remain connected. They could be of different colors and shades, sizes and dimension. In the end its the connect that matters. In the end it is the connect with those that exhibit similar traits that matter.

I connect with my EF, my FmXt my companions on this cyber. They are then my belief my religion. My obescience to you, in utter servility ! You are, I am. Your’e not, I am not !!

Love and more …

Amitabh Bachchan



love and love ….

There is something about owning your own land BigB Blogs News

The only shot of me on the tractor … its me there in the drivers seat in white BigB Blogs News

Amitabh with wife Jaya Bachchan at Subrata Roy's niece wedding

Amitabh Jaya Bachchan along with their relatives at their farming field at Kakori area near Lucknow

Amitabh Jaya Bachchan along with their relatives at their farming field at Kakori area near Lucknow

Super star Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan along with their relatives at their farming field at Kakori area near Lucknow

Amitabh with wife Jaya Bachchan at Subrata Roy's niece wedding


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amitabh with wife Jaya Bachchan at Subrata Roy's niece wedding

Amitabh Bachhan with wife Jaya Bachchan at the wedding ceremony of Sahara India Pariwar chief Subrata Rai's neice at Sahara Shaher in Lucknow


The only shot of me on the tractor … its me there in the drivers seat in white BigB Blogs News

Prateeksha , Mumbai   Nov  24 , 2010     Thu  11 : 47 PM


The only shot of me on the tractor … its me there in the drivers seat in white !! And the land that I till .. soo enthusiastic and loving every moment of it ..

Yes I am back home and will converse again tomorrow ..

Love you

Amitabh Bachchan

There is something about owning your own land BigB Blogs News


There is something about owning your own land BigB Blogs News

There is something about owning your own land BigB Blogs News

Terminal T3, New Delhi Airport   Nov 24, 2010   Wed 5 : 32 PM

There is something about owning your own land … there is something about feeling the earth underneath your feet .. there is something about tilling the land with your own hands, sowing the seeds, filling in the fertiliser and then waiting for it to flourish and grow … and then to feel the grain as it slips through the palm of your hands. There is something about touching the water that flows out of the tube well on your property, to feel the force with which it gushes out and to see it travel through the vast pieces of the agricultured land, providing that much needed succor for a gainful crop.

The entire morning has been spent in farm environs on the outskirts of the city of Lucknow and my first visit to the land that we had bought recently. Its nothing large and expansive - there are restrictions to how much land an individual can hold - but it is our registered land and there is a wonderful feel to it. At the moment its produce is wheat grain and paddy rice, and the land is being tilled to sow the seeds for the grain. Automatic machinery has taken over manual facilities, at least in this part of the region and very efficient equipment now operates most of the work. I got on to the tractor that tills the land and levels it too in one swift move, a 'rotater' of sorts, or a 'leveller' in local farm language. I made a couple of rounds on my own and there was such a wonderful feeling of actually having worked on the land and contributed just that little bit. There are of course the professional farmers on the land that work for us, get us the produce and share the spoils and it was such a joy to spend time with them and learn from them all the details.

The seed is given to us from the Seed Corporation of the Government of the State, we grow it and sell it back to them. There is a machine that carries two large trays at its rear, much like a tractor. The two trenches carry the seed and the fertiliser. The seed wheat in color, the fertiliser a more reddish grain. The fertiliser needs to be sown first an inch below the point where the seed is dropped and this machine does all that as it moves ahead covering the area that is being treated.

Such a joy to be among the people that work there and to spend time gaining knowledge and putting in my own effort. News spreads fast in the interiors too - they are all connected through mobile phones, an indicator of how times are changing in the country, and why not. A small crowd is beginning to collect on and off the roads leading up to the boundary and yes when can you ever be far away from the media ! They ask me what I am doing here and I tell them I came to till my land ! I look forward to the news tomorrow of what they would make of this !

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, far away from the traffic and speed of life, far away from high noise and pollution levels, there is such quietude and peace in the rural interiors. It must be so invigorating and uplifting for those that spend time away from the metros. I do look forward to spending more time in these climes !! God willing !!

Thank you all for your kind remembrances for Agastya's birthday. He, through me, wishes to thank you all and expresses his gratitude. I think he had a glorious day firing foam guns on to his friends and his sister in particular !!

Will be boarding now shortly for Mumbai …

Love to you and more ..

