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Wanted to prove Big B is not old: Director

Wanted to prove Big B is not old: Director

Director Puri Jagannath, who is returning to Hindi films after seven years withBbuddah...Hoga Tera Baap in which Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan plays a bold and flamboyant role, says he made the movie to tell the people that the 68-year-old actor is still young.
"I'm a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan since childhood and I used to watch all his movies. But then came a time, when he started doing films that I didn't like him in," Jagannath said in an interview.
"After Mard I didn't see his films till he did Sarkar and that was perfect for him," he said.
Wanted to prove Big B is not old: Director
"I wanted to make a film just for him and make it in a way that I can tell people that he is not old. He still has that fire, he still has that charisma. Hence was born the idea of this film," he added.
In Bbuddah...Hoga Tera Baap, Bachchan is seen as an angry man who wears bright, bold, over-the-top clothes and hates it when someone calls him old. The films also stars Hema Malini, Raveena Tandon, Sonu Sood and Sonal Chauhan and is slated for release thid Friday.
The 44-year-old director, who had a grim beginning at the Bollywood box office in 2004 when he made Shart, is confident about success this time and believes that people will like Big B in the new image.
"I have been confident about this character from the very beginning. Bachchan is very good with every emotion, whether its's drama or comedy, and he is truly an entertainer. So I'm sure people will like him in this image as well," Jagannath said.
The Telugu director, who has made successful films like Badri, Pokiri, Chiruta andNeninthe, among others, said working with Bachchan was one of the best experiences he has ever had.
"It was a wonderful experience working with Bachchan. He is a very cool and calm person and very co-operative. I learnt a lot from him," he said.
"Sometimes he even used to give his opinion. He is very committed and focused. He will practice the scene at home, will tell me how he will do it and if I make some last-minute changes, he would incorporate them," he said.
"He used to always be fully prepared. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him," he added.
After Bbuddah... Hoga Tera Baap, Jagannath is looking at making a stronger presence in Bollywood and planning to start working on three Hindi films next year.
"I want to do more Hindi films now. I have three scripts. I want to start working on them next year. However, the cast and other things are not confirmed as of now," he revealed.
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Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap Movie Reviews BH

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap Movie Reviews BH

By Taran Adarsh, June 30, 2011
Flashback 1970s and 1980s. An Amitabh Bachchan film was considered an event. A sea of people would make themselves comfortable outside the theatre premises on Sunday night itself, although the advance booking counters would open only on Monday morning. Most theatres would be packed for the entire week in a matter of hours. Most Bachchan starrers ran for 25 weeks, 50 weeks, even 100 + weeks those days. Films helmed by Yash Chopra, Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra and Ramesh Sippy were adored and revered and even those helmed by not-too-successful names or relative newcomers were greeted with similar enthusiasm. The Hindi film industry was referred to as a one-man industry then. The Bachchan mania was invincible and indestructible.By Taran Adarsh, June 30, 2011 - 16:14 IST

Write your own movie review of Bbuddah...Hoga Terra Baap
Considering the iconic status that Bachchan Sr has achieved, every film-maker aspires to work with him at least once in his lifetime. Puri Jagannadh, the man behind many a successful film in Telugu, pays homage to the veteran in his debut film in Hindi, BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP. This film relies entirely on the persona and charisma of this iconic actor of Indian cinema.

BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP has the 69-year-old Bachchan enacting the role of a defiant, flamboyant hitman in his inimitable style. With BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP, the angry young man of the 1970s and 1980s re-surfaces to re-live various roles that he enacted in those memorable films. This one's a masala film all the way. Right from a medley of Bachchan hits to the expertly crafted action sequences to the by-now-famous Bachchan baritone, this one has it all.

Frankly, masala films and path-breaking story don't go hand in hand. It's the moments that make a film. And BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP is no different. This one also rests on a skeletal plot. But that one man makes a world of a difference -- Amitabh Bachchan. He's angry [dare not call him 'Bbuddah'], but has a soft side too. He bashes the baddies, squeezing them like oranges. He gets the best lines to deliver and believe me, it makes the fan in you clap and cheer on several occasions. Let's face it, no Hindi film actor has ever had the opportunity to portray a part that Bachchan gets to portray at the ripe age of 69. Besides saluting the actor for delivering an electrifying performance, I would also like to salute the indomitable spirit and energy of this iconic actor for essaying the role with gusto and zest.

Final word? Bachchan fans -- especially those who have grown up on his movies -- are sure to relish it. Even if you're not a Bachchan fan, watch this one for one simple reason: They don't make them like Amitabh Bachchan anymore!

Viju [Amitabh Bachchan], an ex-gangster, arrives in Mumbai on a mission. He is flamboyant, wears loud clothes, is arrogant and hits back when people call him 'Bbuddah'. At first, everyone thinks that he's on a mission to assassinate the ACP [Sonu Sood], but there's a hidden agenda, which is revealed much later.

BUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP is a Hindi film packaged like a well-made South Indian fare: the style of narrating the story, the slick edit, the fast pacing, the stylized action scenes, the larger-than-life characters… The film commences on a pulsating note [Bachchan's intro is smashing], but the first hour works sporadically. While the portions involving Bachchan are exhilarating, there are multiple tracks in this hour which get on your nerves. The scenes in the coffee shop, for instance, are most irritating. Also, the track involving Raveena Tandon comes across like an unwanted guest. If the intention was to evoke laughter, sorry, it doesn't work.

The story actually takes off at the interval point, when an unexpected twist startles the viewer completely. From this point onwards, BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP only scales higher and higher, reaching the peak towards the action-packed finale and the subsequent emotional reunion. I'd like to single out the confrontation between Bachchan and Prakash Raj in the final moments of the film and also the soaked-in-emotions sequence between Bachchan and Hema. It's the perfect icing on the cake!

