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Amitabh Bachchan, Katy Perry, Prabhu Deva to shine at IPL 5 opener

Amitabh Bachchan, Katy Perry, Prabhu Deva to shine at IPL 5 opener

NEW DELHI: Glitz, glamour and game. The opening ceremony of the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament will see a lot of fireworks in Chennai Tuesday - from American pop icon Katy Perry's performance to Indian dancing sensation Prabhu Deva's act to Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan's poetry recitation. 

If that is not enough, Bollywood stars Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and music band Colonial Cousins are geared up to set the stage afire.

"There will be good things, lots of entertainment and cricket. It's the first time that such a large-scale, separate concert is being organised for the IPL, so big things have been planned," Wizcraft Entertainment director Sabbas Joseph told IANS. 

The performer line-up is impressive. 

"Amitabh Bachchan will be opening the night. He will render a poem written by Prasoon Joshi. And Salman Khan will give the show a fitting finale...all performers will bring something unique to the show," said Joseph. 

Joshi says it was challenging to pen the verse. 

"The challenge before me was to write in verse about the spirit of cricket. The poetry captures this spirit and makes a commitment that whatever one may do in life, one would always want to be connected to the game of cricket," he said. 

A huge highlight of the ceremony, to be held at the YMCA Grounds in Chennai, is pop icon Katy Perry. 

The singer, who tied the knot with now estranged husband Russell Brand, in India in 2010, returns to the country to give her maiden performance at the ceremony. She is set to enthrall the audience with her hits like "Fireworks" and "California Gurls". 

"Katy will add a different flavour to the event. She is coming down April 2, but leaving almost in a jiffy after her performance," said Joseph. 

Another highlight will be Big B - he returns to work after two abdominal surgeries earlier this year. The 69-year-old veteran has been home ever since his treatment, and looks forward to step out for the event. 

Contrary to recent media reports, Big B is unlikely to dance, clarifies Joseph. 

A rare sight would be dancing sensation Prabhu Deva on stage. Other attractions include performances by Bollywood beauties Priyanka and Kareena, whose performances have been choreographed by Shiamak Davar and his team. 

Stepping up the fervour will be music maestros Colonial Cousins, who will team up with international percussionist and composer DJ Ravi Drums and a group of talented percussionists known as First Project and local percussionists, d'Frens. 

"Whether it is international tracks, the 'Dhinka chika', southern tracks or the dances...the combination from across the country is aimed at entertainment and entertainment," said Joseph, who says the performers have been chosen on the basis of their profile and passion for cricket. 

The fifth edition of IPL will be held during April 4-May 27. With nine teams and 76 games across 12 locations, it promises to be a treat for cricket fans. 

The captains of the nine participating teams will also be present at the opening ceremony, where they will take a pledge. 

The tickets for the star-studded opening night are priced at Rs.1,500. And, needless to say, the organisers are expecting a "full house".

Amitabh Bachchan and Subhash Ghai to get together, finally

Amitabh Bachchan and Subhash Ghai to get together, finally

MUMBAI: On Sunday cinematic history of sorts was created when showman Subhash Ghai walked into icon Amitabh Bachchan's residence Jalsa.
They had not visited one another for the last 25 years.
Though the two stalwarts in their respective fields may have exchanged pleasantaries at public events over the years, they have been for all practical purposes on non-talking terms ever since their film together 'Devaa' was scrapped after the first few days' shooting due to "creative differences" between the two.
Today Ghai after a fruitful meeting with Amitabh Bachchan describes those differences in a different language. "It was my arrogance that saw the shelving of 'Devaa' or you can call it my ignorance. Either way I was to be blamed." he said. 
The friction over 'Devaa' is over. Now it's time for the blame game to be shelved. On Sunday Ghai met Bachchan at Jalsa. The two reminisced over old times. Says a  source, "Devaa was not even mentioned. Subhashji has a completely new project in mind. It's the kind of role and film that Big B has not done before."
Interestingly Bachchan, who is recovering from a major surgery and post-surgery complications has decided to focus at the moment on the next season of 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'. As far as movies go he has only given the nod in principle to Sudhir Mishra's 'Mehrunissa'.
Ghai therefore comes in at a very interesting juncture in his life when the actor will work most selectively. Says a source, "The project that Subhashji wants to do with the Big B is a big wide-screen spectacle in the genre of his biggies with Dilip Kumar Vidhaata, Saudagar and Karma."
When contacted Subhash Ghai tried to play down his excitement about his personal and professional reunion Bachchan. "I went to meet him at his home with no hidden agenda, just to catch up on him and wish him speedy recovery. It was long due. I am his admirer. I'd love to work with him. We need a great script. I consider him the best actor in the country after Dilip Kumar," he said.

I attempted to put down my thoughts for the day by 10:30 Pm

Jalsa , Mumbai                  Mar  31 ,  2012                           Sat  10 : 30 PM

I attempted to put down my thoughts for the day by 10:30 Pm but it is as you can see way past that limit … It is coming on to 1 am on the 1st of April and for this lapse, I must blame myself .. the family sat down to watch a film and since such opportunities come at rare moments, I stayed with them and their laughter and digs and mobile games, all running simultaneously … !!

I travel tomorrow .. and I need to turn in …

But before I leave … I discover with great pride that Twitter and Blog have now been blessed with supreme attention by the fourth estate. We write … they pick up, build a story as if it was they that 'sourced' it and bring it out to print. This doyen service that we are now providing them has two aspects.

ONE : They need not seek appointments for interviews, or push stringers to get information by the end of the day. It comes to them on a platter each day evening morning and night !

TWO : Those that write the Tweets and Blogs, knowing that their wares shall be picked up, can actually dictate what they feel needs to go out to the universe via the press. Smart !!

