Tuesday, October 9, 2012

There comes a time in the lives of all

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Oct 9/10,  2012                   Tue/Wed 3:59 AM

There comes a time in the lives of all when we become oblivious of who and what we are .. of being unable to understand the depth of our existence, our nature, our demeanour, and our act .. we are mortals with limitations, yet we seek forever that elixired potion which shall perhaps make exception and give us immortality.. nature shall not permit that, which is why divinity makes in roads to occupy that empty space .. and to exist with us perpetually ..

But there are some that desire through their contribution to work, life and its beauty, a wish to leave something behind that can become immortal by those that follow ..

I follow my Father and his contributions not just to my life, but to the lives of others, in what he contributed … and I consider the most important task of my life to continue his legacy … at least for the benefit of my immediate generation. There is pride and respect and the power of representation which overwhelms me. It is not a task in the real sense of the word, it is the expression of a dormant feeling, which comes but in the surge of its hidden emotion .. one knows not how or why it forms itself, but it does …

Many have argued the phenomena of divine intervention, the prevalence of the atma, the soul that escapes us all even after the cremation fires have reduced us to ash, or the buried beings that escape from within, to voluntarily prevail upon us without notice … many consider that imbecilic, yet many blindly follow and believe … do we have ready and referral proof of this extended phenomena, this rarity that pervades … I wonder if all shall have answer, but on being a victim of it, immediately crouch down on knee, in an expression of submission to that, which deems to be in possession of extreme superiority … 

It is then from this, that belief in the godliness of all erupts, fills us with immense security and strength, tiding us over against all that stands as an adversary before us ..

They possess different names - Allah, Jesus and the many hued Gods of Hinduism, of the heavenly Guru's of Sikhism and all other celestial presence … and they all preach and teach us the way to a heavenly existence …

Battles have been fought in as fierce a manner as possible .. and those that decorate themselves with all the required armaments of destruction, do indeed believe in their respective divine … the respective devines are remembered, before the act of eliminating the oppressor or the enemy … and in the final victory, yes it is the physical ability of the force that is acknowledged, but somewhere too the victory of one divinity over the other ..

But the divine has eternal legacy .. they are beyond a battle here or a battle there … victory against an adversary also counts, somewhat ambitiously, the victory of one divinity over the other … but how ?

Divinity is beyond defeat and elimination !!

What comes out as being victorious then ?

I would reckon it would be belief … our belief, or the belief of those that went into confrontation … those that succeeded, believed that their effort garbed in their individual belief, was victorious over the other, adversary or not ..

It would be difficult to believe that Hitler too would not have at some stage, prayed for a win. His defeat and his loss must be viewed as a loss of his belief … his divinity, if he did possess any, would remain untouched and unscathed … divinity should be such, else it would stand to lose the faith of billions …

My belief demonstrates certain values, which may differ from the other, but would remain devoted and dedicated to that one divinity that is all pervading … faith and belief should be universal .. but is it really !!??

My love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

I am burdened with the pressures of my commitments

Jalsa , Mumbai                     Oct 8/9,  2012                     Mon/Tue  2:40 AM

Some birthday wishes first :

Ami a very happy birthday for yesterday … many good wishes form us all and may the Almighty look after you and that you treasure ..

Tumpa Ghosh .. to you a most prosperous birthday, with every good wish for all the goodness in life ..

I am burdened with the pressures of my commitments … they seem insurmountable, but one plods along, putting on the best face and ability. On doing so, often, the task seems a great deal more gentle and kind. Tasks need to be performed. There is a certain beauty about them, a fulfilment that at times defies any other consideration. Until one gets down to it the realisation never dawns. Thinking about its possibilities and its uncertainties, can be ruinous at the very best. But wishing those fears away by merely a deliberate act of defiance, or one of positivity, brings within us a strange strength that never fails us. So much is said spoken and written about this aspect of 'positivity', that mentioning it today seems such a cliched expression or belief. Be that as it may, I believe it should be expressed within ourselves if not to the outside world. When all around us is morose and depressive. When the silence of each expression and the limp demeanor overpowers not just us, but others too, then shall be the time best suited for rapprochement ! We shudder at times on consequence, but are never willing to challenge it, merely at times to discover what the final result would be. It would either be good or bad. If good, then we have taken a positive out of such exercise. If bad then too we have taken a positive from the exercise - never to be experimented with perhaps.

I see both aspects in one reflection. A reflection that could be a cracked mirror, depicting two different images. But if looked carefully the images can coalesce to form one subject. A subject that may or may not require that proverbial crack down the centre !! A dent one may repair. A cracked mirror shall require a replacement. A portion of it is usable, but shall always remind us of the other that does not exist even though it did start off as one.

Life's mirror needs completeness - unscathed, spotless and squeaky clean ! But does it ever . Images at times compliment each other, but most of us know its lateral inversion ; not all of which works well for everyone.

No one shall ever live life without blemish. A blemish which at times shall be seen and at times not. The unseen shall not protect one from all ills, for within us shall always fester the guilt of its presence, some of which we shall disclose and some that we shall take to our grave …

Belief is what makes us vulnerable to the others belief. Our trust determines the degree of our truth, within or without. But what of the others ? Our passport for such is just and only just our belief and nothing more.

I shall always believe my affection to all that adorn this platform … and even for those that do not .. equality should become my cornerstone and one that I shall respect, despite any alternatives that may drift about. The one that belies belief is the one that should worry, if at  all .. I must not or one must not wait to unravel the other … there is enough on our plate to devour in a lifetime … think then of the world without fear of blemish … that is a constant which shall be visible to both us and the other .. rectify or make endeavour to rectify your own, and ye shall find that the other diminishes in its value ..

