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Amitabh 1983 Interview after Coolie's almost Fatal Accident

In work there is energy. In its execution there is energy BigB

In work there is energy. In its execution there is energy BigB
Jalsa , Mumbai        May  3,  2011      Tue 10 : 44 PM
In work there is energy. In its execution there is energy. When work and occupation mingle well, energy wins. Breasts the tape in one big rush. A gusto that can only be imagined and understood by the one that relishes its existence within him. Remaining complacent, down and trodden, helpless, forgotten, devoid of action is a state one never wishes for anyone. Yet there will come time when all of this shall be thrust upon us in a large wave of undiluted surf and those that shall know the wave, know the current, know the balance shall be the ones that shall ride it and not just survive, but make the event artistic.
I rode several waves in my short life. There shall be without any doubt or dispute, many more storms and strong currents to battle. To say that it shall be impossible to face them now after age has roughed you up, is a defeat. I find it easier to write about it than to be in a position to face it in practical terms. I am hesitant to commit, to aspire, to be defined in the pursuit of my will. And I really would not know how it would all turn out even if I did know. What I do know is that commitment to work, indulgence in its execution, the strife for perfection when displayed, shall find favor. Not that one clamors for it. But if it were to come by I should and would accept it, in whatever shape or form. That is a resolve. Resolves at times falter and give way. Better to quietly do the work assigned and move on. Moving on is prime. Stagnate and stagnation shall become your password. Sleep is a necessity. Stretch it and its a disease. Stagnation and sleep in an anomaly !!? No not quite. The reference is to sleep being almost stagnant.
‘Sona marne ka rehearsal hai .. ‘  my Fathers very short verse. ‘Sleep is the rehearsal for death, which mankind hesitates on, before coming on stage’.
Is it just me or … whenever one gets off after driving a fast moving car, a bike, a horse .. one gets within, that little extra adrenalin. That energy of being able to handle any situation … any !! Your mode of speech and posture undergo a machoism, hitherto unknown or unheard of. Suddenly the world seems a world at large and you its dedicated conquerer. There is a stride of confidence in whatever needs to be done ; a sense of fulfillment, freedom, perhaps a walk some inches above the normal ! A brash casualness overtakes you. Your countenance acquires a look of one that breathes servility from the other. The tone of speech and manner become higher than your own given status.
It is in order then to live and experience it. But to adopt it in permanence is certainly not recommended.
I lived with it for a few hours this evening. I drove a sports convertible for the shot at great speed, got off it and smoothly shifted bag and baggage to the black and silver Harley Davidson, immense in weight and style, but powerful, large and difficult to handle when stationary. And you drive home in your cocooned back seat travel wondering did I really conquer the world a short while ago ?
Barring any mishaps, ‘Bbuddah’ will complete in another week. For the others , not for me. I am done. I now look forward to its final completion, its post production, its music, marketing, and final editing. Its release and its results. It looks like it shall be the 1st of July. Its been quick and financially brave and conservative. Another down and more to start work on as soon as possible.
Working in some continuity, in daily commitment shall bring the energy. Do not ask where I get my energy from. Its rude, its destructive. Just give me the work. That is it !
Amitabh Bachchan

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