Amitabh Bachchan


Prakash Jha with Mr. Bachchan will shoot Aarakshan in a residential colony in Bhopal

Prakash Jha will shoot Aarakshan in a residential colony in Bhopal
By Subhash K. Jha, November 24, 2010 

If Prakash Jha's Raajneeti was big, his new film Aarakshan will be even bigger. Both the films are located in Bhopal. However, this time, Jha will shoot in a residential colony called Menal City comprising 5000 residents.

The entire colony has been taken over by Prakash Jha's unit. A tabela (dairy farm) is being built in the colony at the reported cost of Rs. 1 crore. The tabela which will later be gifted to the colony after the shooting is complete, will house dozens of buffaloes and cows which are being transported at this very moment from outside Bhopal into the city. 

When contacted, Prakash Jha admits that the huge colony in Bhopal would serve as an extended set for Aarakshan

Says the director, "I needed a certain quaint suburban look for my film with a criss-cross of clean streets and houses fronted by lawns. What was missing was a tabela. A major part of my plot unfolds on a dairy farm. So my art director, Jayant Deshmukh is building the tabela from scratch at one end of the colony." 

Aarakshan with Mr. Bachchan in the lead got its title extricated from a television serial, which decided to add on the word to its original title just to cash in on hype surrounding Prakash's film. 

Says the irate director, "The serial was originally called Aarmanon Ka Balidan. Suddenly I saw an Aarakshan added at the end of the serial's original title. I sent the producers a legal notice." 

Jha's film is inspired by the leader of the masses Jayaprakash Narayan's movement for job reservation for under-privileged sections of society.

News BH

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Blog shall be better written BigB Blogs News

My Blog shall be better written BigB Blogs News Amitabh Bachchan

Sahara Sheher , Lucknow U.P Nov 23/24 , 2010 Tue/ Wed 12 : 39 AM

At the waiting lounge at T3 in Delhi it seemed the entire city was headed for Lucknow and the wedding in the Sahara Parivar ! So many known faces all heading for the event – possibly the last wedding for a long time in their family, since everyone else’s has been done. So I was informed by SaharaShri, Subroto Roy, the Chairman and owner of this multi faceted business empire.

It darkened at 3 in the afternoon and a slight cloud above added to the haze that accompanied us as we flew in. Lucknow … the city of the Nawabs .. the great cultural heritage, the ‘tehzeeb’, the many famous eating places, the religious centers, seat of some historic educational campuses and now the capital of this most vast and politically most important state – it contributing over 80 elected seats, the largest, in Parliament for the Lok Sabha.

Sahara Shaher is a city within a city, a vast area dedicated to the housing of this business empire and its offices .. tastefully decorated and pleasing to the eye with all the efforts made in greening the entire area and at night lit up in every corner with fairy lights to give it that special dream like feel.

I visit the city and the Sheher after long and am happy to find it the same – warm welcome and hospitable to the T. Familiar known faces, broad smiled, courteous and disciplined extend their joy and happiness around us, and it feels like coming home after a longish spell.

After a few moments of formalities back in the room within the city and a desperate attempt first, to get an internet connection. The thought of not being able to reach out to the FmXt, sending me into spells of frustration and anger as the computer experts struggle to get a Mac connected to the cyber world.

They have succeeded somewhat .. but yes ‘somewhat’ would be as far as I am comfortable going with. It serves my purpose and as I complete my Blog on Word through sound advice a number of times when I lost it, I wonder if by the time I am ready all connectivity shall still be alive – this location is a little far off and most of the facilities here in this city cannot possibly be compared with those of a metro ! But … it has all it takes and is working towards it. There are massive and artistically constructed edifices and boundaried areas for just public interest. Imposing I must say. Put up by Ms Mayawati, the Chief Minister of this state of U.P, Uttar Pradesh in the memory of Dr Ambedkar, the most accomplished brain of the times and the one that drafted the first Constitution of India. Dr Ambedkar was a Dalit, a cast that was considered below the standards of social standings. Now a Dalit , Mayawati, rules this most populated State !

As the evening falls and the news on the Tv begins to narrate the days topics we come to learn of India’s tennis victory and the victory over NewZealand in the Test cricket in quite a ‘turn of the tide’ match – NZ wiped out with an innings defeat. But shockingly too we listen in to the Hockey defeat by Malaysia and the lost chances of the team to make to the final, because Pakistan our arch rivals in this vocation, have, through a dramatic win in another match. India must be feeling terrible, for they had beaten Pakistan earlier to get to where they are now. But to see themselves lose and worse to see Pakistan going through to the final by an amazing game in their half with the other teams, is a point that they shall never forget. Sad ! The Indian coach after this defeat has resigned !!