Smart enough for the media to know that this is deliberate. Beyond a point of course, everything breaks down. But really what shall remain is the ability now for the one written about to check balance refute reject accept, what they may encounter each morning as they open the media pages. And as the numbers increase of the followers or the hits received by Blogs, there shall be a weighing of its advantages and disadvantages. The cyber and digital are the future. How rapidly it reaches the future shall depend on the connectivity. The connectivity shall have access not just to clarifications by the consumer. The consumer shall have the connectivity of the media too. As is quite evident on the net news and other facilities being provided. I just feel that the presence of such a vast communication cyber world, may defeat its purpose in the final end. The consumer shall be loaded with so many options that it may finally take none. A cynical view, I would agree, but one that has possibilities.

Many even now contribute to spaces that may not necessarily belong to the person under question. The liberty to be able to do this almost at free will is the greatest advantage. Building authenticity, dedication and believability shall be the task at hand. Trust and faith and integrity of any association always goes through rough weather. But when it does pass the test, it does have the ability to stay long and stay fast.

I sometimes wonder where all the hidden treasures were before we started associating with each other as Ef. And I wonder equally how this family was able to be formed and exist for such a long period of time. There is no doubt in my mind that without the belief built in the minds of the Ef, on our authenticity, record and affection, we would never have achieved what ever little we have. Yes one has persevered. But so have many others.

I will salute this perseverance, affection and dedication … for when I talk about its existence, there is nothing except awe and wonder and praise for it ..

I will wish to keep it so …

Good night … and may you sleep well and undisturbed …

Amitabh Bachchan 

So the doctor came along and has expressed deep shock at my sleeping hours

Jalsa , Mumbai              Mar 30 , 2012                    Fri  11 : 56 PM

So the doctor came along and has expressed deep shock at my sleeping hours ! They were around 4 am last night !! The shooting pain comes and goes and he feels it is the nerves that have been cut now trying to reassemble and get back into shape !!

Dear mr, miss m/s Nerves, could you, may be expedite your process of mending and not distress the skin of the body you occupy ? I know you inhabit a rugged terrain in and about and around you. Do not get influenced by their presence and letharge on what could be an extended period of time … there is need to get functional in the regions you operate and function. I do of course, along with the surgeons, lament the fact that you had to face some mutilation at the edges of a sharp knife and then face the 'invisible stitches' of repair. But it has been a while as you may know and the war zone like environment that you find yourself sharing space with, can and shall be able to bear but little of what you wish to express. Indeed you have been expressing yourself rather blatantly from the moment of the injury to your delicate senses, for some while now … what is it ? errmm … Feb 11, to now Mar 30 ! that is sufficient time to wipe your tears now and allow the region you so delicately occupy, to get back to normalcy ..

There are many friends and well wishers and Ef that suffer along with me .. their prayers go out each day for my well being. Now … I can only express my well being when yours is well too, do you not think … C'mon !! be a sport and listen in to what the others are saying .. its getting a bit embarrassing … okkaaaay !! Thanks and please then … BACK OFF !!


Now I doubt if a more fervent effort could have been made …


Rain has spoilt our chance of a win at the cricket tonight again in South Africa. I mean every time we get going, so do the rain Gods. That is most unfair. And … what of the commentary ??!!!! So biased, pro SAF even when they see our boys hitting the ball outta' the park … ?? Ok ! SAF  Ef with due apologies … nothing personal here, its just a game – a white rotundity being hit about by another whitish blade of flattened wood and many colored costumes running about .. pardonnable I think .. a spirit of healthy gamesmanship do you not think .. Thank you, you are all so kind …


Stones acquired protect me … prayers brace me up … the kindness of the Ef soul envelops me gently and pushes me onto the bed ..

Good night


Amitabh Bachchan

I laugh and smile and lust for that moment of happiness that it brings me BigB

Jalsa , Mumbai          Mar 29/30 ,  2012                  Thu/Fri  2 : 23 AM

I am late because I self indulge .. I like it when I do that .. I laugh and smile and lust for that moment of happiness that it brings me .. a piece of music that I enjoy, a glorious shot, an interaction with well wishers, a moment of suggestion that receives approval … all of it uplifts me … places me alongside … MYSELF !! Where I see myself in proper perspective to me. It demands that it be exclusive and solitary. It is after all what has been created by me .. but now .. for me … and about me !!

It is selfish many may express. Perhaps ! But the fear of it not receiving similar plane, would be injurious and of immense damage. And so opinion, voice, expression or any other form of creation I shall keep to myself. So long as I am happy with what I have, I am complete. Today to me the appreciation of another may not necessarily be the value genuine. Many factors get motivated in such. I wish to judge myself with my own personal yardstick. It could be the worst possible measure. But the satisfaction of it being entirely mine, is satisfaction enough. Thats it !!

I have but one reserve. You my Ef !! I have always sensed a genuine voice in whatever you have expressed. Most of the time it has been largely complimentary. Any individual would love such being. I confess so do I. But somehow, through the passage of time I have begun to believe that there does exist another ego, an alter ego, which despite many trials has stood the test of not just time, but circumstance as well. All circumstance of mine has not always been correct, or faultless. Humans will and do make the mistakes. We would not be human if we did not. But my alter ego, my extended family has helped me along this arduous path. And for this I shall remain eternally grateful.


I relish procedure, etiquette, protocol. All of which has been subscribed by this little warm hearted family that we have built so arduously. But yet there shall be – and I am loathe to say – events, moments that shall remain sacredly personal, and my respect for all those that come with me here, shall never be challenged because time and again you have demonstrated the honor and dignity that you give to this platform. Thank you !!

Your concern I know is not artificial. It is genuine and moves me to tears at times. But I do have to say that moments that I request for my selfish pursuits has always been given the respect that it has demanded. And so it deserves another thank you …

I am, much like any other, keen to express, but I feel I must share with no other. Sometimes it is difficult to bring others to the same plane. How wonderful it would be if without effort or direction others could sense the plane required. I wish and ask for it at times. When it does not come, I find it futile to express rancor. Why damage my whole, by that which could possibly dent it. Dent !! Nothing more. But a dent stands out more in a perfect fit than any other, and should, I feel, be avoided.