While the written material banks too heavily on the tried and tested formula, director Puri Jagannadh ensures that he doesn't disappoint the hardcore fans of the icon. Bachchan is known for, besides his acting potential, larger than life roles and witty/smart dialogue. Puri presents Bachchan like a true superstar and gives him lines that would garner ceetees andtaalis, especially when he's confronting the baddies in the movie.

Vishal-Shekhar do a super job while composing the medley of Bachchan hits, 'Go Meera Go', the soft and soothing 'Haal-e-Dil' and the title track, which comes at the very start of the film. Amol Rathod's cinematography is perfect, while Vijay's stunts are stylish.

Bachchan is truly the Baap and this film reiterates this fact yet again. His character, his attitude and the dialogue he delivers will remain etched in your memory for a long, long time. His attire may raise eyebrows initially, but once into the film, you will realize it gels well with his character. Hema Malini is, as always, graceful. The chemistry between the senior actors is refreshing. Raveena is saddled with an ill-defined role and that's the prime reason why she doesn't leave an impact. Sonu Sood is first-rate, confident at every step. Not once do you feel that he's overawed by Bachchan's towering presence. Sonal Chauhan looks pretty and acts well. Charmee Kaur is likeable and contributes to the funny moments.

Prakash Raj is super. In fact, it's a treat to watch powerful actors like Bachchan and Prakash Raj embroiled in a confrontation. Makrand Deshpande is wonderful. Shahwar Ali is okay. Rajeev Mehta irritates. Again, this track seems completely unwanted. Rajeev Varma has a half-baked role. Vishwajeet Pradhan and Atul Parchure are passable.

On the whole, BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP is a must-watch for Bachchan fans. Even if you're not a fan of this iconic actor, watch it for a simple reason: They don't make them like Amitabh Bachchan anymore. A masala entertainer all the way, BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP may get affected by the omnipotent and unstoppable DELHI BELLY and TRANSFORMERS wave on Friday [although single screens would perform better than plexes], but the business should multiply on Saturday and Sunday due to Bachchan's bravura act and rock-solid post-interval portions. The producers [A.B. Corp, Viacom18] have already recovered the cost of production by selling the Satellite rights for a hefty sum and recovering the balance amount [P&A] from theatrical business should be a cakewalk, ensuring good profits to the investors in the final tally. 

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In the hustle and bustle of life, when was there time to sit and think Big B

Jalsa , Mumbai          June  29/30 , 2011    Wed/ Thu  12:17 AM
शब्द ही के
बीच में दिन-रात बसता हुआ
उनकी शक्ति से , सामर्थ्य से -
अक्षर -
अपरिचित मैं नहीं हूँ .
किन्तु , सुन लो ,
शब्द की भी ,
जिस तरह संसार में हर एक की ,
कमज़ोरियां, मजबूरियाँ हैं -
शब्द सबलों की
सफल तलवार है तो
शब्द निबलों की
नपुंसक ढाल भी है .
साथ ही यह भी समझ लो ,
जीभ को जब - जब
भुजा का एवज़ी माना गया है ,
कंठ से गाना गया है .
In the hustle and bustle of life, when was there time to sit and think - that what I did, say and believed in, was either good or bad .. the moment my consciousness was revealed to me, I saw myself standing in the midst of this world feria.. Latin for the word ”fair’ as in the amusement park .. for a moment I stood there amazed and wonder struck … where have I come, what do I do, where do I go .. when all at once there came across a tidal push … and I did swim and sway along with this play …
I am questioned often as I move from station to station, from anchor to anchor, from a set of lights to another, on how I ‘deal’ with, what I deal with and have been dealing for the last four decades. What motivates me to keep this act going .. how I manage my time and interest in all that I do .. and I have really no answer for it. I have no answer because I have never realized whether it would be of any interest to make question of it in the first place. What answer then to irreverent question ? My state and my act may seem questionable to others, but only if it breaks custom in general social or moral terms. But it does not and never did. If I have never shown or even remotely suggested that I need attention on this score, then perhaps the demand for a response is legitimate. But not having done so and not desirous of any either, does not make it a contentious subject ! Or does it ?
If it causes worry to another. If it slumbers them. If it disturbs their otherwise demarcated existence. Can it then be assumed that it be put up for public debate ? I would imagine not.
Wanting to disclose secrets of existence, or should I say alleviated existence to some, would touch borders of great private intimacy. I may be public in some respects but never too public to disclose all. Or would that not be a consideration ? And … in many ways this is not a disclosure of privacy at all .. it is a desire to know, in a funny way, why I possess the kind of genes I possess …
I think I rant too much !! Intellect shall have to play an important part in conversation, which wants to delve within the layers of such subjects. This is not to assume that intellect does not exist. Its just that at times where it is going, may lack the propensity.
When you wish something and then decide to wish it away does it affect. Would it be the same were it to be fulfilled another day. Does it contribute to ineffectiveness. Does the virtue of its intent fade away. Will its ultimate result be the same as when conceived. I struggle with it at times. It disturbs me that I am in such condition. It reeks of lethargic acute tendencies. Almost disrespectful in word and deed to the cause. I must take heed. This must be avoided. It causes grief and discomfort in bearings. Watch it Mr B ! Watch it !!
Did I realize for it to be the time to disperse …
Good night then … till another city, another world, another wind and culture, another people .. yet all the same and within …
My love -
Amitabh Bachchan

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

May I express my utmost gratitude and thanks to the entire Ef brigade which has so diligently Big B