The reception in another larger area of this complex is where we are headed next and on arrival we wedge through hundreds of people to go across and wish the newly married couple. That done, I am attracted to a section of this large outlay auditorium where a group of singers and musicians perform from an isolated platform.

I sit down in front of them as a mark of respect to the musicians and am immediately transported into a most stunning performance of such exceptional quality, that I have not moved an inch of my concentration from them. They are magical. The singers in classical Indian, sing impromptu, a few lines from a religiousbhajan and dwell on it for time immemorial. There are three of them – a lady and two male accompanied by a host of musicians on the traditional – tanpura, tabla, dhol, bansuri, harmonium – and I cannot describe what an atmosphere they did bind. The only sour moment were the crowds of invitees that continuously hounded about us, paying scant respect to the performance that was unfolding in front of us !

I have always disliked and indeed hated disrespect shown to such performers. Classical music performed live needs a quiet silent concentrated atmosphere, not a bazaar buzzing with inane requests for autographs and photographs while the talented musicians display their magic and sound. How sad that we cannot appreciate their worth.

But despite all the disturbance and the commotion around, the art of the players was astounding. The lady singing important verses from the Granth Sahib of the Sikhs and taken over by the two male singers that synchronized that, with their interpretation of the bhajans of the North or mid India, Hindi speaking belt. It was just incredible how without any prior knowledge or written music the two sets of performers synchronized with each other – the one taking over from the other as soon as they finished a particular strain.

And as I heard them in concentration, I am determined now, to get some professional assistance or training to be able to imbibe this great tradition. Nothing about me mattered during the time we sat there. All that I was getting was endless moments of an art form which sadly I have no technical knowledge of. And as you get transported almost trance like into another world, the spell of the moment drives you to believe in the fruitlessness of the times and vocation. You wish solitude and singularity. To be able to develop the craft and to sing for the pleasure of oneself, one soul. The impurities dropping off, immune, distant ..

They have predicted astrologically that I shall be very close to renouncing the world .. ha ha .. do you think this is that moment ? I visit the site often metaphorically … never in reality. May be some day it happens .. maybe someday it does not .. what would I be .. an isolated image of those that renounced and existed in penury and prayer, or would it be Russian Hamlet like, surrounded perpetually by the partied crowds, but walking among them in isolated aloofness .. there but not there !! In it yet out of it !! Divorced from materialism or divorced from myself !!

And as the tempo increases and the almost orgasmic finale approaches, every hair on the body responds with it. The eyes well up and subside knowing how difficult it would be to last through this moment in such vulnerable state … and yet they keep coming, wetting the eyes, breaking the emotional barriers, that are not supposed to be associated with man.

I must have them over to the house someday. A small gathering of friends, knowledged and appreciative … and when they finish I walk up to them and tell them so. Their humility and grace embarrasses me. I must learn more. I know so little. I am nothing. Such a pity. I want to go back and learn all this again and with competence. I need to work more on myself, to improve, to gather, to assimilate …

Perhaps I shall be a fulfilled man .. or then perhaps, my Blog shall be better written .. !!

Good night all and with love

Amitabh Bachchan

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I read with great interest the comments BigB Blogs News

I read with great interest the comments BigB Blogs News 

Sopaan , New Delhi    Nov  22 ,  2010   Mon  11 : 56 PM

I read with great interest the comments from my extended family on KBC and I am grateful for the remarks that you so kindly express. Your desire to see me continue is an endorsement of your love and appreciation for the show. This I shall most humbly accept. But whether or not it shall be offered to me again or whether there shall be the desire to get back on to the chair is really what needs to be addressed.

Irrespective of what the outcome of this effort may be, I must confess that the time spent with the contestants and with the live audience shall forever remain etched in my heart. Those wonderful moments spent with them have been the most enlightening, humbling and educative. And that I shall never forget.