Ahhh !! I get too mysterious and in modes of self philosophized bumpfh !! Ignore it all. The fault lies with me. I miss my Father. And references to his work through my immature decibels, leaves me weak and indulgent. I repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat …. his words and his 'dhun' in my ears, and I fret the presence of any other while I do so. I glance at the door often enough. I would object to visitation at the moment. My expression may not be quite so quiet. I wonder if that would attract attention. Attention would rob me of the elation that I feel for now. I could scream, laugh or laugh and cry, say words or express in volume the moment, create my own hemisphere … which … would never be understood by any other … and that I would like … but ….

We have not been born to be so. We are born to bear pain and despair and argument and stress and fulfillment and happiness and within that, sadness and loneliness, joy and laughter … It is but the uncertainty of its bearing that is destructive, for, one never knows when it shall appear. You are put on guard, all the time. That is not my condition for peaceful existence. I wish it to be free from all encumbrances. Which is why when I put the earphones to my hearing, and live in that intense undisturbed atmosphere of my creation, and my Father, the ecstasy of my expression is not just the enjoyment of the sound, but the freedom from the outside – undisturbed, and without any kind of pollution of external forces. Another world comes up. And this is the world that you wish to live in for that moment.

And so … when I miss my Father's presence, I wish to escape into his world. To be with him, to hear him, to read him, project him the way I feel it should be. That for me is the most effective healing of my soul ….


So from the sublime, because we are human we needs must shift to the real. And the real states, that pain is visible by its abstract quality which is absolute. My surgery hurts. There are snatches of sharp pain, almost convulsive in nature. It depicts either, that something is grievously wrong with what was done, or that the healing is at its last stages. The flame burns the brightest in  the 'diya' before it burns itself out. I hope it is the latter. On most examinations, that is what was conveyed to me. I shall not doubt the information. But I must keep on …

I sit at home and rehearse my appearance for the IPL. Technology has so many advantages these days. I think that eventually it would want us to be glued to our seats for all that we may desire to posses or do.

I wish I could clap my hands and shift locations, get my desired food, or entertainment. Its coming pretty close to that, one can see. But what a world it would be. Those of my age would not live to see it, but the next generation will. And what a wonderful life they would be exposed to. Wonderful !! We hope, for with all invention comes other severe issues. Better to wait for them rather than preempt …

I punch away oblivious of the time. It nears almost a quarter more to 4 am and I have long past that decisive hour of slumber .. even when I shall depart from here, there is a desire to lie awake and seek a view of that which could perhaps induce sleep within … let me try .. !!

More later then … much later

Love and more …

Amitabh Bachchan 

Too much distraction !! Soccer in front on the telly, and ‘Yauatcha’ chinese in the belly

Jalsa , Mumbai                          Mar 28/29 ,  2012                  Wed/Thu  1 : 13 AM

Too much distraction !! Soccer in front on the telly, and 'Yauatcha' chinese in the belly … and filling in the words here at this early hour of the morning is yours truly – distraction telly belly and all …!!! Its been a first evening out socially and its marvelous to be able to whizz past the city at night after a rather long gap from indoor hospitals and restful hours at home. The kids from Delhi have stretched their stay by a couple of days, and that is a delight.

Do we ever realize that there shall be a time when we shall crave for the kids presence when they were younger and in house. But kids grow up, find their own depth, their company, their environs and nature of work and drift away. Its then that we miss their company, their presence. But then when we desperately need them they are always there, albeit for a short while , but there all the same. Which is why when they leave, there is pain.

The game up front is still without goal and this post is distracted with those elements and the content that should be drafted here seems similar. But how wonderful to share a game and a blog simultaneously.

As we drive to the eatery, I sit in the front seat – the ladies being at the back and I notice that there are still some passerby's on the street that fling a recognition with smile. Recognition and compassionately so, does wonders for morale. But there have been many occasions when interest has faded from the celebrity. Has happened to me on many an occasion. It is a bit discomforting, but it must be known that this glory and recognition shall all fade away one day. Some take it kindly, some do not. It is hard and harsh both to see adulation favor away from you and settle on another. Better then to not be too enamored by it when it serves you. Life is transitory as is fame. Be content when it is there by your side. Be gracious in accepting that it has gone away, elsewhere. Let others evaluate what the contribution – if ever there was – should be. We could be biased and burdened by the inaccurate fact that fame shall be perpetual. It is not. Live then with the understanding of its transitory, but live it well. Another chance may never come again. Or even if it did, there shall never be guaranty that it have the same intensity as before. Time to be gracious for what once was a blessing. Time now to be equally gracious that we do not dwell in it any more.


Its quiet again. The game and telly are over. I am beyond sleep now. Happens. Shall then get back to the telly in search of something else and doze off to the sonorous sounds of repetitive elements – they normally are at this time of night. I should know, I am their regular customer.

Oh ! and yes the workouts at the gym go well … gradually increasing the speed of the walk, the weight in the hands. There is great pleasure in this routine. The circulation, the easing of the muscles, the breathing and then finally the sit out in the sun. It is at Prateeksha and it is valuable to be able to do that. Going to be interrupted for some time now. They are laying fresh soil over the green. Should have been done soon after the monsoons, But it got delayed as staff thought the lawn would get mutilated during Holi, if played. So now it shall be sun and solitude at Jalsa, for some days ….


In a few days I wish to take the assistance of my Ef in determining a few researches. This shall then give opportunity for all of us to think beyond the Blog and the Twitter and really to give me a feel of many future ideas .. so we must wait anxiously … and i must no longer wait on my night sleep …

Good night and may the Almighty bless and protect you  ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I-T wants to tax ABCL’s R18 cr payment to Amitabh, wife

I-T wants to tax ABCL's R18 cr payment to Amitabh, wife

Following an appeal by income tax (I-T) authorities, the Bombay high court will decide whether Rs18 crore paid by Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited, to the actor and his wife Jaya Bachchan counts as capital or revenue expenditure. According to the appeal filed by the I-T commissioner it is a capital expenditure and hence taxable. The appeal, first submitted in 2006, challenges an income tax appellate tribunal order that held it was revenue expenditure.
The I-T counsel told a division bench of justice DY Chandrachud and justice MS Sanklecha that the company had acquired a brand by making this payment. "It is a new means of access to income. This payment is hence capital expenditure," the appeal states. The appeal added that by acquiring the brand, the company enabled the management to conduct business while leaving fixed income untouched.HC has recently admitted the petition.