Better yourself first before thinking of why the other has not. The circle of life shall move about and around you. Sadly most of us believe that the circle moves around the other, and that is what disorients us …

Better then yourself … the other shall better themselves too … 

My love and my affectionate wishes for all in betterment …

Amitabh Bachchan

A Sunday meeting with all the well wishers gone astray

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Oct 7/8,  2012                    Sun/Mon  2: 37 AM

A Sunday meeting with all the well wishers gone astray .. the time taken by KBC was far too long and I feel like a lost child on not having the opportunity to greet the audience that gives me so much attention !

But KBC is a great leveller ..big or small they all come with hope and expectation .. a fulfilment of dreams that they have nurtured for many many years. When they fail I feel the failure myself. There is a great dark and deep opening which refuses to close within. It is as hurtful and depressing as perhaps the feel of the contestant that has to walk away from that hot seat empty handed … or having lost a great mount after gaining much .. but such is the game that it can become a life changer for one and can dash hopes of another ..

It has been a long day … starting with 2 episodes of KBC, followed by a quick visit to Aadesh's studio to record songs .. and tomorrow it is an early morning call again …

All the antennas of the family are up and there is great consternation about my hours of work .. but that which has been given confirmation, must be completed and done ..change brings in that extra energy that is needed to complete the day .. and no matter what the nature of the work may be, I have always observed that a different vocation or its pursuit soon after a gruelling day with one, gives sufficient force to continue working ..but yes .. there has to be a limit to all and this needs to be controlled …

My apologies then to all these rather simplistic blog posts day after day .. but I mat assure you that it shall not remain for long .. a break is due and that shall give me the time to concentrate on more than what is being done now, for the Ef ..

Good night dearest ones … and may god bless you always …

Amitabh Bachchan

Blessings of all remain with me throughout

  Jalsa, Mumbai                 Oct  6,  2012                    Sat 9:30 PM

Daisy … a happy birthday to you … happiness always and the love and affection that you so deserve .. may your life remain healthy and with blessing ..

The innocence of the little .. oblivious to all that goes on deeper … just the joy of discovering, little flowers, objects of strange bearing .. mumbling and squeaking works which only they understand … may not make sense to us .. but understood and of value to them and their world of un corrupted thoughts … such a bright state to be in .. one wishes for them to be in such, before the big bad world takes over their lives .. protective we are, but never enough .. the effort being to give them all that upbringing that parentage demands .. the basics, the important and the essential .. and then to be left to see how much they imbibe and carry through … children .. our lives and our world .. we bring them into this world, and we feel responsible for their growth, their life and what they make of it .. it must be the most important duty of all parents .. what is taught now remains a lifetime with them !!

An off day has passed by with such speed that it is now time to turn in early, looking at the coming events and the work that precedes it. One wishes that time would stand still for a while, to live and enjoy the glory of a moment, but it never will. Even as we involve ourselves in one the other thought keeps playing .. but at the end the mojo takes over .. and keeps us in good spirit ..

Music stills the mind … and an evening spent with Aadesh at his studio near by is always enlightening. We have similar feel for most of what we produce .. perhaps it is the earth where we were born that plays importantly ..I still long for that moment of solitude and practice at the instruments that shall occupy my mind and time for hours in learning ..

Maybe it shall come when the time is free and the desire to simplify work comes through .. work though is never simple .. the day it is is the time we need to think of another … work must drive us not us it .. perhaps all may not agree, but for me it does .. maybe in oder to get to the stage of us driving it, would be more appropriate if we first succeeded in getting work .. and for that a different set of principles and time frames would be required .. but that initial struggle is most rewarding and of great definition .. it exhibits our vulnerability, weaknesses and failures, only to be winning over them in time and place ..

Many ask for those early days of my struggle and the disappointments and rejection it brought, now to be looked back on them that did so, and seek retribution .. naahh !! immature to indulge in that ..they cannot be blamed or held up for it .. how on earth would they know of your caliber, until seen … and seeing it takes time and experiment, none of which they have at that time … so … look beyond .. yes notice them and if of some attention seek them and let them see your capability now and address it themselves rather than rub their faces in the mud .. it is not just happening to you, it is happening to several and all others like you … so you are not alone in space .. you have company, and company builds strength and resilience … in the days that are to come later ..

Blessings of all remain with me throughout … that is my worth for the struggle, if at all it can be called that ..

My love and affection to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Ma Durga by dancers specially from West Bengal

   Jalsa, Mumbai                 Oct 5/6,  2012                Fri/Sat  3 : 11 AM

An ode to Ma Durga, by dancers specially from West Bengal, adorn the KBC stage at the start of the day, and their movements and story telling capability brings a loud cheer among the audience today, as we start the day of work ..

Some most interesting contestants come up from the bunch of a new lot, that fight for position on the FFF question and then emerge a winner for the Hot Seat …

But the most interesting part of the evening is the wait to pick up the 'little one' from the airport as she arrives with her Mother from Chicago after spending some time with her Father, who shoots for 'Dhoom 3' 

There is now media at the airport when leaving and when arriving. And it does not need rocket science to discover how they are able to be there at the right time - the passenger manifesto !! It has now become a part of our existence, and happily do we accede to their demands. We really have no other choice …

The 'little one' looks up from her capped hiding in wonder as to where she has landed, takes a glare at me behind the wheel and drops off to sleep as the smooth driving lulls her into her slumber !!

I am attracted to this word - slumber. It has been avoiding me for some time now, so methinks I shall give it the honor it deserves and retire ..

I have much to say but since tomorrow is an off day, with relatively less work, I shall come back with you again ..

Till then ..

Love to all

Amitabh Bachchan

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