There was a moment during the shoot for the last episode of this season, where they played out those special moments spent between the contestants and myself, as a tribute almost to my stay with them. And I do have to say that as it played out on line, I could sense the water building up in my oculars. It did require the most diligent efforts by an actor to control them and to get back to the game as if nothing had happened. The contestant is the 'atithi' that has been invited to my home. It becomes inevitable then that he or she be looked after as though they were a guest in my house. For my guest to feel the way they do, for them to be the 'devo' in the home is what must and should be achieved. I may not have succeeded in achieving that, but their sentiments expressed have most certainly filled me with greater humility and a sense of remorse. Remorse because we were perhaps not sufficient in looking after their needs and wants. I would have desired to have all of them come up to the hot seat and win the maximum prize. But then it would be termed as largesse rather than an intelligent game show. Irrespective of that their emotion and sentiments shall be remembered for long. Thank you dearest friends and well wishers. I do not know what I may have done to have deserved this love.

I am in Delhi as you may all have observed. And I am here to wish my grandson Agastya a very happy birthday. The hour has just changed beyond mid night, it is the 23rd now and it is his birthday. He has grown up to be a fine gentleman even in his growing up years and days, and today was no less an example of his upbringing when I joined him at dinner with his present. The young lady Navya-Naveli also turns into her birthdate on the 6th of December and she was thrilled to have received her advance gift from me, as I drove in from the new terminal T3 of Delhi - a monstrous, clean and so far efficiently run facility. Its a city by itself in its size, the buggy cart coming in useful for transport within the terminal. And then to drive out to a refurbished New Delhi, still clean and organized as a result of the left overs from the CommonWealthGames, but still horrendous in traffic.

And yes we all sat and watched KBC and cheered again when the lovely lady Rahat Taslim virtually strode into the open jar containing the paper justifying her reward. She was a picture of composer and quiet grace, and even though she did seem conversant and equipped with most of the answers, it was the strength of her convictions that gave her what she had always desired. Bravo !!

I do think KBC has made some impact - the stewardesses on the plane asked for a photograph yet again, as did many others that visited me on my 3F seat giving me immense pleasure. They all have a story to tell, nostalgic and full of fun and frolic. It has been an incessant desire of mine to seek through this medium, pictures and moments that may have been captured by those that I may never have met. Stories, incidents, moments anything that could give some record to this family and its contribution to the film Industry. Someday I am certain it shall happen. But I will seek that help personally and perhaps through this very same medium in due course of time.

Work hours have kept me away from the papers of daily nature and I am unable to participate therefore, in conversations that not just deserve privacy prevention, but which are beginning to open up various cans and cupboards. And the very edifice of politics and journalism has been brought to a take 2 or 3 or whatever.

I am not running away from this … this I want … but in proper time and space !!

There is travel again in the morning … but shall be back as we see the competing FFF question and play for getting a visitor out of the cold onto the boiling Hot Seat of KBC 2010.

Good night and God bless ………

Amitabh Bachchan

There is a quietness in Delhi and the script has been duly signed sealed delivered. It is the execution that needs to be carefully looked at


Last episode for this seasons KBC just came to an end BigB Blog News

The last episode for this seasons KBC just came to an end : BigB Blog News

Prateeksha , Mumbai      Nov 21/22 , 2010    Sun/Mon   2 : 27 AM

The last episode for this seasons KBC just came to an end. It was a long drawn out and tiresome day, but its over now and I do apologize for this inordinate delay. Each day at the studio for KBC means the recording of two episodes and that has been fulfilled. The broadcasts shall take place till the first week of December, but the recordings have been completed today.

The completion of any act is a moment for reflection. It is never necessary, but peculiarly one goes back. Back to how it all started and was designed. To the initial fears and apprehensions. The setting together of all the important ingredients that go into making this event a success, or even a partial success. The intense preparations, inputs, discussions, debates, procedures all in the making for that one hour programme, called Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Its been a fascinating journey. Of trial and error. Of hits and misses. Of accomplishments and disappointments. Of tears of joy to tears of disappointment. Victory and defeat. Smiles and frustrations. All mixed together in a wonderful basket of colored and sweet smelling flowers. The respect the dignity and the affection given to me by those that came and by those that watched has been so full of genuineness and care, of appreciation and support. It would be difficult to say which one was the most genuine. But may I just say that a group of very dedicated workers at KBC, gave all of us that sense of matured execution, of discipline and of dedication to the craft that we now know as General Entertainment Tv. Thank you for the experience and your fine execution. And I shall say again. It was the audience that made each show memorable, personal and involved. Salutations then to them and my love in great abundance !