ABCL had filed returns in 1995 showing a loss of Rs17,74,85,826, on the grounds that the money paid was according to the agreement entered into by the company with Bachchan and his wife. Of this amount, Rs15 crore was paid to the actor and Rs3 crore to his wife. The actors had allowed the company to use their names for various purposes and agreed to make themselves available to the company for a period of 120 days in a year, for 10 years.

The assessing officer held that the company had acquired a brand by making this payment.

ABCL had then approached the commissioner of income tax, appeals, who held that the expenditure was capital. 

Subhash Ghai breaks the ice with Amitabh Bachchan

Subhash Ghai breaks the ice with Amitabh Bachchan

On Sunday, showman Subhash Ghai paid Big B a visit at his residence Jalsa. A momentous happening, considering the two of them haven't visited each other for the past 25 years.

Stalwarts both, they may have exchanged pleasantries at public events but for all practical purposes, they haven't exactly been on talking terms ever since their film together Devaa was scrapped within the first few days of shooting because of 'creative differences' between them.

Today, Ghai, who has mellowed over the years, feels differently about the episode. Apparently, he attributes the shelving of the film to his own arrogance or maybe even ignorance. Possibly, that is one of the reasons why he decided to visit Big B. And reportedly, Devaa wasn't even mentioned when they met. Ghai has a completely new project in mind for Big B - a big wide-screen spectacle in line with his biggies with Dilip Kumar like Vidhaata, Saudagar and Karma.

When contacted, Ghai tried to play down the excitement saying, "I went to meet him at his home with no hidden agenda, just to catch up with him and wish him a speedy recovery. It was long due. I am his admirer. I'd love to work with him. We need a great script. I consider him the best actor in the country after Dilip Kumar." Big B too confirmed that Ghai had visited him.

Interestingly, Big B, who is recovering from a major surgery and postsurgery complications, has, for now, decided to focus on the next season of Kaun Banega Crorepati. And as far as films go, he has only given his nod in principle to Sudhir Mishra's Mehrunissa. No prizes for guessing Ghai's proposal has come at a very interesting juncture in the iconic actor's life when he has decided to work more selectively. 
News TOI

Mehmood gave Amitabh Bachchan his big break

Mehmood gave Amitabh Bachchan his big break

Despite a National Films Award for his debut film and a few critically acclaimed performances in Anand and Reshma Aur Shera, Amitabh Bachchan still lacked that one big budget production on his resume.

Finally, three years after his induction into the Hindi cinema industry, it was Mehmood who gave Mr B, who was still to become Big his first big budget break. It was 1972. And Amitabh Bachchan's first commercial venture Bombay To Goa was all set to hit the silver screen. At the premiere of the film ace lensman Shyam Aurangabadkar captured the actor with Mehmood sipping on some thanda.Not the angry young man yet, it is endearing to see the lanky Mr Bachchan listen to Mehmood's instructions like an eager newcomer. On the other hand, Mehmood looks happy to have discovered a new talent.

There is not much that one can say, When life at peace is in the fray

Jalsa , Mumbai              Mar  27 ,  2012                    Tue  11 : 54 PM


 There is not much that one can say,

When life at peace is in the fray ..

We are but elements of some Grace,

Abetted, guided quite in our face …

It takes some measure of our stance,

To live and perhaps enhance ..

Gain we must and gain we should,

Of circumstances if we could ..



The timer on the clock does strike,

Indicative of what we never like ..

Going now and going soon,

Eyelids they shut but self immune ..

Be in cold space of crouching knees,

To dream and dream a bitter tease …




My hands in prayer …

Amitabh Bachchan


Monday, March 26, 2012

Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan to set alight IPL 5 opening

Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan to set alight IPL 5 opening

MUMBAI: Bollywood badshahs Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan will come together to mark the grand opening of Indian Premier League 5 in Chennai on April 3. 

Bachchan will recite a poem written by Prasoon Joshi while Salman will light up the stage by performing to a medley of his recent hits from movies Dabangg, Ready and Bodyguard. 

This will be the first time that Bachchan will be seen on a public platform after recovering from his abdominal surgery. 

The actor, who has begun rehearsing for the event, tweeted on Sunday night, saying, "So, back in front of the cameras for the promo shoot of IPL... a bit strange but never too strange... a spring in the step and mind. Familiar surroundings, vanity van, ever faithful Deepak, my make-up, lights, cameras, busy assistants, hushed silences and 'action'!!"' 

Bachchan will also read out an oath to uphold the spirit of the game to be taken by all the nine IPL team captains. 

Adding further glitter to the show will be stars Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. Kareena will croon to her famous hit Chammak Challo while Priyanka will swing to a medley of songs. 

Joining them will be dancing sensation Prabhudeva along with a troupe of 100 dancers on his hit numbers, including Muqabla. 

The verse is from one of my Father’s poems. It is from a phase in his life

Jalsa , Mumbai                            Mar  26 , 2012                            Mon  11: 35 PM





The verse is from one of my Father's poems. It is from a phase in his life when he had been through grave tragedies and was just emerging from the darkness of its impression. It is addressed to the lady … the gender is feminine. It is a call to the opposite, but I felt that the words even though they convey attachment to the female, the woman, the beloved, worked quite well with my association with my Ef and hence its choice ..

In Roman English it reads as follows :

Kheenchti tum kaun aise badhanon se jo ki ruk sakta nahin mai -


Kaam aisa kaun jisko chodh mai sakta nahin hoon,

Kaun aisa, muh ki jissase modh mai sakta nahin hoon ?

Aaj rishta aur naata jodane ka arth kya hai ?

Shrankhala woh kaun jisko todh mai sakta nahin hoon ?