May I express my utmost gratitude and thanks to the entire Ef brigade which has so diligently
Sopaan , New Delhi          June  27, 2011       Mon  11:47 PM
May I express my utmost gratitude and thanks to the entire Ef brigade which has so diligently and with great emotion been carrying out the promotion of the film #BHTBaap at various stations all over the World, in particular in the UAE and the USA. And thank you Fatima for gathering all the troops together and devoting all the time and energy in motivating the various clubs to get out there and move the publicity. There are many that have taken personal initiatives, selflessly. You need not have, but the efforts that you have been making and continue to do so, despite limited support from the production people, is truly amazing. Thank you seems so small and insignificant in front of all the trouble you take, but thank you all the same … I am certain that with the amount of goodwill that you carry, the efforts that you put in, shall surely bear fruit !
I have been from the early hours of the morning visiting studios in and around the city giving back to back interviews and I have to say that the co operation that our teams have been receiving has been extraordinary. My gratitude then to all the channels and their anchors and hosts and indeed the hundreds of people that turned up at each venue to cheer and smile and scream their appreciation. There were many that I was unable to meet personally for that exclusive photograph, or the auto graph, but may I just say that your love and affection was unbelievable. I carry with me all those memories through my own team of those that record all these moments and hopefully someday I shall sit back on that rocking chair and admire the love that came pouring out during these visits.
The ‘buzz’ as they say for the film has seemed to have increased exponentially. There is an air that gets reflected about it in all my messages and visits. Now we need to see it being transferred to the theaters, and then to see if it turns into appreciation. The uncertainties of this profession are renowned and so apparent that it is a wonder why even after so many years of experience and exposure, we have never been able to crack the code so to say. But now that I think back on it I say to myself, thank God for it, for, knowing the formula would have meant the destruction of uncertainty, an element that makes this profession look and feel so romantic !
The interactions with most of the media have been exciting if not somewhat repetitive. But the philosophy I believe in such incidents is that when you need to reach out to half a billion people, the possibility of a repeat with them seems rather remote. The number of Tv channels in this country is around 400 and each year they increase by another 100 odd, with applications for another 500 awaiting clearance. With these numbers or demographics it is imperative that there be sufficient substance to fill each up with 24 hour content. The struggle really is of content and I would imagine that being in possession of such material is the first and foremost desire. After that the creative teams at each station, and one that I have great admiration for, take over. And with smart editing, addition, music and presentation, they are able to construct that half hour or hour programme, which attracts the attention of the billions that watch. This world is one that has always had my utmost admiration. The number of people that get involved, their sincerity of purpose, the selection and presentation of the most talented in the respective fields, the research and analysis that needs to be gone into …. gosh ! its a massive machinery that just never stops ….
There have been during these discourses and meetings some very rare incidents. Most of them quite personal but broadcast through these facilities have given rise to a great sense of belonging. The personal notes, the little efforts made by children and elders alike. Stories and tales of meetings in the days gone by, their remembrances still alive and vivid. The outpouring of emotion, their one desire to have met and shaken a hand, an embrace a picture and the excitement of its accomplishment, just so so heartwarming !!
And as I sit back and ponder over what transpired during the day, I am unable to fathom the extent of this connect with the masses. I seem to ignore its relevance by getting on, wondering whether it was really meant for me or some shadow that accompanies me. Maybe I am too oblivious of those that express. That I am unworthy so why should it be acknowledged or even accepted. But no ! The faces the feelings and their affection can never be termed as one that has been without genuine care and love. What have I done to receive such attention. And the more I think about it the more motivated I get to labor more in giving them that which they can be proud of and appreciate. It is not exactly an incentive, but much greater and much more. How much and how great, is difficult to put a finger on. But there it is …
Each interaction coerces me to write to tabulate to document for posterity. But tabulate what ? My worth should be of a level that can compare to that of my Father’s before I can even dream of such audacity. My capacity is minuscule before his giant contribution. It would be an audacious attempt harboring on imbecility to even allow such thought to be entertained. Each word of my Father’s poetic work, each sentence of his autobiographical prose, each moment of his inspirational thought remains historic in its presence today. And to even suggest that I could or should try and emulate that reason for myself …?? It is beyond ridiculousness !!
I am content to share my day my 140 forms, my insignificant spoken words on the vog … but beyond that is beyond stupidity !!
And beyond any more for tonight would be a greater travesty ..
Good night then and till the morrow, when I shall return to the city of the sea and ‘wisdom’ …
Amitabh Bachchan

Monday, June 27, 2011

BigB permotional event Buddha Hoga Terra Baap in New Delhi

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan on the permotional event for his upcoming film " Buddha Hoga Terra Baap" in New Delhi

Versatility is what most artists hope to be attached to Amitabh Bachchan

Versatility is what most artists hope to be attached to Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan on being a Bbuddah jo ban gaya grand-baap...

Ironically while you prepare to become a Dadajee, you are playing a 60-year old cool-dude in your new film Bbuddah... Hoga Terra Baap. A bit of a dichotomy there?

Let the dichotomy exist in the minds of those that consider it to be one. For me it is wonderful that I can enact a role at this stage which you call a cool dude, whatever that means! The challenges as an actor shall always provide opportunities that may not necessarily be viewed as realistic. The private persona of an artist does not always jell with his or her role on film. Do artists that play negative roles, get viewed as being villains in their homes as well? Actors on film, stage, TV and other modes of creativity would all be living in a dichotomy then!!

How cool does it feel when youngsters call you the youngest (at heart) grandpa in the entertainment industry?
No one has called me that yet. But were they to, I would consider it favourably.

