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I connect with my EF my FmXt my companions BigB Blogs News

Prateeksha , Mumbai Nov 25, 2010 Thu 11 : 59 PM

It takes a few letters on a medium that conveys thoughts words and deeds to raise and brighten up the spirits .. it takes that little thought written in isolation that brings the heart a little closer … closer to the source of expression.

A kind word, an appreciative smile, a tender hand reaching out to touch … and the world changes around us. We are so vulnerable to gentleness, love and softness of being, that the smallest of gestures indulges us to an extent that envelopes us in an embrace, never ever wanting to leave. We are human and with immense human feel. We were made thus. Created by the nature of divine intervention. Till the end of our limited stay we remain in constant touch and awe with what was created for us. Many love what they see, many do not. But no one challenges the creation. Its vastness and unique quality is a lesson in its existence. Inexplainable and devoid of any science argument, we accept the hand of divinity and live with it. Many do not, in grave atheist leanings. And so must they remain and admired and accepted. The science of it all is still under investigation. Everyday a new aspect on our existence and its complicated evolution destroys in its completeness what ever we may have tended to believe earlier. Irrespective of how complex and delusioned it may have been.

Thinkers and contemplators of the world must have had an immense amount of desire and patience and earnestness to discover and explore, the where and what and how of the universe. Its vastness and its continued complexities must have driven them to an end - if ever there was an end - from where they were still unable to get relevant answers. And when the answers did not appear or they were unable to discover them, the inevitable happened - there must be some superior force that was responsible for this all. And lo ! and behold ! the seeds for the supernatural were sown. The belief of another power unknown to us was born. And then was born one of the mightiest forces in the world - religion !!

Religion gave us the strength of belief. It gave us reason to have someone superior above and around us. It gave us the reason to ask, to give, to rely on and finally compel us in to believing in hope. Prayer was constructed in hope. We pray in the hope of peace and goodwill. To seek a gift of wisdom and health and gains of material, of welfare and well being. We seek through it, around it and about it. Which ever and whatever way we seek, we believe that what happens or transpires has happened through the effort of prayer, that gift from above, of heavenly largesse, God like and beyond explanation. We do not know how or when it comes, but when it does come, it always answers the myriad questions that we may have had. It resolves, repairs, forgives, accomplishes …

And all it requires are a few words, written or spoken in either recognized norm, or in independent design. We subjugate ourselves in complete devotion, in front of images or direction. We seek that one moment when what we seek is found. When what we ask is available. And all we know of it is that it came through divine intervention !

Belief at its maximum ! Without it, where would we flounder and flourish !

I believe we all have a belief - not religious - just a belief ! In the direction that we take in the decision that we make in the execution that we undertake. And if belief is what connects us, then let us all remain connected. They could be of different colors and shades, sizes and dimension. In the end its the connect that matters. In the end it is the connect with those that exhibit similar traits that matter.

I connect with my EF, my FmXt my companions on this cyber. They are then my belief my religion. My obescience to you, in utter servility ! You are, I am. Your’e not, I am not !!

Love and more …

Amitabh Bachchan



love and love ….

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Amitabh with wife Jaya Bachchan at Subrata Roy's niece wedding

Amitabh Jaya Bachchan along with their relatives at their farming field at Kakori area near Lucknow

Amitabh Jaya Bachchan along with their relatives at their farming field at Kakori area near Lucknow

Super star Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan along with their relatives at their farming field at Kakori area near Lucknow

Amitabh with wife Jaya Bachchan at Subrata Roy's niece wedding


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