Chand, suraj bhi pakad mujhko nahin bithala sakenge,

Kya pralobhan de mujhe ve ek pal behla sakenge ?

Jabki mera vash nahin mujh par raha, kiska rahega ?

Kheenchti tum kaun aise bandhanon se jo ki ruk sakta nahin mai -



What are these bindings that you draw me towards you, that I am unable to stop myself -

What is that kind of work that I cannot leave ?

Which is that kind of face that I cannot draw myself away from ?

What is the meaning of that binding relationship, that association ?

What is the degree of binding that I cannot break ?


The Moon and the Sun shall be unable to catch me and put me down,

What is that temptation that they will give to keep me down ?

When the control over me is not with me, whose will it be ?

What are these bindings that you draw me towards you, that I am unable to stop myself -



But … these are my words when I think of the matter between my Ef and me ! What really are these bindings that draw me towards my extended family, that I am unable to stop myself … from connecting with you each day … err … mostly night !!

The face on the page, has a semi mischievous smile. It came from the set where I was shooting yesterday for the IPL promotional video. I am unable to fathom why I had that expression. Perhaps just a moment of fun with the unit, or ..

The green was put by the server creative unit as an extension to the background of the picture, which you may want to know was the green backdrop that we use in shootings for digital inputs. Shot against green assists the maker to put in any image behind on the green space of your liking. This way after say the image of the Taj Mahal was to be put, through a cut paste job, would eventually look as though I was there at the Taj and relatively and mischievously, enjoying the moment .. Or then perhaps the creative team behind the server felt it was symbolic of jealousy – the green eyed monster – to in a sense be in consonance with the words of the poem. They were unaware of the actual reason, which I have just explained ..

Phew !! I am tired just trying to explain the new face page !! Naaah , just kidding ! Tired of explaining would defeat the purpose of my writing the meaning keeping my Ef in mind, would it not ? And that would be a grave fallacy !!


There were some interesting visitors this evening. Siddharth Basu of BigSynergy who manages KBC came over with his wife to enquire after my health and of course that gave me an opportunity to discuss my next and immediate work schedule -KBC !! All seems in order I think and soon we shall start work on its promotions and concept and the schedule for its recording. Vishal and Shekhar and the mad 'bong', Sujoy Ghosh walked in next .. Sujoy back from Kolkata and his stunning success of 'Kahani', still the same, wired up individual. I introduced them to my Father, his works and did a small recitation for them … we should soon be working on some music for Sujoy .. that is if his exalted position now post 'Kahani' does not intefere ..

Jaya walked in too and there was some interesting Bengali banter between the Sujoy and the Bhaduri. She reminded me how after 'Jhankar Beats', Sujoy's first film and V@S's first too had impressed her much and that how she had predicted that this threesome would attain great heights. She has been mostly correct in her readings. As we saw Ranbir grow before us, she had said he will be a big star, when, I wonder he had ever thought of working ..

And so on …


The kids that had gone away are coming back tomorrow and that spells excitement !! The rehearsals for the IPL I shall start too within the confines of my room alone. Its so self conscious to be caught rehearsing in front of watchers !! Sachin Tendulkar has invited Abhishek and Aishwarya to a celebration for his tremendous achievement, so they are in the presence of Royalty right now. My loyalty though is with my royalty, for which I feel blessed .. and so here I am !!

Love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Amitabh Bachchan to record 'Madhushala' in his voice

Amitabh Bachchan to record 'Madhushala' in his voice

Modern technology has overshadowed the feel of original music, rues Amitabh Bachchan, who is recording his father Harivansh Rai Bachchan's "Madhushala" in his voice. The megastar is also skeptical about the poetry connecting with today's youth.

"...singing the verses of Madhushala, the 'alaap' and lending orchestral brilliance to the basic structure that I made in an impromptu setting on my piano. What a different world this is...

"We crave today in music sittings for the age of unplugged instrumentation. The reality and the joy of listening to the original sounds of string and 'dholak'. Of the great masters and their wares - the Sarod, the Shehnai, the Sarangi, the Sitar. All lost and buried under the weight of modern sounds, mastered and manufactured through science and technology. All gone and overtaken by technology," the 69-year-old posted on his blog.

"Madhushala", a collection of poems, which talks about the complexities of life, was published in 1935.

Big B misses the old style of music recording.

"Gone are the days when at song recordings over 100-150 musicians sat through days in large studios, and played to perfection in one single take. A mistake by one resulting in the entire song being recorded again! Now the electronics take over. A small room, barely 5 by 6, houses a large machine that balances sound, a microphone which stands in for the singer and the instrument both," he wrote.

Amitabh has been making efforts to popularise his late father's work. Though he is recording "Madhushala", he is not so hopeful about it becoming popular.

"I wonder as I sit vacant in the studio ... who would want to listen to the words and philosophy of my father? It would hurt me beyond measure if it were to be looked upon as something that needed to be designed for commercial value...It is a proposition that seems irrelevant with today's youth," he wrote.

Surprises never cease ! Neither does my eagerness to share this moment with the Ef

Jalsa , Mumbai                      Mar  25,  2012                           Sun  5 : 48 PM


 It is early ! Surprises never cease ! Neither does my eagerness to share this moment with the Ef … irrespective of time and place, circumstances, distances and destinations. If the cyber is not provided, it shall not be visited or patronized.

I sit up in my room, at my desk and hear the sounds of the well wishers gathering below. It is Sunday evening. The information shall come soon to greet them. The security and the police in attendance wish to clear the street. It obstructs other traffic, causes confusion. I do not wish for that, but to be there with those that come and wait for long is beyond the obstructions. If there is a specific time that they know of then to be there ahead would deprive some of meeting me. I must allow space for that.