You are an intrinsically sober soul. How difficult was it playing the flamboyant and loud character in Bbuddah?
I would question your opinion or your charge of me being intrinsically a sober soul. And I would wish to know too how and why you reached such a conclusion. 'Intrinsically' would denote that you have had access to my insides. That is questionable! But that apart, I would play a flamboyant and loud character in Bbuddah with equal sincerity as I would play a sober intense individual in an Anand, a Deewar or an Agneepath!

There are three generations of heroines vying for your attention in Bbuddah… Hoga Terra Baap. How does that make you feel?

2011-12 are again, decisive years for you. Besides becoming a Dadajee, this period will see you play a variety of roles in films that range from the loud (Bbuddah) to the grim (Aarakshan) to the action-packed (Department). How would you define this period?

Versatility is what most artists hope to be attached to during their years of creative work. If in these years of my career I am getting the opportunity to portray different kinds of genre, then I am happy.

Tom Hanks recently said he'd love to do a film with you?
He has probably Googled the wrong person..!!

Sleep deprived at 6 am in the morning, trudging off to the airport at that hour Big B

Sopaan , New Delhi   June 26/27 ,  2011       Sun/Mon  12:47 AM
Sleep deprived at 6 am in the morning, trudging off to the airport at that hour, heavy on head, light on the traffic and muggy in the terminal, there is but just one occupation after the seat belt sign is turned on, the safety instructions played and the taxi off begins - Slumberrrr  !!! The weather is rain cloud ridden, grey and turbulent, the captain of the flight sends in a note graciously through the air hostess welcoming me on board and wishing me luck for #BHTBaap ! That does not happen too often ! Half read news papers, spectacles mid way between the hands and legs, neck cricked in an uncomfortable position, one does not allow the distractions to overcome you … you sleep  …
Until you hit some heavy rain clouds again and watch the window gaining stripes of water from the outside, as we descend down on a cool somewhat wet Delhi airport. And on landing its straight onto the media at the Hilton Hoptel in west Delhi. Delhi of my College and School days has gone through a metamorphosis - wide lane roads, miles of fly overs, and not a inkling of where it is I travel. And this from one that lived and spent almost 15 years of my life in this great city.
The media jamboree is relentless. One after the other in different rooms, on different floors, in restaurants, in side alleys … in short everywhere. But the press is kind and generous. After a huge volley of questions ranging from .. well … all walks of the industry to the film and my personal take on it, I find myself on the highways again, riding for miles with not an inkling of where we are. This city has become another city. I cannot relate to it, cannot recognize it, or worse, cannot understand its renewed dimensions ..
Its time to catch up on friends from the time we were in University together. Dear friends who were more than just that. They became family. Felt as family reacted as family and gave affection as family. We may not have had the frequency of contact, but the frequency of our wave lengths remained unchanged. Those carefree days of University, when attending classes was an event - we were never in them ! Out on the streets of the busy commercial locations in coffee shops, on discreet drives in borrowed cars and Lambrettas, at locations wild and hidden, on picnics and music … those were the days, and those were the days spent with friends who I meet tonight for dinner. Nostalgia abounds - old stories, fun, naughty, emotional … they are never ending those moments and reliving them can never tire one … each and every incident so vivid in our memory, like it had happened only just yesterday ..
How we long for those days to return … but return they never shall … !!
The buzz on the film now reaches pinacle strength and it would be impossible to fathom the level of expectation on the film per se. One can merely wait, as my friend described it, for the ‘dabba’ to open. The ‘dabba’ … box … box office !!! The final test which takes care of all tests and trials, which gives verdict, appreciation, rejection all at once …
And we learn that this is the test that we shall have to respect. Here endeth the lesson ! The finale !
I love to express my feelings … and they remain as ever … warm affectionate and filled with love … only love ….
And now to lean across and put off the lights … i am already in bed !!!
Amitabh Bachchan

I am begging to be excused tonight BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai   June  25/26 , 2011      Sat/ Sun  1 : 35 AM
I am begging to be excused tonight. I am due to be up in another 3 hours and there is a very busy schedule as I land in Delhi … one media after another. So if there is time to be saved it will have to be here at our connect. I have just finished for the day and knowing the anxiety that prevails among all of you, I thought it best to put in an appearance before signing off …
The Economic Times wrote a beautiful article on me this morning and I had wanted to share it with all the EF .. but time has restricted me. I am planning to carry it along with me to Delhi and if I can get the time there would love to put in more value to this writing by introducing you to the article. An example of what the best in journalism can be. I thanked the two senior journalists that came by for the interview and received back compliments of equal measure. There are some very intelligent and mature minds in the fraternity of journalism and I think that I encountered two of them for this interview.
The media I must say has been most generous for this film of mine and has been most encouraging and supportive. Thank you members of the fourth estate. Recently too I have been observing some of the debates that have been on air on Tv, and there too the opinion and analysis of some of the fraternity has been most educative.
BHTBaap is of course a light film, without any preaching or motive of bringing it on celluloid, but the next Aarakshan shall certainly attract debate and discussion, because of its sensitive nature. At times it is good to merely drift along without motive or angle. Allow matters to happen rather than make effort to make them happen. Both succeed at times, but I am more comfortable with the former. Sometimes our own belief is not strong enough to do the latter. Sometimes your conviction fails you, determination weakens and so rather than achieve, you fall into the abyss of incompetence. That is never required or necessary.
But more of that some other day .. let me be tonight .. though there is immense guilt in leaving you without completing my thoughts …
Amitabh Bachchan

