Saturday, August 27, 2011

You know there are some things in life that we learn to respect BigB

Sydney , Australia      Aug 26 , 2011      Fri  10 : 00 PM
You know …. there are some things in life that we learn to respect, even when we know that most of the learning years of life have gone by. There are endless moments, opportunities, incidents that take place which tell us ‘ buddy you ‘aint done yet, till you ‘aint done .. ‘ . You know what I mean ? Perhaps not. But trust me, you will know. And I think that this is the ultimate truth .. about life. Just when you feel that ‘thats about it’ , it catches you by the throat, well ok .. just catches you and leads to a destination an evolution an experience, which makes you gasp in wonder and admit internally -
” Bloody hell ! I need to start all over again … ! ”
I am not so sure whether, in this extenuated condition of mine  I could or would be able to take all that up, but … damn I’m gonna give it a try !! And that ladies and gentlemen is the essence of all that I shall conclude for today. So long as it is moving, it is worthy of action, of indulgence, attempt, trial, learning and experimentation.
I sat out in the sun for a while today. And I realized I had not done that, in almost 3 months ! The sun, surya,the giver of light and energy and produce. Of time and degree of movement, relatively - rising from the east and setting to the west. We move, not the sun. But we judge and calculate and conduct as if it moved. Our prayers our festivals our routines… our bodies, respond to it. Respond to the brightest symbol on one that burns. A ball of unimaginable power and fire. Fire that destroys. Dreaded, but revered in prayer - through that havan in Hindu prayer, that candle or flame in other Christian and many other forms of worship, in that incense that burns in holiness, that diya of pious countenance. Possible only and perhaps placed because, of its respectful servility to one that burns - Fire !
And look at the countless manifestations of it …. that ‘burning desire’, cursed with the prospect of ‘burning in hell’ … ‘boiling in our own stew’ with envy jealousy and contempt. To reach a ‘burning point’  or ‘issue’ of no return in discussion or debate. The ‘fire within’ to achieve, a ‘burning passion’ to reach a goal, or to express in amorous physicality … to have been ‘burnt up’ when extended beyond human limit and perseverance … to simply burn …
as I do now …
Good night !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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