The day started very early. Dubbing and recording for the IPL opening night extravaganza in Chennai on the 3rd of April. It is fitting that the event be held at Chennai … they won the IPL Championship last year. There are some distinguished names that shall lend support to the event – Salman and Kareena and Prabhu Deva and Shaimak Davar and his troup, along with the managerial and aesthetic skills of Wizcraft. My portion to have some music designed by Raju Singh. He was just beginning his wonderful journey as a composer in 1995, when we had asked him to lend his talent over a promotional for the Corporation of AB. Now many years later, he is an established force and doing so well. Always a very mild mannered and gentle individual. Happy to see that time and prominence have not destroyed that in him … We had worked together then in a small insignificant little space, with nothing that could be called electronic gadgetry, then. Now he has his own studio ! Mumbai the city of opportunity … if you have the strength to fight and survive, despite.

Its a joy to be behind the wheel. A fortnight ago I was struggling to be able to ease myself out of my Hospital bed, let alone walk. So I did away with the chauffeur .. they have all been working long hours, what with all the children here. Children … a few of them left this morning. Drove them to the airport. But … they shall return in a few days, which is so good to know … never let the laughter out of the house and the … yes … 'chahel pahel' ..

The first day at work today too. Out at Nagi Villa, just down the road, the residence of a generous Sikh family, that has been renting its premise out to shootings. Its a place that we have worked in for years, for the many films that we have done. The shoot is over quickly, the radio spots too announcing the IPL night with Red Fm and then back to home ground, before spending some time with the elder of the family at Nagi Villa. We discuss the metro rail that is about to be laid above the 10th Road, that goes past his residence right up to Prateeksha, and then with promises to meet again depart … depart to be here with you to share and ware … !!!

They are now getting desperate downstairs. They want me down so the street can be cleared. I am concerned. Also that Subhash Ghai is coming to pay a visit and I must tell staff to get him in through the well wishers. I will put up some pictures too … a little later … and a little much later back to Aadesh Shrivastav's studio to improve, to do better, to add to subtract that which shall enhances the music and the recording for 'Madhushala' …

I do believe my Father listens and watches this effort … it would never happen if it were not so …


Okaay ! So a different look and a different set of clothes … a departure from the regular recuperating attire, the salwar kameez and white shawl … symbolic of easy wear, comfortable but also one that has been worn each day after hospital .. and the reason is the shoot for the IPL opening night … !!

Hey ! its coming to be past midnight … the whole idea of putting in early … by the pm of 7 has been lost … anyway ..

Good night dear ones …


A temple just outside the studio of Aadesh Shrivastav

Jalsa , Mumbai                       Mar  24/25 , 2012                     Sat/Sun  1 : 39 AM



A temple just outside the studio of Aadesh Shrivastav, near by, celebrates festival .. songs and 'bhajans' are being sung .. the 'manjeera', the small sized cymbals often associated with prayer meetings, plays softly, almost distant to where the singing progresses … a large Ganesh ji with many heads stares majestically down the road where I drive and drive out a minute ago ..

Inside within the confines of sound proofed walls and computers and electronic plugged in gadgetry, we play around with buttons and prerecorded sound, placing them in right order, singing the verses of Madhushala, the 'alaap' and lending orchestral brilliance to the basic structure that I made in an impromptu setting on my piano.

What a different world this is. And yet the real world is just a few feet away. We crave today in music sittings for the age of unplugged instrumentation. The reality and the joy of listening to the original sounds of string and 'dholak'. Of the great masters and their wares – the Sarod, Shehnai, Sarangi, Sitar. All lost and buried under the weight of modern sounds, mastered and manufactured through science and technology … away from the days of learning through years and years of practice and devotion from the elder masters .. from 'gharanas', the old world house or regions where a particular style of playing came about and those connected with it felt proud to be representatives of it .. all gone and overtaken by technology.

Gone are the days when at song recordings over 100-150 musicians sat through days in large studios, and played to perfection in one single take. A mistake by one resulting in the entire song being recorded again. Now the electronics take over. A small room, barely 5′ by 6′ houses a large machine that balances sound, a microphone which stands in for the singer and the instrument both. On a basic beat the singer comes and sings a song and goes away. Musicians with their electronic devices come in separately do their piece and go away. The arranger comes in and arranges all that has been put before him into a song and goes away. Mastering happens where all the singing and the tone of the instruments are checked, brought into tune through masterful computers that can sing for you and … viola !! We have song !!

A few grunts and screams and hisses from the mouth form part of the song that now climbs up rapidly on the charts and no attention is given to the written or rather the sung portion of the tune. Words are futile and have little or no meaning. Beat is of paramount importance, and yes the capability of the song being remixed for the clubs around the country, for the younger generation to dance to it in intoxication ..

I wonder then as I sit vacant in the studio … who would want to listen to the words and philosophy of my Father ? It would hurt me beyond measure if it were to be looked upon as something that needed to be designed for commercial value. Best then to make this my personal play effort and remain with it in my solitude and hesitate to share it. I would, if I were assured that the listener were to be in the same frame as I was. It is a proposition that seems irrelevant with today's youth.

So … make it and keep it and live with it alone in its beauty. Getting the others on the same plane is asking for much too much. The humiliation if they treated it shabbily would be difficult to overcome. I shall live with it on my own ! Sharing it with them that do not have the intent to understand it, would diminish its wonderful sheen. Better then to burst into trance like condition within the silence and contours of my own little space, than to be seen coaxing another into submission and forced liking.


I leave in a few hours to dub for the event for the IPL, being launched in Chennai on April 3rd .. to recite and invite the opening of this season with the cricketing greats of countries across the world, many of whom one sees almost every other day on the tube. Now an opportunity to meet them face to face. A great desire fulfilled, a memory to cherish ..

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Show respect, regard to artists: Amitabh Bachchan

Show respect, regard to artists: Amitabh Bachchan

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says it upsets him when he sees people disrespect talent, especially at cultural performances.

"I see many a moment when the professionals play at gatherings. They come to exhibit their artistry, not to be a replacement for piped music at a lavish wedding or a party. It is most disrespectful when I see that happening. I cringe," Amitabh wrote on his blog

"I almost feel like reprimanding the guests, but do not. I would rather wish that the artists wind up their instruments and leave. Years and years of 'tapasya' for this? No that does not impress me," he added.

