Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I detest those that assume what I may be thinking Big B

I detest those that assume what I may be thinking Big B

Prateeksha , Mumbai     Oct 25/26 ,  2010     Mon/Tue  1 : 24 AM

I detest those that assume what I may be thinking and then proceed to represent me in a manner as though it was I that had expressed whatever I may have. I would like to believe that it comes from a syndrome where the obvious intention is to take over responsibility from an overcrowded and somewhat busy schedule, so that there can be ease of reference or the management of time. But seldom does it ever correspond to what it sets out to be. On many an occasion it has added if not subtracted to the situation.

And when it happens it destroys more than it pleases. A bit of me was destroyed today by over ambitiousness, by the fact that once out it could not be retracted. Stop doing this to me, I shall wish to warn all those that indulge in it. Stop trying to portray me in a light where I do not belong and have never expressed desire to. Keep your weapons to yourself and do not you dare place them conveniently on my shoulders. It may seem as though I would brush them away. And this you could assume came from the manner in which I could have overlooked detail. But I do notice and I do examine, and most carefully too.

Do not work on my behalf. I will tell you when I will need to. But until I do, could you please refrain from indulging in any act that delivers as though it was done for me in concern. That is incorrect and decidedly an inefficient manner in which most of our lives will be known to exist.

Certain of my traits have been born with. Those will not change. And any effort to change them will be disastrous. Look then to see what they are instead of trying to consider what they are, wanting to improve it and making  a complete mess of it.

I completely deny any semblance of arrogance in an achievement. Do not construe my humbleness to be manufactured and polluted. It is not. And if by chance you shall challenge it by shoving something that does not have either my approval or intent, I shall use all that is at my command to justify the other wrong and the hither right.

This is as far as I would like to go in this direction. To understand my representation you would have had to lived my life with me. And since that is remote in possibility, it is best left for me to interpret and make further.

KBC plays now for the celebration season of Diwali. An entire week dedicated to fun and joyous laughter ; to be in mood for lightness of spirit and joy. For this, there is a change of game plan, and for that there is greater work and dedication and understanding required. I am happy that those works are over now and that we shall soon get back to being what we had already established in classic form.

The setting for these is the same, just its pattern of play is different and hopefully more exciting. There have been celebrities from different walks of entertainment and nation that come together to generate interest in doing what must be done for those that are underprivileged, alone and despondent. Their interest in the involvement of others who come forward in help is quite genuine …. but that cannot be taken as law. In such cases there is opportunity and there is desire or will. If either of them decide to act they shall be allowed to act within parameters of the given.

Period !!

I cannot elaborate beyond this point without bringing in the ladies of the house, and that I do not wish to do. It is therefore then best to know this -

Do not ever fiddle with those or that which rides well. Every new element shall only succeed in diluting the element that was built in the first place ~

My love as ever

Amitabh Bachchan

Big B Receives standing ovation at National Film Awards funtion


Playing Auro was not easy Amitabh Bachchan

Playing Auro was not easy Amitabh Bachchan

Zee Cinema launches The Best of Shanivaar Ki Raat Amitabh Ki Saath

Zee Cinema launches The Best of Shanivaar Ki Raat Amitabh Ki Saath- plans 3 phase marketing campaign


MUMBAI: Zee Cinema launches The Best of Shanivaar Ki Raat Amitabh Ke Saath.

The Best of Shanivaar Ki Raat Amitabh Ke Saath went on air on 16 October, 2010 at 8 pm. Viewers can watch twelve of the most memorable Amitabh Bachchan movies spread across three months.

Zee Cinema will be launching a three phase marketing campaign around the upcoming festive season.Through a judicious mix of conventional and new media, Zee Cinema aims to recreate the old world charm of the seventies by recreating the freshness & psychedelia that was a trademark of the era. In the initial stage of the campaign, old school illustrations of the various avatars of Bachchan will be used to brand the sides of AC buses to bring to the fore Bachchan's immense popularity and the grandeur of the seventies.

The second phase intends to capitalize on the festive season through facades that will grace the exteriors of prominent malls in Delhi & Mumbai for two weeks around Diwali thereby drawing the attention of festive shoppers as well as ardent movie buffs!

The final phase of the marketing initiative captures the essence of the various avatars played by Bachchan at the peak of his career through a viral that is set against the backdrop of Sholay. The viral will target Gen Next who have not seen these celebrated movies as along with those who are ardent Big B fans. It will be splashed across the new media space on popular social networking websites and video blogs.

The first film in this series is Shaan, followed by Deewar and Naseeb on 23 & 30 October respectively. Other movies that are included in the line-up are Toofan, Sharaabi, Mukadar Ka Sikandar, Mard, Coolie, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati, Shahenshah, Ajooba and finally ending with Sholay.

Big B Receives standing ovation at National Film Awards funtion


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