But you know and so do I, that this event could never have been possible, without the presence in great abundance of the common man or woman, that fought against all odds to enter a competition, to excel in the initial stages, to get picked up within hundreds of thousands of competitors, to fight for place at the fastest finger level, to win there in fastest finger and move to the Hot Seat for the play to start. It was that common person, from places we had never made or taken the trouble to explore and complete. It was the simplicity of their endeavor, the courage of their beliefs and the final effort to thrust themselves in an unassailable position, that won over the hearts of millions of viewers.

Tonight in the early hours of the following morning when I look at the clock, I understand the importance of what we are about to venture into. Of what kind of pressure would they have to deal with, or for that matter any kind of pressures to achieve what they set out to do. And achieve they did - with patience and perseverance. And with the will of the Almighty.

It is 3 AM now and I have still not got into bed. I think I should before brain fatigue makes me put down that which shall never be able to be explained, yet felt and been in close comfort too …

My love and my wishes for Guru parabh  … with love to those that have it in abundance and with the promise that reciprocation shall never be denied ..

Amitabh Bachchan


Jai hanumaan gyan gun saagar BigB Blog News

Jai hanumaan gyan gun saagar

Prateeksha, Mumbai  Nov 20/21, 2010   Sat/Sun  1 : 34 AM

Jai hanumaan gyan gun saagar, jai kapeesh tihun lok ujaagar ..

Ram doot atulit bar dhama, anjani putra pawan sut nama ..

Mangal bhavan amangal haari, dravahoon su dasarath ajir bihari ..

Siya bal ram chandra ki jai, pavan sut hanumaan ki jai ….

Under the composition of Aadesh Srivastav, as you may know he and I sang the Hanumaan Chalisa, by inviting all the prominent singers of the Industry to sing a verse along with us. And you will have to give it to Aadesh, the result has been overwhelming. From the moment it was done, everyone one that has heard it has just gone into ecstasy.

There are some remarkable voices in the composition and the greats of the music Industry have made such a valuable contribution. Today we presented it on the sets of KBC and there was an instant connect and applause by the audience. The wonderful Remo and his group made a most aesthetic presentation and the choreography was just apt and invigorating. I have often wondered why this particular recitation has always invoked some divinity and purity within us as we listen. But there it is. Its first promotional act will be seen by all at KBC, and the dvd should be out soon. The product is now owned by us and AB Corp and plans are afoot to have an inauguration of the release of the album. Soon it shall be available in the stores. Do look out for it.

The day was filled with other excitement too, with dignitaries and celebrities joining us in happy welcome. As the show draws to a close, I can sense a withdrawal among all those that have lent support and energy and time to it. The demand for group photographs now has become a constant. Those that work behind the scenes now show up their faces and it is wonderful to observe how dedicated a lot this crew is. They are the ones that make the show happen. They work silently, unseen and unacknowledged. My gratitude to them and immense respect.

Tomorrow is the last day of the recording for KBC for this season. Two episodes and then its done. Then its back to the sets for film and hopefully some interesting work.

I must rest now .. it is an early call tomorrow ..

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan


Saturday, November 20, 2010

केबीसी की पहली महिला करोड़पति बनी राहत

केबीसी की पहली महिला करोड़पति बनी राहत 


मुंबई। झारखंड के छोटे से गांव की राहत तसलीम "कौन बनेगा करोड़पति" सीजन चार की पहली करोड़पति बन गई हैं। इस सीजन की पहली करोड़पति होने के साथ ही राहत केबासी के अब तक सभी सीजन में यह राशि जीतने वाली पहली महिला भी बन गई हैं। 37 वर्षीय राहत के लिए यह एक सपने के पूरा होने जैसा है। 

झारखंड के गिरडीह की राहत फोन फ्रेंड, डबल ट्रिप, एक्सपर्ट एडवाइस और ऑडियंस पॉल लाइफ लाइन का सही इस्तेमाल करते हुए एक करोड़ की मालकिन बनने में सफल हुई। राहत ने बताया कि शुरूआत में वह लाइफ लाइन को लेकर उलझन में थी। लेकिन 3.20 लाख से 50 लाख रूपए की स्टेज के बीच के उसे सारे सवालों के जवाब आते थे और उसने लाइफ लाइन का इस्तेमाल नहीं किया।