The 69-year-old has urged the public to show "respect and regard" towards artists.

"Allow them to sink into their gift and give an opportunity to be a part of that emotion. It has been the most sight for me when I observe the look on the face of these artists, who despite the disinterest shown by the invitees continue to perform, almost in compulsion," he said.

"They look for appreciation, search for that one individual that shall show admiration of their craft... but alas... it never comes... circumstances lead them to continue... others with greater self respect and dignity, stop, announce their intent and either get the interest or leave. I would applaud such an occurrence," he said.

The presence of loved ones by your side, in your lap, on your head brings all that is possibly beautiful

Jalsa , Mumbai                 Mar 23 , 2012                     Fri  11 : 43 PM

The results of some of the medication doing well, fills one with hope and assurance that living after all is not so bad. The presence of loved ones by your side, in your lap, on your head brings all that is possibly beautiful to its extreme. The amount of time spent in front of a tapping machine, that connects to the Ef, increases, much to the dislike of the family waiting for company. But most satisfying – the ability to be able to gift and taking in the look of surprise and admiration of the dear. Simply not replaceable. Also … ever tried fixing something that broke of the little ones and you volunteered to repair it and it repairs … Instant hero worship !! Fixed a few things for the boy and the girl. Had not done something like this for ages. But with the availability of time, all works well. And the gratitude and admiration is priceless …


Jaya comes back from Lucknow and Delhi after being voted into the Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of Parliament, unopposed and we bring in a bit of fanfare at the front door … flowers and garlands and a little impromptu jig by the little fellow. In his elements he is delicious.

The Benares University blesses me with an Honorary decree of a D.Litt at their Annual function. I beg to be excused because of my condition. They shall be conducting an another moment to present it to me when I travel. Benares or Varanasi, the oldest working city in the world they say. The 'ghats' by the river, its great history of religion and education and so many other important social elements, all enveloped in this ageless wonder. A visit is long due …


There is a great sense of elation when a clearing up job is undertaken and done. Did some over my desk. The pile reduces, the paper work you discover was not meant to be occupying such space. Leave something unattended and you discover that had it been attended to life would have been a lot better. So the moral for today is … never press the job for another day … take a small portion of it and complete it … then and only them move to the next, without interruption ..

Work on the elements that have been interesting me of late are getting talked about. The Sitar and the Sarod are on order. The best are manufactured in Kolkata. I should have guessed. Kolkata, a center for the arts and music and literature. A region of the purist, where every home has a history of dance and song and music. Much like in the South and in Maharashtra too. And so now I do look forward to that moment when that left handed … note left handed, shall be at my disposal and i shall no idea how it is meant to be played … but …. shall listen and watch some of the greats and try to copy their style. Its much too late for me to learn now, but I would assume that just hearing that twanging immaturely as you battle with your fingers, would be enough for one of my disposition to spend hours at it …

There is a great joy in not knowing too, I should imagine. The discovery of it and its further elements when some strings fall right, is joyous beyond words. For a moment with the self is what one looks for. Nothing to be replicated for an audience, or those that sympathize … no these moments must indeed be with the self. What becomes inspirational to you is the matter that counts.

I see many a moment when the professionals play at gatherings. They come to exhibit their artistry, not to be a replacement for piped music at a lavish wedding or a party. It is most disrespectful when I see that happening. I cringe. I almost feel like reprimanding the guests, but do not. I would rather wish that the artists wind up their instruments and leave. Years and years of 'tapasya' for this ?? No that does not impress me …

Show respect and regard to the artist. Allow them to sink into their gift and give an opportunity to be a part of that emotion. It has been the most sight for me when I observe the look on the face of these artists, who despite the disinterest shown by the invitees continue to perform, almost in compulsion. They look for appreciation, search for that one individual that shall show admiration of their craft .. but alas .. it never comes .. circumstances lead them to continue .. others with greater self respect and dignity, stop announce their intent and either get the interest or leave. I would applaud such an occurrence ..

ManMohan Desai, would never go to the theatre or movie hall where his film was running. Not because he did not want to but it was compelled upon him by his staff and assistants. For when during the projection of his film if he noticed anyone talking or moving out of the hall, he would get up and tell the gentleman in a most ungentlemanly manner to either shut up or sit down and not leave !! Such was his protective passion for his work …

I loved him on many other counts, but his this attitude was the best, even though many would laugh it off …

Love to all and wishes for dreams that provide happiness and fulfillment, peace and goodwill ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Amitabh Bachchan wants to play sitar again

Amitabh Bachchan wants to play sitar again

He has lent his unmistakable timbre to songs with remarkable results. And now, Amitabh Bachchan has expressed a desire to learn a musical instrument as well. Late last evening, the actor wrote in his blog, about his wish to pick up the sitar again, something he had done years ago. But there is a catch.

Being a left hander, he is unsure of what position to adopt while playing the instrument. It is a similar dilemma for another musical instrument, the sarod. This diarist would like to add in a word of encouragement here.

One of the most revered musicians of all time, Baba Allauddin Khan, Guru of Pandit Ravi Shankar and late Ustad Ali Akbar Khan's father, was a left hander. His instrument of choice was the sarod, but he was also known to have exceptional control over all classical instruments.

Incidentally, the original god of electric guitar, Jimi Hendrix was left handed too, but it is said that his father forced him to play right handed because he believed being left handed was a sign of the devil. But surely, we have come a long way since then!

How rich are the Bachchans

How rich are the Bachchans?
Jaya Bachchan declared her assets when she filed nomination papers for the Rajya Sabha. How rich are

News Yahoo

has created a world that had hitherto been hidden from us

Jalsa , Mumbai                      Mar 22 , 2012                        Thu 9 : 43 PM

Communication and its versatility today, has created a world that had hitherto been hidden from us – a world that gave us an opportunity to know what the 'other' was thinking. The opportunity of giving us access to another's mind, thoughts and comments has given rise to discussion and debate yes, but it has taught us restraint. We lived earlier on within our limited means of expression, content and happy perhaps that the 'other' aspect would never be brought up, simply because there was never any device to know or hear or read what they were saying. The newspapers were there, but limited. The radio was there, but state owned and run, according I believe, to what the state wanted us to know and hear. Now of course its an uncontrolled invasion. But in a free world, in its democratization, in its riddance from a policed state, a foreign ruled Raj, we have the opportunity to know and hear and express what we wish to, and more, with the advent of the air space, do now independently have the strength to do so.

