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Kaun Banega Crorepati 2011 Episode 1 15th August 2011 Full Episode

Kaun Banega Crorepati 2011 Episode 1 15th August 2011 Full Episode

I move robot like from situation to situation BigB

Jalsa  , Mumbai  Aug  17 ,  2011       Wed  11 : 57 PM
I move robot like from situation to situation. They are the reason for commitment and comply. Once accepted it must be treated like God’s own word. I will not think that there may be consequences. Consequences become pertinent, only if the consequence is questioned. You can question one for one, but doubt if you could question for two or more. Singularity of purpose in your ideal, is ideal. When you drift, you might as well be the part of a river that flows continuously - never able to build upon it. The flow of the water would I believe shift the very basis of your thought. And flow you must, else stagnate and rot in our own thinking.
Catching or riding a boat that flows and drifts by, would tantamount to assistance. Assistance is borrowed strength, it does not have the appeal of ones individuality. When you shall break free, there will always be resistance. Riding free is not a common sight. It disturbs the equilibrium and so is despised. Joining it at someones behest is diminishing also. Take the strain to tighten the rope, before we pull it over to our mark and rejoice its victory. We can team up and anchor up the mightiest at the end, wound up as it were to be victorious. But when the rope is equally balanced by weight on both parts, that piece of handkerchief that ties us down to a mark before it crosses it to declare victory, it is then a suitable tug-of-war ! At the end of the struggle though when the better team wins, the victorious fall down by shear effort of the strain.
I need to respect the strain, the pull of gravity and strength. I need to pull that handkerchief mark in the middle to our side and prove victory. Nothing else matters in the end. The issue shall never be revisited. The grounds shall change as will the will. What could have been a gain shall assume a loss. Loss of face and energy.
Purpose must be acknowledged. Will must be observed. But the tug of war shall be incomplete if there is no one to mark that handkerchief in the middle - that directive that shall decide finally who won !
In life do we really win ??
Amitabh Bachchan

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