एक करोड़ के सवाल पर राहत संकोच में थी इसलिए उन्होंने अपनी अंतिम लाइफ लाइन डबल ट्रिप का इस्तेमाल करते हुए इस सवाल का जवाब दिया। एक करोड़ की राशि के लिए राहत से उस अफ्रीकी देश का नाम पूछा गया था जहां पहली महिला राष्ट्रपति बनी है। जेकपॉट क्वेरी के पांच करोड़ के सवाल का जवाब नहीं आने पर उन्होंने खेल से क्विट कर लिया।


Friday, November 19, 2010

The pooja went off well Abhishek came in from Goa BigB Blogs News

The pooja went off well Abhishek came in from Goa : Big B Blogs News

Prateeksha , Mumbai Nove 18/19, 2010 Thu/Fri 1 : 34 AM

The pooja went off well … Abhishek came in from Goa for a few hours to be with us for the screening of ‘Guzarish’ .. and we are just back after the show !

Its a work of art. Its poetry in motion. A sensitive subject handled the way only Sanjay Leela Bhansali could. He is truly a great maker. A man with incredible visual sense and sense of cinema. Beautifully etched characters, sincerely performed and all of them executing it in the most dignified and sincere manner.

What can one say at moments like these. One is dumbfounded and almost speechless. In every film Sanjay raises the bar by leaps and it becomes very difficult to keep up with him. But may God bless him and bless his sacred mind for all that he thinks up and how ….

The trial show was kept at Yash Raj, after the idea of holding a premiere was dropped. A few friends came together for the special screening - Ashutosh, Rohan, Deepika, Shahid, Kangana, Shabana, Hritik and Ashwariya of course, Vidhu Vinod, Raju Hirani and so many others. Sanjay as you may not know was in the beginning of his career an assistant to Vinod Chopra. Jaya tells me he was in his editing department. All of these luminaries are from the Pune Film Institute and it is so wonderful to see all of them excelling in all their vocations.

Young Aditya Roy Kapur, the fresh face on the horizon has been most fascinating to watch. He has a style that completely disregards the presence of a camera - an accomplishment that most veterans would find difficult to execute. I saw him in ‘Action Replay’ and now ‘Guzarish’. And when he was over for Divali I had told him that he was quite different and fresh. I could only confirm that to him today again after the trial of the film ‘Guzarish’. He has a quality that is most endearing and for someone just setting out I would imagine that is some achievement.

The joy really is not in acknowledging the talent, but the excitement of finding that it is coming from the generation that has taken over from us all. That refuses to conform to given norms, that has decided to break rules or at least believe that none existed. That brings with it no baggage of what has been accepted in the past, but instead tells us, face firmly held high, that it doesn’t matter what prevailed in the years gone by. This is how we are going to do it - take it or leave it. And the astonishing part really is that all that they are doing is succeeding and prevailing well.

Tomorrow I shall battle again with life and its truths. They shall never leave us. Or will they ?? For each of us there shall be a path. A path that we shall all find difficult to tread. Each one of us shall have the extent of our travails before us, and each one of us will believe that what transpires with us individually is the worst. Everyone thinks so. But the reality is that we have our own battles to conquer individually. And we know that the joy that comes to us from fighting for ourselves is indeed the greatest joy. There can never be any substitutes in life. If there are then those that experience them or use them are not living a life, they are living something else !

It is way beyond the time .. it is again 2 : 15 AM !

And it is again time to express love and disappear till the morrow …

Good night dear EF … you are such an enviable force now …

Love you..

Amitabh Bachchan

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I met Shankar today from Abu Dhabi

I met Shankar today from Abu Dhabi

Prateeksha , Mumbai Nov 17 , 2010 Thu 12 : 00 PmAm

I met Shankar today from Abu Dhabi … and I am beginning to realize how wonderfully dedicated this FmXt is becoming from day to day. There is connectivity, inter exchange of thoughts and ideas, health concerns, group formations and just such a wide range of activities that all the EF conducts, just so they could be together and in happy excitement ! I am grateful to those that have through this very limited journey, been able to express themselves and to hold hands and to remain as one big force of family, during this time.

Many a time an Ef writes to me in the excitement of going across to another FmXt and connecting up and then in exuberance expressing - “look what wonderful family you have created” .

I feel so warm and affectionate and humbled by this, that I was in some way instrumental in getting a whole bunch of people, whom I had never ever met, to come together on a platform that was created first and perhaps without any expectation to facilitate a medium, which would interact and respond purely from a strangers point of view. But which through some divine force became a home to so many of us, that today an entire colony exists and flourishes beneath it. Your sincerity and your desire to accept this forum, to keep it united and firm is so so extraordinary. Thank you extended family for this warmth and love and need to remain together.

