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Satyagraha has brought change, says Amitabh Bachchan


Satyagraha has brought change, says Amitabh Bachchan 

Mumbai, July 25 -- In his upcoming film directed by Prakash Jha, Amitabh Bachchan plays a character that is apparently inspired by Anna Hazare. Bring up the topic in his presence and the actor immediately refuses to express his personal views on the social activist or his agenda.
However, he does say, "Any kind of effort that is made can never go waste; somewhere it leaves an impression." The veteran star goes on to add, "I'm sure that there are people that would want that they should have a peaceful way of expressing themselves. And many things have moved. in the case of (the Delhi rape victim), for example, where they brought in a law, a very strong law. so you can't say that nothing has happened as a result of satyagraha (non-violence). (sic)"

Satyagraha is a story between a father and a son

Like most of director Prakash Jha's films, his next, titled Satyagraha, is also a political drama. But Amitabh Bachchan says the movie is about a lot more than just that.
"(It is) basically a story between a father and a son - a father who has lost his son, and a son who is in search of a father. The character that I play is very moralistic. very peaceful. He wants whatever he wants to achieve in a peaceful manner. He propagates that if you want something, if you are dissatisfied with something, then the order of the day is to do something peacefully," says Bachchan.

The 70-year-old actor has experimented with a variety of characters and films over the decades his career has spanned. Ask him if there is any one role that he looks forward to still doing, and he smiles, "I don't know. This is a challenge that has to come to me from some directors. I can't think for myself. Yes, if they have something in mind, they can design it for me and if I like what they are doing, I will look upon it."
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There are times when you wish that the day never comes to an end

Jalsa, Mumbai        July  24/25,  2013               Wed/Thu  3 : 24 AM

There are times when you wish that the day never comes to an end. Days when you wish to do much more but are restrained by nature ; the sun is down, darkness prevails, so must it be time to be in rest. When many aspects of the work remain unfulfilled, when there is a job that is kept pending, when the time required is not sufficient to address it, is limited … then !!

Often there are moments when one pushes the work to be done today to a tomorrow. That tomorrow never comes, for, in the tomorrow there is work that shall come anew, afresh, to usurp what had remained over from the yesterday .. Do I make sense ??

The joy and relief that accompanies the clearance of unattended work is like the weight of the atlas you bear suddenly being removed. But that is not and never the end. There is more that comes your way and more and more …

Many a times when work piles, you discover that when you eventually do reach the unattended, you wonder if remaining in such condition did not draw my attention, or cause any major decision, then really, the pending work was somewhat unimportant. The need to suffer anxiety on this count therefore would be quite unnecessary …

Subject over … too yawn inducing, as some of the Ef would say … so to matters more present and perhaps of greater interest. An article by a known journalist elaborates on the 'politeness' among celebrities. How various public figures behave towards that very basic sentiment and why. And yes … they have me in prominence, which is mighty flattering as you read the presentation, but soon turns to an aspect which is not totally surprising.

It mentions that I do come across as a polite and well mannered individual, though the general opinion form the rest of the world is that it is 'fake and pretentious'. A cultured politeness, put on for effect….. and … I simply love this assumption, for it has given me the great and much desired compliment of being a very convincing performer - one that I have found hard to come by !! At least from the world of the Fourth Estate !

Celebrity positivity, is always unattractive. The minus here is greater than the plus, a mathematical miscalculation ! To them the only answer, if I needed to ever condescend to give would be the evaluation of the medium we converse on. The substitute, the alternate, the faster than what you may want it to be ! The Ef and the followers and many others … 

The competition of it is far too complicated and far too one sided, but it does carry with it the desired balance, much longed for, in comparison of what was earlier - controlled and manufactured by one source, as opposed to the multiple sources now …

Issues get varied dimensions of expression. It has been up to the common man and woman what they perceive and understand, after the immense bombardment of information from several regions and sources. And that is where the crux of the matter lies. The limits of perhaps now 20,000 journalists has expanded to a billion of them, not all in the profession. They are in the realm of independent social media, which grows exponentially and most rapidly.

My own avid newspaper reading has diminished, though I do subscribe to them all, for I shall visit the news site before bedtime to be aware of all that shall be appearing on the headlines in a few hours, or more.

