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Amitabh Bachchan shocked to hear about Yuvraj Singh

Amitabh Bachchan shocked to hear about Yuvraj Singh

Mumbai: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says he is shocked to hear about star cricketer Yuvraj Singh's illness and prays for his well being.
"Shocked to learn of Yuvraj Singh down with cancer..Yuvraj if you read this, know that we all pray for you..All shall and will be well," Amitabh wrote on his Twitter page.
Yuvraj has been diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his lung and is currently undergoing chemotherapy at the Cancer Research Institute in Boston, US.
Hrithik, KJo remember Abhishek's fancy dress B'day party
Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar went down the memory lane - while the former reemembered dressing up for Abhishek Bachchan's theme based birthday parties, the latter still can't forget making a fool of himself at one such bash.
Hrithik and Karan took to Twitter to wish Abhishek on his birthday Sunday to share the childhood memories.
"@juniorbachchan miss the happy birthday parties in the backyard. Chor police, cowboys, the fancy dress memories! But you'v always been d GURU of all good things personified," Hrithik posted.
To which Karan responded, saying, "@iHrithik @juniorbachchan...yes and I came as superman when there was NO fancy dress theme!! AB never let's me forget how idiotic I looked!!"
Hrithik futher tweeted @kjohar25 @juniorbachchan: "And we have pictures to prove it!! Haha, you were always ahead of times even then!"
Abhishek too tweeted, saying, "@kjohar25 @ihrithik well well well. The less said on that topic the better."
Preeti's liveliness wows 'Yeh Hai Mumbai' director
Preeti Jhangiani is so full of life that she didn't have to pretend to play the role in 'Yeh Hai Mumbai', says director Sneh Tulli. "Preeti is playing a bubbly character, which is not very different from her real life character. She is so sweet and well-behaved that even during breaks she used to ask me if anything was required or if she could go to her vanity," said Tulli.
Tully added: "Preeti in her real life is always full of life and very bubbly, so while shooting she didn't had to pretend."
The actress, who made her Bollywood debut with Yash Raj's 'Mohabbatein', is believed to keep the atmosphere on the sets very delightful.
"As soon as Preeti shows up on the sets, the atmosphere on the sets, and cast and crew light up, there is smile on everyone's face and the environment becomes very relaxed," said a source.

I am the bearer and keeper of many situations and conditions BigB Blog

Jalsa , Mumbai           Feb 6/7 ,  2012         Mon/ Tue  3 : 41 am

Tears have a mind of their own .. they flow independently … oblivious of circumstances, place, situation and condition … they surprise the bearer too …

I am the bearer and keeper of many situations and conditions .. the flow from mine eyes, involuntary though they be, are beyond control. A dilemma always precedes such condition. Should one succumb to the moment and feel embarrassed … should the process be controlled without allowing the face to give away this predicament .. should one allow external access to it, those whose presence or that chord that causes it, and be made known to the other, if there is one .. in solitude and solitary conditions the task is simpler, effusive and unabashed. Perhaps it may be the best situation, perhaps not. But entertaining company, irrespective of the value that they may bring for that moment, could be at times not pleasant at all. On other times they assist in provoking the flow to be intense and free – a condition one may not entirely disagree with. Conditioning emotion has been known to damage internally. But tears have mostly conveyed a certain weakness within. Some that know of it, learn to fight it, and fight it well. Those that do not, cope with it irrespective. Our reasons and situations may vary, but the end result never fails in conveying, that no matter what you are or where and what color your skin may be, the color and presence of the tear conveys the same emotion for all. Which is why it is universal.

I have been warned today to make exception and not post long, for it takes away time from the night. May it be known then that the attraction of being here with my Ef, is far greater than that lifeless pillow and mattress and duvet that awaits occupation.

It is an attraction that generates attitude, beyond what may be termed as normal. But whenever did I say that I was normal, or that which I did was. In that respect then, all that connect with me, shall always be cherished and loved ..

Good night … and do dwell in the presence of the rising sun which shall soon represent the beginning of another day in a couple of hours ..

My love to all as always …

Amitabh Bachchan

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