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mai deepak hoon mera jalna hi toh mera Muskaana hai BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai June 24/25,  2011   Fri/Sat  1:38 AM
It is necessary for all to know that there remains within me a strong desire to connect, to touch to feel the beating hearts of those that come to me on this platform. For long have I been told that the hours of posting, judged from the times depicted above, are an indicator of my exertion, of my lack of getting enough rest. The concern is indeed genuine and most honorable. But so is my concern - the concern of putting aside all else to open the page, note the number on the day, fill in the time and date, and then contemplate what needs to be spoken.
I live again today with my Father … and as I recall some of his works on twitter, I am amazed at some of the responses. Some quite naturally are unable to understand the words, which is acceptable. Others ask for meanings, and some understand the meaning and are equally poetic in their response.
I am but expressing only the opening lines of some of his works. But they are sufficient to invoke the passion of their existence -
‘mai deepak hoon mera jalna hi toh mera muskaana hai’
I am the ‘deepak’, that lamp that wick immersed in oil that burns .. my burning is my smiling ..
I burn with the desire of my love and affection of my EF. They are my little world that feeds and expresses and holds me, embraces me with the warmth and care as that of a mother with her new born. They that question me ask me often. Why do you do this. And how can you continue to do this every day without a break. When you had to you broke the news of Aishwarya on the Twitter and the Blog. Why would you want a private moment in your life to be put on a public platform, and that too by your own accord.
And I tell them … my Blog and my Twitter are my extended family. I consider it my duty to first inform my family ! You have a problem with that ?? ….. Silence and embarrassed faces !
When I get my son married in a private manner, a marriage in the family, often considered a private moment .. you throw stones in my house at that auspicious hour to show your resentment on why we have not made ourselves public ! And today you question my effort to get public ??? !!! This is my family. We exist every day to be with each other in heart and soul. But you ? You exist because of the commerce that it brings. You need to decide what and where you are and what you do. I know what and where I am and doing what !!!
I quote another line that comes to mind from one of my Father’s works -
” raat aadhi, kheech kar meri hatheli, ek ungalee se likha tha pyaar tumne ..”
In the darkness of midnight, you did stretch your hand and pull the palm of mine towards you .. and with one finger did write ‘love’ on it ..
I stretch mine towards yours and pulling it towards mine do write with several fingers on the board .. ‘love’ .. it is past the midnight hour .. it is the early morning … but I write …
Amitabh Bachchan
It is Jaya’s father’s death anniversary tomorrow - Taroon Kumar Bhaduri - we miss him !

Friday, June 24, 2011

Buddha Hoga Tera Baab premier in Infinity Mall Mumbai

BigB with Junior Bachchan Buddha Hoga Tera Baab premier in Infinity Mall, Mumbai

I had driven to the premier of Deewar at the Minerva Cinema Big B

I had driven to the premier of Deewar at the Minerva Cinema Big B
Jalsa , Mumbai     June  23 , 2011    Thu  11:54 PM
I had driven to the premier of ‘Deewar’ at the Minerva Cinema and on reaching the location was greeted by the loudest cheer I had ever heard in my short public career ! That was in the 70’s.
I walked out today from the Cinemax Theatre at Andheri after a press conference to release the ‘go meera go’ song for #BHTBaap, into the Infinity Mall, to a reception and cheer that I had last heard at the Minerva during the 70’s. There have been many occasions, of visits and excitement - Kolkata, West Indies, South Africa, Mauritius … and they have all been extraordinary … but tonight at the Infinity Mall … goodness, it was back to the old days. The tiers of mass audience inside, their screams drowning the dubbeat of #BHTBaap, and the tears swelling up inside me .. just uncontrollable !! Thank you Mumbai and thank you for making me feel so wanted … I simply cannot get over the reception ..
The ‘Go Meera Go’ song will be on air now, since we have premiered it to the media. I think thet are trying to put it out by the Saturday or Sunday. Simultaneously of course it shall be on the net and you could let me have your comments.
There has been a distinct reference often to the other film release on the same day -’Delhi Belly’. And those that wish us well have wanted me to conduct our promotions with a keen eye on that. I have been patiently reading and listening to their comments and have just this to say. We make films in this very homogenous industry not to compete or destroy or wage war with our compatriots. Destroying one would jeopardize the very base we exist on. All products should do well, all should succeed. In the success of all, do we have the success of an individual. Our desire is that all films do well and I would not wish any other for anyone else. I wish that we both succeed and prosper. In our joint prosperity, lies the future prosperity of the industry. Aamir and his production company are much bigger than me and my AB Corp, in commercial standing. We are a small budgeted film of 10 cr, from a group of artists that do not compare equally with the cast and starring of DB. They have spent 35 cr on their film. That would show the intensity of their investment. They would have to do a very large business to recover their money and they will, looking at the past record and the present standing that they have. We cannot be compared to them .. they are bigger than us .. and shall do bigger … leave it at that… if our film is liked it will fetch dividends, if not it will not .. simple and straight. We are not going to be able to make a rupee more by pulling down another. Each of us shall have our own merits and demerits, and so be it …

a few glimpses of the Mall and the press conference with Abhishek .. and it is difficult to put these up without the sound and the atmosphere … that would need imagination ..
More interviews tomorrow and perhaps a look at some of the final prints of the finished product .. its like delivering a baby … ironically !!
More tomorrow ..
Amitabh Bachchan


