Monday, May 14, 2018

I smile in the silence of the morning of others I smile

Jalsa, Mumbai                  May 13,  2018              Sun 9:21 AM


I smile .. I smile off the morning .. I smile off the begin of the DAY .. I smile in the silence of the morning of others .. I smile .. 

I smile to the love from the Ef, from the respect they give, of the affection that comes without asking, of the dedication they confide in their inner most feelings .. I smile .. 

GIVING beckons me ever .. give to you give to others give to all .. if there was capacity to give everything of possession .. to give to relieve, to persuade, to calm, to destroy misery, to build for another, to remove destiny and bring in hope and betterment .. 

Could it ever be accomplished .. 

I think and smile .. for smiles shall perhaps give the required impetus to accomplish all .. someday somewhere somehow ..

I wither in the thought of the possibility, but also grow in the strength of its fructification .. I shall, and I must and soon ..


I continue to smile .. it takes lesser effort to do so .. it fills the face with welcome .. it conveys my acceptance of all, of life, of living … and the hope of giving ..

I put out on other medium and mediums  .. 

"People are disturbed not by the things that happen, but by their opinion of the things that happen. "~

There can be a happening, there can be an opinion, there can be an opinion of the opinion .. but in the mêlée, or as the French would say péle-mélè,
what and where has the happening gone .. lost forgotten struggling for redemption and worse, ready for it to happen again ..

Opinion gets a face a voice and then .. oblivion .. short lived, attention seeking device, stocked away in the iClouds of information saving .. perhaps .. perhaps if ever stretched to be searched again .. not for the reason of the happening, but for , yes you guessed it - OPINION !

अच्छे ने अच्छा , और बुरे ने बुरा जाना हमें ; क्यूँकि जितनी जिसको ज़रूरत थी उसने उतना ही पहचाना हमें  …
the good thought good of me, the bad did think bad in me ; because my recognition came by the limitations of their individual personal needs .. if their individual personal needs, fell within the good they thought good; if they fell within the bad, they thought bad .. it was never about what I truly was, it was always what their individual need suited them for that moment .. if it suited THEM for me to be looked upon as good, I was good .. if it suited THEM for me to be looked upon as bad, I was bad .. it was ALWAYS them not me ..

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