Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Details and birthdays and anniversaries BigB

Jalsa, Mumbai                Sept 1/2,  2013                Mon/Tue  1 : 48 am
I need a database of our Ef … details and birthdays and anniversaries etc ..
So I can savour the joy of wishing all of them at appropriate time and day .. send them to a email I shall be putting up shortly .. not the usual one .. there shall be separate one presently .. do it on that … but in the meantime we can start collecting the data required .. Thank you .. just wanting to make life with my Ef more connective and happy …
A quiet day .. a day of contemplation .. of getting over what may have passed the previous day .. things never really get passed over … they remain .. it is just a matter of how we would want them to remain with us or not ..
I read and wonder and visualise how some of us have the ability to be able to analyse ourselves, to know what we really are what are weaknesses are, our strengths and importantly our nature. Many a time I read remarks of others where they categorically describe who governs their nature, what they know is theirs, and yet spell it out for the benefit of public measure.
"I am arrogant !’ … ‘I have bad temper’ … ‘I can lose control of myself pretty rapidly’ ‘God help you if I lose my bearings’ … etc ..
I would find that odd. If I know what I am like, then surely making it public would diminish the effects that it is supposed to bring on an unknown situation. Would it not ? When one knows the moment that triggers such attitude, must they not know also that the possibility of controlling it is also known. If that is so, then is there need to express it or make it to be known to the persons around.. that would definitely spell arrogance or attitude …nothing wrong with that, but the reason why gets diluted I would imagine !!
I wonder if I have been able to express myself the way I am attempting to or not .. maybe not … I am such a horrible one when explaining matters comes up … damn !! Ok … let it be … some other time when I have fortified myself with better expression and detail, I shall elaborate ..
Some rather intricate actions on the digital format for me are being considered and worked on and soon I shall be in a position to describe them to all .. it could be quite exciting ..
I am also happy to announce the formation of a Trust in the memory of my Father - HRB Memorial Trust - which shall work to collect funds for charity. My own efforts at creating events or acts to contribute to it shall be prime, and the list of the charitable work done shall be soon visible to all .. 
There is an expectancy each day on the sets of KBC … tomorrow is one such, and therefore I must be in the best of rest to be able to tackle it ..
Good night then and my love as ever …
Amitabh Bachchan

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