The biggest TRP gainer and the biggest blockbuster Reality Show in the Indian Television history, Kaun Banega Crorepati 5 (KBC 5) is about to start and registration is open for that.
The upgradation in this session of Sony’s KBC 5 is that, the logo of this new KBC 5 includes new Indian Rupee Symbol.
The registration for Kaun Banega Crorepati 5 has started. The promotions can be seen inviting all viewers to register for the 5th round of Competition.
The procedure of registration is almost same as earlier one Competition question having four multiple choice answer options will be aired every day during the promotions of the Show beginning from May 27, 2011 for all landline telephone and mobile telephone subscribers.
In total seven questions will be asked during the First round Period and a total of 5 questions will be asked duringnthe First Idea round Period.
So keep watching Sony Entertainment Television Channel for the KBC 5 Registration Process. Check out for more details on
How KBC 5 Registration works?
Questions for KBC 5 on Sony
May 27th, 2011
You can register by answering the on-air question through an SMS or by calling on the IVR Number. The operator wise registration details of the numbers to be dialled for IVR and short code for sending SMS with the answer options are listed below:
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BSNL 52525         5052525 01, 02, 03, 04
MTNL 52525        5052525 01, 02, 03, 04
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All mobile holders can send in their SMSs to 52525. If you are an Idea subscriber, you can also send in your SMS to 55456. All registration through SMSs need to be in following format:
“KBC”. e.g.: If the correct answer to the question aired is “A” according to you, you are 21 years and 2 months old and are a male; you are required to send “KBC A 21 M”.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Big B's BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP a hit before release

Big B's BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP a hit before release
Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial
In the present times when the films are falling like nine pins at the box office, BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP has already become a hit though it is going to release on 1st July. BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP has been made at the cost of Rs.10 crore, while the satellite rights for the film have been sold at Rs.13 crore making it a hit. The strategy of selling the film before its release for satellite viewing indeed is now assuming new dimensions as it ensures that the cost incurred in making of the film has been recovered, even though the film may or may not click with the audience.
It is after a long time that Big B returns to the silver screen as the main actor, after he had given up being the lead actor more than a decade ago and switched to character roles. BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP harks back to his image of the angry young man, now transformed as an angry old man. The flamboyance given to the character played by Big B is the talk of the town and it seems to be a strategic move, as there is a huge audience in the category above sixty years of age who has reconciled himself or herself to wither away slowly. But with Big B giving this age flamboyance through BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP, the producers would definitely hope that it would provide a trigger for the older generation to start living life in a new and energetic manner, and who knows may be it could lead to a new social change as well. In sync with this change of the image, Big B would also be riding a Harley Davidson in BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP and it could trigger flamboyant old people to emulate and buy the legendary bike and experience the joy of youth in old age.
Big B has also returned to BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP with his favorite co-star Hema Maliniwith whom he has given scores of hits including SATTE PE SATTA, NASEEB, BAGHBAN, VEER-ZAARA etc. Hema Malini in one of the pre-release meets had expressed the hope that may be somebody would give her a role akin to what Big B is doing in BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP, and why not after the release of this film, she can come up with a film titled 'Buddhi Hogi Teri Maa', after all, she has shown that she can play the character of spit and fire with chutzpah as she had done it in SHOLAY.
Indeed, BBUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP should be the trigger for the not so young in the country to pick up their life and enjoy it, as it is done in European countries, after all self pity and wallow leads to shortening of life. This film could open up a new territory of film viewing audience and more such films could be in offing and a new genre of film making could emerge in the world of Hindi cinema.

I haven't done action flicks in a while so I am happy doing it now" - Big B: Part 1

I haven't done action flicks in a while so I am happy doing it now" - Big B: Part 1

At almost 70, the original action hero is saving the world once again or let's put it this way - At almost 70, this man has mortality on his mind. Welcome Amitabh Bachchan aka The Angry Young Man who's just doesn't seem to age when it comes to 'action'. I meet my mentor, my inspiration at his office in Janak on the 3rd floor. As usual, I was at my ritual best. Alright, time to update you guys on my ritual. I've made this as a tradition now that every time I meet Mr. Bachchan face to face, I have to hand him over his previous interviews I've done in my London newspapers. It began four years ago in Yorkshire. Just like the many indestructible heroes, Big B has come back swinging in the ring yet again doing what he used to and does the best - punching and kicking the baddies. Mr. Bachchan just speaks what's in his heart and mind. When I say it, you won't believe it. But when 'Vijay' (his most famous screen name) says it, you know it's the truth. There is awesomeness to Mr. Bachchan's unabashed masculinity - the swirling gusts of aftershave, the shoulder-punching carousing or even more, who knows! Endurance is an essential part of his male code. His films too depict that in many ways. Dressed in his maroon track suit sipping his 'kahwa' with honey, he looked tough even though he was a bit down with cough and cold. I've always seen it in his eyes, yes, in Mr. Bachchan's eyes lay his strength. He garners it from there it seems. For Amitabh Bachchan, it's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. It's about how much you can take. It's what I call the return of the 'angry young man' - the tag, the label he was given by a journalist back in the 70s. Some actors might have been intimidated by the prospect of stepping into a role in an 'action' movie made famous by the legendary Amitabh Bachchan. And the only person who can step in his shoes is Bachchan himself. Well, we're better off having you back Mr. Bachchan because nothing has changed, everything is the same, even the adulation - We are screaming and saying - We Love You Vijju! Go kick some bu** now. UK's Harrow Observer columnist and Bollywood Hungama's London correspondent gets you Arnold, Stallone, Clint, McQueen, Chan, Salman, Hrithik, Akshay all packed in one: Amitabh Bachchan. The 'Bbuddah' never ages! Part one exclusive only on Bollywood Hungama.

You've done more action than stunt choreographers may have in their film career. Almost every action hero fan knows the name Amitabh Bachchan. What they don't know is how the 'angry young man' tag originated?
Your community started it all. The line 'angry young man' was made up by a journalist back then. I've never contributed to it. I've never contributed to any kind of epithet. I'm just happy being an artist and doing my job. But I'm sure he must've felt that my name had to have a tag line. So all these lovely names and sentences that are constructed by the media, well, I'm living by it (smiles).