The sizes of the information contraptions all move in the degrees which project a size smaller than the last one. Soon perhaps, from the iPad to the smaller version, it shall all be appearing on your mobile or your watch, or, who knows, a few flicks in the air anywhere in the atmosphere … !!

The intent is clear … life to be made easier and more infinitely less complicated .. to replace the mind and the brain by an instrument that shall be operated individually, independently and programmed by another .. an alien !

Goodness just looked up to the many time keepers that abound about me .. it is past the am of 4 ..

Good night and love …

Amitabh Bachchan 

Mahendra Gorele

Life is a collage of the white and the coloured

Life is a collage of the white and the coloured

Jalsa, Mumbai      July 23/24,  2013      Tue/Wed  1 : 53 AM

Life is a collage of the white and the coloured. The purity of the white is often enhanced by the colours of the coloured. Often not. Many a thought has at times given a connotation to those defiled, by the remark of them being 'coloured'. As though being coloured was an attribute that need not be in possession. As time went by, connotations and its interpretations assumed different proportions, to the word. It became close to a kind of defamation almost.

But of this there is truth that the quality of the white has often been enhanced by the presence of colour. Or the eminence of the colour has been brightened, because it rode in close proximity to the white.

Colours have intensity, meaning, potency. A clinic in Switzerland, drafts a beam of coloured circular lights on your forehead for mental relief and relaxation ; in time for the reduction in weight !! The traffic signals have the stop signs as RED. Know why ? Because the colour has the largest number of gama or uv or some such chemical quality which makes it noticeable better than any other colour.

The flowers that bloom have the beauty of the varied colours that adorn a garden .. yet a white rose or a large bouquet of lilies or any other white colour species is equally attractive.

There is dichotomy too. White has been the choice of colour at the time of mourning the dead. Yet is does become a standard apparel for those that enter and prevail in say … politics ! In some regions , black has the prominence during tragic moments. Yes it depicts darkness and grim staid feelings when at the graveyard … yet it does become the form for formal occasions, invariably for a celebration !!

Brightness of colours welcomes festivals and weddings in our regions. In the Church of marriage, the white gown of the bride comes up for design and fashion chatter .. and may the debate go on thus …

I wish for those that belong in family to be coloured in white for its purity and its social eminence. I wish for those that belong in family to be coloured in the vibrancy of its varied display …

I wish for both …because I believe one cannot do without the other …

Amitabh Bachchan

Mahendra Gorele

smile at myself and my foolishness

Smile at myself and my foolishness

Jalsa, Mumbai      July 22/23,  2013                  Mon/Tue  1 : 55 AM


I smile at life .. I smile at circumstances .. I smile at myself and my foolishness … I smile for the others that become me … I smile for those that have no smiles in their lives .. I smile for those that smile with me … I smile for my Ef .. my ever devoted and strong Ef … committed and sincere to the core and to the end ..

I smile because I need to smile .. I smile because it is easier to do so than  to show anger .. I smile because it is disarmingly acceptable and reciprocated .. on the road , amidst the people I work with, among the motorists that drive along by me at the light signals, and traffic jams … I smile because it takes lesser amount of muscles to do than to show anger .. I smile … just ….

I reconcile … with myself and my circumstances … I lift the burden of unnecessary pressure … I am calmer and disposed well when I do so .. I believe the others that meet up feel it too .. I am disparaged by a show of temperament that prevents itself from such act .. I wish not to bring grief to anyone, to see them at the mercy of the forces that abide in nature .. I shall comply and hold and give assurance, bring worth and assistance in the garb of co operation .. I shall contribute in attempting to enhance what may have been assuaged indifferently … I shall … I most certainly shall  .. 

The weight of the body shall reduce , shall inhale purity of air, shall brighten up at mention and be labeled with the other purists, as one of speciality  … but why not ? what really are the objections … ?

Beware … be happy and be content … ever ever ever …

My love for all remains unpolluted by recent happenings ..