This force of people is unique. Many trials and tribulations later, we find in us a sense of ignoring that which is futile, and accepting that which enriches us in some way. There have been an endless stream of our followers that have checked and balanced us for time and intent, for genuine care and concern and for the need to be with me each day.

Soon with technological advancement there shall be other facilities that shall be manufactured and developed. They will be perhaps a lot more exciting than the archaic blog. Some of you will naturally want to make use and avail these. Some may not. This struggle shall continue. What is prime is that one fine day some 942 posts ago, some unknown and undiscovered people answered a call, not literally but metaphorically, to hold on to each other in friendly brotherhood, and soon became the most revered cyber family within ourselves. Remarkable and most astounding. We have braced storms of some mild nature from within and without. We have demonstrated restraint in the face of adversity and strength in the face of unjust unacceptable behavior. We have played fair and with great aplomb our attributes. They may not have been accepted or liked by all, but they came and added themselves almost providentially to each other. In a world that separates, we came together. And I believe now, become an example of what others need to emulate… us the FmXt !!

In office today a number of meetings took place which were most educative for me as an artist and an individual. There is a spate of endorsements that have started coming this way again and I bear a smile on my face. It is a smile that says nothing, nor does it convey. But I know, keeping prudence in mind that any talk about this aspect would bring harshness and perhaps another contested statement. Better then to preserve the energy. Allow it to grow, wait for the results and then perhaps bring it all down to whether or not it should be accepted.

I accept a few, a few that I feel comfortable with. That shall bring me yes, material gain, and gain to the company and in turn to the share holders. I shall accept too, those that shall remain for the generation next, for that is what we must do as individuals to secure those that shall be left behind, the young and the unsettled and the dithered lot of people. It is most satisfying when you do for others. That sense of giving has no substitute. And when you give without any holds, without any conditions, then that, and those are the receiving become one. Not necessarily in practical terms but a must in terms of its execution.

The digital world expands and holds all to take notice of it. The many larger foreign conglomerates too think and wish to devise methods to exploit this fresh phenomena. With the rapid increase of mobile utility, now reaching almost 80 million people within the country and the execution of technology being on par with anything that may even remotely be distant, one can expect that something will give. I do hope so ; I shall be giving something that they may not have, but one, that they know of. And the vice versa may take place ! And till it decides to which ride she would want to have remained with .. we must be silent spectators, empathizing and sympathizing .. that is all !!

And yes … there is always something about getting the house painted. True !

And so we shall start with Prateeksha and with anticipation and prayer that all will go off well. When I posted those pictures of the lawn I felt the picture could have been better. Not photographically but photographer wise there would have to be another moment after the walls have been cleaned up externally and internally.

A pooja tomorrow for Bhagwan Satyanarayan … may He grant us all that we may desire and wish ..

My love and respect to all that have adopted me as head of the family ……..

Amitabh Bachchan

BigB Kroadh Movie Songs Muhm Rafi to bahut yaad aay

BigB Shahenshah 1990 Kroadh Muhammad rafi to bahut yaad aay


BigB Shahenshah 1990 Kroadh Movie Songs Muhammad rafi to bahut yaad aay

Amitabh Bacchan loved Gabbar ka jacket

Amitabh Bacchan loved Gabbar ka jacket
Published: Tuesday, Nov 16, 2010, 10:58 IST
By Ismat Tahseen | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

Little did designer Nida Mahmood think it would take her places when she brought out a Deewar canvas, Barsaat umbrellas, Mogambo shoes — her own special, kitschy take on Bollywood. And now, “After a huge demand and shipping these to all parts of the world,” the Victoria and Albert Museum, London has approached her as the only Indian designer chosen for a huge project on Indian pop art.

The project is scheduled for 2012 and the 29-year-old is elated. “The V&A has been following my work and I’m flattered to be chosen. The collection will embody what India stands for: film posters, the streets, the kind of signboards you see, the typography on signage that grassroot India uses, graffiti and more.”

For Nidam, kitsch is her favourite art form. “It connects to my sensibility of being Indian, in a really cool format and it’s getting hugely popular too.A while ago, AD Singh (restaurateur) wore a Gabbar ka Jacket that I had done for a party and Mr Bachchan (actor Amitabh Bachchan) apparently loved it,” she grins.

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