 The line 'angry young man' was made up by a journalist back then 
Sir you're taking our memories back to your alive and kicking days...honestly, did you remember your Agneepath, Hum, Mard, Sholay, Amar Akbar Anthony, Khuda Gawahdays? 
One doesn't work with this kind of intention that I must do this because I did this then. I'd like to treat every role according to the way it has been written and constructed by the director. Then they guide me and tell me how they want it. If there are certain additions that I want to do and if it is acceptable, then I do it. If there are things that I don't like, I share it with my director and come out with a solution. By and large, I would like to follow the captain of the ship and I don't follow what I have done in the past. Yes, I haven't done any action flicks since those days so I am happy doing it now.

Amitabh BachchanI've seen this distinctive affinity that AB Corp has for subjects, stories or scripts, whatever you call ...diverse and never tried and tested before - Paa, Bbuddah… Hoga Terra Baap, will that trend continue Mr. Bachchan? 
We aren't making any deliberate effort to do that. If Paa and Bbuddah have happened to be never tried or tested then it is purely coincidental. A happy coincidence actually (smiles). I think it's wonderful to be able to have a bit of diversity in what we do. It lends a lot of credence to our work as professionals. Yes, it also adds a little to the profile of the company because we feel that we are ready to experiment with new ideas and thoughts. I don't think AB Corp goes out looking for something unique. If it happens and we feel that this is something that we'd want to associate ourselves with, and provided it is done within the kind of budget that is allocated then we go ahead and do it.

...but honestly, when you do action, does it take you back to your Coolie days? 
Well, there is always a fear of getting hurt and one is conscious about that. One takes precautions. I will not say that we weren't conscious of this earlier on. Even the incident in Coolie was something that was so a regular stunt. The day before the horrific incident, I had done a couple of stunts myself like jumping off the bridge on the train, from the running train on the trolley on the platform and that trolley moves down the staircase and I fall. All this and I never had a scratch. But one small punch up scene got me in deep trouble. You get hurt sometimes. It's a normal phenomenon but precaution is better than cure.

Your favourite action film from India and the overseas…
Oh gosh! I really cannot remember any. But some of the recent Hollywood flicks have some amazing stunts thanks to the technology. In fact we are in this profession where we sometimes wonder how it was done. Now of course, everything has become so transparent that we come to know what's CG and what's not. A common man wouldn't come to know.

 Some of the recent Hollywood flicks have some amazing stunts thanks to the technology
So how did 'Sara Zamana' song happened with all the lightings and all? Must've been a revelation back then? 
'Sara Zamana' song was done in Kolkata at the Netaji Subhash stadium and we lit candles in the entire auditorium on the chairs. Then there was my dress that was a nightmare. It was electrically connected to 220V. We had to take a lot of precautions because the wiring had to be very intricate, the wires came out through the trousers stuck to the boots and from the boot it used to go to a plug really far away. We've recently done the same thing for Bbuddah too for promotions.

Amitabh BachchanYou have worked with so many film directors from Mumbai but what really makes a South Indian director different? I mean, isn't their description of action humorous? 
It's not a bad idea to make action look humorous. We are faking it in any case in front of the camera. But it's nice sometimes when you have a little 'take it away from the intensity' action (smiles). Many directors out here too have done that.

This is Abhishek Bachchan's film too as much as it is yours. What inputs did Abhi give in the making of Bbuddah? And did you both talk it out? 
Abhishek 'Ok'ed the idea of the story and of course the budgeting. He made sure that everything was done in the right budget. He gave his inputs in the marketing too, ideas for promotions and stuff like that.

Where the whole world is going gaga about 'action' I want to know more about your 'Jackson' moves sir. Spill the beans…How was it to shake a leg after 'Shava Shava'? 
(Laughs) Yes, it's been a long time since I shook a leg. Plus, age has also cropped up. I shudder at the thought of having to do a song. Once you have committed yourself, then I guess you have to give yourself in completely and you go along with what the choreographer has to say. But a lot of modern technology of how you shoot a song or an action sequences have taken care of a lot of concerns that we've had as far as performances are concerned. Everybody peps you up on the sets and your legs start to move instantly. I loved every bit of it. I was in the mood of dancing and doing action and as Puri rightly said, I couldn't just stop myself (laughs).

I am going to name one action star and you need to quirkily describe them in your own way: 

Arnold Shwarzenegger
He has a tremendous body. Great situations were written for him I feel. You know, to give that kind of look, dialogue and what he does. He is almost a super human. In Terminator, the action was the best.

Amitabh BachchanSlyvester Stallone
I loved the entire Rocky series. How can anyone forget that? I loved every part and the makers made sure that all of them were one notch higher in action than the other.

Salman Khan
I saw Dabangg. It was a very well shot film and I liked what Salman did in it to justify his character. He was very good in Dabangg.

Akshay Kumar
Akshay has done many films with me. But he is known more for his 'Khiladi' series as far as action is concerned. He is very versatile in action too. He does all his stunts himself, he is very athletic too and I like that.

Jackie Chan
He is the only action hero who brings out the humour in his action. That's his forte and he is very good in it. But the comedian is always the more difficult thing to do. In the circus, the joker is the most talented person. Jackie is that joker.

Clint Eastwood
All his Western classics. For A Few Dollars More, The Good The Bad And The Ugly, etc. Those were cool movies. Then there was this movie where he was looking for some killer where he stalked him. I can't recall these names now even (laughs).

Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik in Krrish is the only action film I remember. He was good in both the parts.

Amitabh BachchanSteve McQueen
Oh yes! The Great Escape. Did you see that movie? He was terrific in that. It was about the American prisoners of War and how they escape from a Nazi camp. Superb movie.The Magnificent Seven too. Almost everyone was a first timer in that film but look at the galaxy of stars in that film. After that, they all became huge stars in Hollywood. Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, etc were too good.