Monday, July 22, 2013

Dishonesty with the profession is an unforgivable crime

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 20/21,  2013               Sun/Mon  2 : 08 am 
Dishonesty with the profession is an unforgivable crime. Agree to submit to your work, yes. But to agree to be dishonest in its approach, is not acceptable. I can do the most ridiculous films, and be asked to enact with the sincerity required of me as a professional. I will do it, if I have committed to the making of it. Once the camera is on, I cannot and will not express my displeasure, or discomfort. That is dishonesty. Conduct all that worries you as an artist before you go in front of the lens, but once there, it must be 110 % or come away … 
Deciding to perform in such manner is a performance in itself. There are times when the mind and the conscience do not allow the body to agree. To give the required signal, it needs impetus. Impetus is borne from the desire to do it well. I can only do justice to it if my conscience and will provokes me positively. If not it is best to lose the subject or matter or person or opportunity. More shall come. In large numbers. Its just that one cannot see them all at that moment. 
I could and will and may, lose an exciting opportunity. That is bad. But it would be worse if I lost my conscience too… 
Amitabh Bachchan

Disappointments rule the minds of those that have lived

Jalsa, Mumbai            July  19/20,  2013                 Sat/Sun  2 : 37 AM

Disappointments rule the minds of those that have lived in illusion and hope and trust and belief .. their absence has always given rise to adulterated thoughts of action. Just as adulteration destroys the purity of the element, thoughts when tampered with give rise to disillusioned countenance. Disillusioned minds are unhealthy .. in the journey of thought they destroy many other healthy elements .. losing an element through disappointment is vile .. it should never happen, but it does at times and it is a pity that they happen at times when they are least expected to. Life itself at times behaves unexpectedly, but life cannot be put to blame. Life moves irrespective of all else. It is our countenance that needs to change. To judge and assimilate before the deed. To be alert and indulgent. To be garnering understanding. Understanding not necessarily of the other, but of ourself. One way or the other we are at fault - it is best to admit that. Puts a stop to all argument and reasoning. So long as we know within the right and the correct, there is no fear. Fear is destructive. It eats in to the system gradually but surely. Allow it to feed and it shall devour you. Stand up to it and it shall stop in its tracks, at least for a while. And that is enough …

One needs a moment, an instance, that small measure of time to be able to bring in the desired change. A turn in the direction of the given course, in its curriculum, in its forbearing. Succumb once and there shall be permanency in all. It habit forms, not wanting to get off that track which runs parallel never meeting. If it were to meet, the object it carries with it would get derailed and fall, causing destruction. Why disturb that which has established itself. Why seek deliberate changes. Why attempt at all … why ?

I do not have legitimate answers .. I have conscience and sense .. sense belongs to me … it belongs to my inner self, much like my conscience. Destroy my conscience, destroy me … 

I need strength beyond the physical. That strength shall always prevail above all else ..

If I were to care, I should care for that which can bear the strength of my conscience. All else is banal and not worthy of mention ..

Amitabh Bachchan

The greatest of them all - Mohammed Ali BigB

Jalsa, Mumbai                July 18,  2013               Fri  11: 56 PM
With the greatest of them all - Mohammed Ali ! This at his residence in Beverly Hills, Los of Angeles … ! Along with Prakash Mehra and my younger brother Ajitabh .. he was fun to be with, mock punched me, spoke of films and acting and singing … perhaps my first trip ever to LA … loved it and still do … it has a unique character of its own and prides itself in that .. you get on to a street looking for a numbered house and discover that being on the street is not enough .. the number could be several miles away on same street .. the design of a modern city .. parallel lines of civilisation .. Jaipur was designed like that several decades ago, much before LA ..
‘ee hai bambai nagariya … ‘the street song from ‘Don’ … that awkward moment of song on the streets of Mumbai, early days and the embarrassment of it all … Chandra Barot the director of the film seeming to enjoy my condition .. the image at the back is Gateway of India, Mumbai .. built at the time of the official Royal visit to the city in welcome during the British Raj … 
varous Film Fare award functions and awards .. Shatrughan Sinha giving me one, Sunil Gavaskar another, another at the time of MGR, the thespian from Tamil cinema and its Chief Minister, and then with Nutan ji an award we won together ..fantastic moments collected and captured , but preserved by Moses Sapir .. thank you for this ..
My love to all as you ponder over the pictures and I retire to another day of waiting to start all over again ..
Amitabh Bachchan

Friday, July 19, 2013

After watching `D-Day`, Amitabh Bachchan speechless

After watching `D-Day`, Amitabh Bachchan speechless

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan, one of the finest performers in Hindi movies, says that he had such a wonderful experience watching Nikhil Advani`s spy thriller ‘D-day’ that he is unable to comment on it.