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford and his series of films that he has done as Indiana Jones and then who can forget Star Wars?

Amitabh Bachchan
(Laughs) I don't know which action movie I should name but I think that the intensity in Deewar was quite strong. The funny part was that there was only one action scene in the film.
News BH

Big B congratulate Bachchan family on Aishwarya's pregnancy wishes Big B on Twitter

Bollywood stars congratulate Bachchan family on Aishwarya's pregnancy

As soon as Amitabh Bachchan disclosed the news of daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai's pregnancy on micro-blogging site Twitter, the Bachchans' fans started gathering outside his residence Jalsa. Reactions and congratulatory messages also started pouring in on Twitter and Amitabh Bachchan's blog.

Though the fans of Big B, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her husband Abhishek, who gathered outside Jalsa, were a little disappointed as they failed to get a glimpse of the stars, they wished good luck to the would-be parents and grandparents.

Meanwhile, Bollywood stars have been congratulating the Bachchan family on Twitter since BigB broke the news on Tuesday night.

Actress Priyanka Chopra tweeted saying, "CONGRATS SIR @SrBachchan and @juniorbachchan...awesome news!! lets make way for the legacy to go forward..."

Actor Ritesh Deshmukh, who is also a good friend of Abhishek, expressed his joy. "Congratulations! Super Super happy," he tweeted.

VJ-turned-actor Sophie Chowdhury tweeted: "Congrats to soon to be dadaji @SrBachchan. Thrilled for @juniorbachchan and Ash. Much love and happiness to u all!!"

Actor Ranvir Shorey also tweeted his congratulatory message to the "happy couple".

An elated music composer Vishal Dadlani said: "Thrilled for @juniorbachchan, Ash, @SrBachchan and Mrs B. Some of the most wonderful people I know! God bless you."

Abhishek's Dum Maaro Dum co-star Rana Daggubati too congratulated the Bachchans. "@juniorbachchan is soon to be Daddy Bachchan. Congrats and lots of love," he tweeted.

Faces many of them smiling and appreciative and blessing and congratulating Big B

Faces many of them smiling and appreciative and blessing and congratulating Big B
Jalsa , Mumbai     June  22,  2011      Wed  11: 47 PM
Where to begin and what to say. It has been a day of walking in a drift, a wind, flowing fast moving clouds speeding past, people, there but not there. Faces … many of them smiling and appreciative and blessing and congratulating. Many greetings from sources one could never imagine, friends, well wishers, people known but not connected to for long. Where have they been, and how have they come out on this particular day. I am a blessed man. My genes given to me by my parents speak volumes. On their own without help or provocation. The voices play inside, of prayer and grace, from old and young .. from those gone away and lost forever !!
There is so much talk and remembrances of my Mother and her courageous, warm and affectionate nature for all, at all times - out going, caring, involving. There is talk of the depth of my Father and his deep and silent admirations … times spent with them with my children, and others .. and today we talk of my children’s children .. Billu and I at Breach Candy Hospital late in the night, waiting, pacing the corridors as Jaya labors inside with Abhishek … that opening of the door of the OT, the doctor Shah peeping out and asking … ” what did you want ?” .. we stare at him, asking for nothing, he smiles ..”it’s a boy !” .. we cheer and open some champagne, ecstatic and running about the now out of bounds hospital, greeting and acknowledging the cheers of the nursing staff .. luring them with the bubbly .. come out and burn a cigar .. its traditional they say .. calling up all and sundry .. informing sharing the joy ..
And today that little bundle is about to become another nervous father and shall be trudging the corridors of a hospital soon awaiting his moment of joy ! Anwarat samay ki chakki chalti jaati hai !
Births rebirths .. additions to the world … children and how they form and build and grow within and then emerge, to be their own selves and in time to procreate .. this is nature, science, providence, unknown forces .. when so many questions remain astonishingly unanswered … how does all this happen … who are we ! how does all this happen to us ! why is it that we are the way we are ! it is beyond comprehension …. which is why ..
We build our Gods and Goddesses ! There must be some supernatural force that invades our system and decides how the management shall occur. Complicated as it is for us, we easily succumb to the power and strength of divinity and rely on its decisions it makes for us. Belief and prayer co exist simultaneously. Prayer to believe and the belief in prayer ! Human vulnerability .. never know enough to gather sufficient answers .. and questions pour in each day, each hour, each minute .. so many.. impossible to handle them …
So relent and sit back .. compose yourself. Life will continue to move and so will you. Take what comes your way, be thankful for the deeds, be content and in gratitude … these do not happen with all, and with everyone .. remember ! Be content with what hath been given as yours .. be not afraid .. be not in want .. be not in anger or remorse .. be … just be .. all else shall be too …
To wake up in the morning and to find that you still move, that there is a breathe in your lungs and sight in the eyes … and a mind that thinks of where and what to do …
That is all ..
All that comes after is the mind … it is here that corruption and pollution coexist, each trying to outdo the other .. we are but pawns in their midst .. soft gentle unknown pawns … NO .. never let that condition be .. for we are willed to be strong, to fight metaphorically, to fight odds and aim for victory ..
My son .. born of me in 1976 .. shall be the reason for birth in 2011 .. of another being .. nature and science willed it so … but how and why was taken care of by another … I do not see that other or hear it or feel its presence but we know that that is where we shall address our selves, when we have questions and no answers ..
Atheists shall shun us … moralists shall perhaps accept us .. the divine shall laud us … but we shall still be without answers .. that is the tragedy or the essence of life ..
Good night all … and again my gratitude for your outpouring of love and blessings … !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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