Big B watched the film at a special screening Thursday.

"I had a wonderful experience watching the film and it will take me a lot of time to gather and understand my emotions and feelings for the film. Right now, I have no words to express my feelings for the film," said the 70-year-old actor here at the screening.

"Everybody has done a brilliant job. Writers, director, music and all the actors have been wonderful," he added.

Released Friday, ‘D-Day’ features Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan, Arjun Rampal, Huma Qureshi and Shruti Haasan in pivotal roles.

Amitabh Bachchan - Ek Ghadi D-Day Movie

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July 18/19,  2013                 Thu/Fri  1 : 57 AM

There is no greater joy for me than to witness the talent and the kind of work that this new generation is putting up each and every week almost ! You get hit by the sheer effort and the awe inspiring output that these makers are putting in. I lament the fact that all this tremendous work was not there during our time, and yes there is an envy that creeps in along with the praise and absolute pleasure, of not being one of them .. them that are redefining the nature of our films these days …

A little while ago I watched “D-Day" a film made by Nikhil Advani, and have been simply overwhelmed by it. The story, screenplay, performance and execution has been outstanding. There is a sense of great pride to not just see what we are seeing almost every week, but to just be in the company of this new generation, to live what they produce, to know how much of a difference they are making to our appreciative eyes and mind. May God bless them, and may they continue to bring joy and happiness to not just the connoisseur, but to all that witness the efforts of such a dedicated and determined set of youngsters. I am in awe of them, and envy them and lament the fact that I am not living in their times, to have opportunity to be a part of their creativity and their brilliance …

Two of the ghazals that I recently liked - one from Bhaag Milkha Bhag and the other from D-Day have been put up with the words in devnaagri .. I do hope you shall enjoy them. You need to put on your head phones to get the right sound and effect of the two.

It is wonderful to see the re emergence of the ghazal and the quawali in our music. There was a time when all our films had to have this particular element as a part of the music. In recent times many popular songs have erupted on the screen, but none can match the poetry and the depth of expression in a soulful rendition of the ghazal … good poetry has soul … and so does good music !!

My love for all ..

Amitabh Bachchan
BigB Blog

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What would the world do without music ! BiigB

Jalsa, Mumbai              July 16/17,  2013              Wed 1: 29 AM

The strains of 'o rangrez' in the ear phones, the beautiful ghazal from "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" and all the forces that clog the mind, disappear just so rapidly ! What would the world do without music ! Embedded in each of our pores, whether of musical mind or not, is the essence of 'sur', the strain that connects magically to that unknown force, which many have not seen yet experienced, equally magically as would they in prayer or in worship. Many that do not subscribe to the realm of godliness or gods, still get ecstatic to that which tugs our strings to the seven notes of music. Believers or non believers experience similar emotion to that which is rendered either through voice of instrument, stirring the soul to a level and height that elevates us virtually at times, into a physicality, unknown many a times. There are stories that explain such, stories that have been witnessed by those who were present at these happenings. The smashing of glass utensils at a philharmonic peak. The bringing on of rain during the rendition of one of the classical 'ragas' of the India Classical music, and many more ..

Sound and its reproduction in the balanced tone of correctness shall and will always have a purity that just cannot be defied or defiled. Sound shall and will always play miracles in the lives of humans. It has the power to convey expression and feel, desire and elation, emotion and compassion .. most of the time all at once !!

Those that do not have music within are sadly devoid of any emotion. How can they when it is their mind that converts thought to voice and subsequently to song. When the mind is polluted, the music shall be filled with pollution too. It may have patronage, but never the compassion that it richly deserves.

I often become a part of noticed debate on the culture of our films and our Industry. And often have been privy to comments that not just criticise but also despise the efforts made by those who design their recall on the level of music and therefore its subsequent dance that it brings. The oft mentioned 'dancing around the trees' comment. Yes .. it does happen, so what. So long as I am not dancing on your head, why not the tree ? Is music that expressionless that it needs to be cut down each time its referral takes birth ? Those that dislike it and annihilate its occurrence must make effort to enact it themselves, purely as an exercise. Find out what it takes to express music and its words and its feel, in the unrealistic escapist environment of our commercial film.

Expressing in terms of music is not a poison which many make it out to be. Music and art and dance forms have survived so long in any condition, will prove to all that the strength has been so potent that it is not something that can be wishes away that soon … ! In fact it never will !

There is enough prayer in the shape of words inside a Chapel or Church, a temple and most religious preachings. Why then have the singing of psalms or 'bhajans'. Even the Gods love music, in fact it can be safely said that perhaps they love it more than any other. If there were to be just the written or spoken word, I wonder how the world would sound !!


And now the bright and racy number from 'BMB' … 'mera yaar', in the ear phone ..

" why do i need to go to a mandir, when my loved one, my yaar is Khuda ../ " why do i need to go to the masjid when my loved one is Khuda ../ whether i love or do ibadat its the same "…/

The strength of love … prayer is love too, belief too … 

Love to all ..


Amitabh Bachchan
Mahendra Gorele

Monday, July 15, 2013

Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan invited for centenary celebrations in Chennai

The three-day event, which will bring together all the four south Indian film industries, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, will be held at the Nehru Indoor Stadium.

Bollywood luminaries such as Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan are on the guest list for celebration of Indian cinema's 100 years to be held in Chennai on September 1-3.

"Shah Rukh and Amitabh-ji are on our guest list. We have requested them to lend their support in our celebration. We are hoping that they will take out time and join us," C. Kalyan, president of The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce (SIFCC), said.

The three-day event, which will bring together all the four south Indian film industries - Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam - will be held at the Nehru Indoor Stadium.

The chief ministers of all the four states - Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh - are expected to attend the event.

While the first day of the event is dedicated to the celebrations of Tamil and Malayalam industries, the second day is dedicated to Telugu and Kannada industries.

On the third and final day of event, Kalyan said, "Besides performances from all the four industries, we also plan to release 50 stamps to felicitate famous personalities from each industry."

Musicians Illayaraja or AR Rahman are likely to compose a special song for the event.

"We have requested these musicians to compose a special song to commemorate 100 years of Indian cinema. They haven't confirmed yet for the song, but we hope to hear from them soon. This song is expected to be performed on the final day of the event," said Kalyan.
Mahendra Gorele

The Sunday of many years and many hues stares at us

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 14, 2013                 Sun 11:39 PM

, each different day and the affection unabated, undaunted expresses itself with warmth and love .. come rain or storm .. eternally they shall remain in my life as a symbol of what the people gave me …

'The Game of Thrones' occupies most of my day and there is remorse because the Season 3 is over and one wants it never to end. The production value, the cast of such immense talent, the story line, symbolic of times that could have emerged in the past, the detailing to locations, surroundings, dress, properties … immaculate !! Such an attraction to watch a Tv series which has the value of a film … perhaps even better and greater ..

The number of artists that partake, their extraordinary performances, is just so thrilling to watch. Where on earth are they getting these actors from ? Each one chosen to portray exactly what was desired in the series, and performing to perfection. Just lends itself to such a phenomenal experience, that you just sit there glued to your chair, without moving an inch ..

But .. now what ? shall have to hone in to another that can give equal viewing pleasure. 'Homeland' was terrific, but that season has ended too. And the search for the next is on … so if any of the Ef is capable of recommending some interesting ones please do so …

Glued to the chair is valid only for moments when the little one is not around .. because once she pops in, the world stops for her and her antics ..  'thank heaven for little girls, for little girls get …' Maurice Chevalier and that eternal song .. how those old memories come back. When you first heard it, the appreciation was on another plane, now .. different meaning and place .. strange but so true ..

Its back to the grind again tomorrow .. and an early night is the call of the hour ..

So good night dear Ef … sleep well and be together ..

Amitabh Bachchan


Mahendra Gorele

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