There are benefits to this and disadvantages too – much like everything else that survives on this planet. This is most welcome. But the salient facts are that we are exposed to a great deal more than what existed earlier. On one end there can be acceptance and camaraderie. On the other distaste and abuse. But what has been most interesting has been the fact that we have learned to take the good and the bad with perhaps equal measure. Many do not. Abuse deters them. They take it personally and slide away. But I feel it is important to know that not everyone loves everyone here. Not everyone is sympathetic to each others cause. Yet knowing these conditions when we conduct ourselves with grace and dignity, it pays greater dividends.

The abusive content of the 'other ' is not going to convert my belief or my path. But for the 'other' to display it, comes with  loss of great character and polluted being. A polluted being needs to continuously build hatred and disgust, not an easy exercise, to be able to get themselves into a condition to express it. What a waste of their limited energy. The saner element deflects it by an abstract shield, not necessarily of their making, and never allows it to enter its purified domain. There is peace in this than the other. Why must I destroy my internals to build something which eventually only destroys the maker.

I may not entirely step away from such condition. But I certainly would feel a great deal more comfortable than the oppressor. He that hath spoken harsh, went out of his constitution to build it first. He that hath ignored or never paid attention to, went a step further in his or her quest for peace and well being. For me peace wins above hatred.

In life we all want to be winners … !!!

A pleasant evening spent alone with music and cricket and two very talented gentlemen – Vishal and Shekhar, the music director duo, who seem to have found the fountain that giveth them the ability to make music, appealing and popular to all walks of society. We spend time on trends that invade our music world. Of the youth and their aspirations and thinking. A generation that wants to do different. That feels revolutionized in deed, in what they represent. A generation that may have forgotten or never heard of the past greats but willing to pay attention, provided it is put across to them in a manner which they feel must be understood as their component in today's world. They are not rash or disrespectful. They are good people, who want to be understood their way. Is there a problem there ? I should think not !

How wonderful then would it be if we were to present to them the poetry and lyricism of the yesteryears, but in a format understood or identifiable by them on a level which they desire as a prerequisite in a time which quite honestly belongs by very large margins, to them.

I am not too conversant with statistics, but I can assuredly comment, that the age group of the 17-35 in India is by far the greater number compared to any other part of the world. Are we then giving them the relative attention that they deserve ? Or are we driving them into desperation and revolt because we are failing to understand them ?

I may not have an adequate answer to this, but left to me I would give ample consideration to them … as much as I would in selecting what it is from the past, that could and should be shared.

Circumstances and surroundings build the nature of our next in command. If those circumstances differ from what was there earlier, I would not be in immediate haste in forming a conclusion. Concluding, would shut many doors and leave none, for even us to escape. So I would keep the doors open and allow the breeze to flow in. If it became too uncomfortable, I would rather shut a few windows than the door. And if, God forbid, the situation demanded that doors be shut too, I would wait patiently for some to jump the wall and enter in, to demonstrate to me, their determination to achieve, rather than bear a tone of aggressive persuasion.


Good night dear ones … I get better by the day, though I did have to visit the hospital on another matter of ailment. Nothing to worry or panic – visits such as these shall gradually increase as does the age. Better then to accept and embrace treatment than lament and show no hope …


Amitabh Bachchan

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Will Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif make a good pair in ‘Mehrunissa

Will Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif make a good pair in 'Mehrunissa'?

There is a strong buzz that Kat has almost bagged the title role in the prestigious project. Will she be convincing as Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor's love interest? We wonder…

There has been a lot of speculation about Mehrunissa ever since Sudhir Mishra announced his ambitious project. The names that came up for the title role included Chitrangda Singh, Katrina Kaif and Vidya Balan.

Sudhir, co-producer Nikhil Advani and representatives of producer DAR Motion Pictures chose to stay tightlipped, but now we hear that Katrina has been finalised for the role. Apparently, since Dhoom 3 has been postponed yet again, Katrina has several free dates in her diary – the same dates could work very well for Mehrunissa. She is almost done shooting for Ek Tha Tiger and is currently busy with Yash Chopra's still untitled project (no, it's not London Ishq and thank God for that!) while Dostana 2 is still in pre-production stage. Kat is quite keen to do Mehrunissa, but the question is: will she be able to?

Mehrunissa, as you probably already know, is the story of a female actor in the 1970s. It traces her journey from the age of 20 to the present when she is 62. Sudhir had wanted to model the younger Mehrunissa on yesteryear actor Waheeda Rehman. Mehrunissa will have two suitors – to be played by Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor. Now we know Kat can play the ingĂ©nue with alacrity: she has done it in Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani and to some extent in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya. But can she play the sedate older woman? It requires a lot of skill to essay the role of a mature senior citizen and Kat's acting skills leave a lot to be desired. Also, we just can't imagine Kat and her accent fitting into the scenario of 1970s Bollywood. Deepika Padukone managed to do it in Om Shanti Om, but we seriously doubt if Kat can pull it off.

Then there's the other factor. Katrina will be paired opposite two actors who have actually lived through the 1970s and ruled the box office then. Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor have agreed to play heroes to Kat. While we have no doubt that the veterans can make us believe in their love for Mehrunissa, we can't say the same about Kat. Can she convince us that she is capable of romancing older and experienced actor like Rishi and Big B? At this time it's impossible to imagine that she could!

And don't forget, the credit or discredit for Kat's performance ultimately goes to Sudhir. It's public knowledge that Sudhir fought hard with the then-Mehrunissa producers UTV Motion Pictures to not cast Katrina. When his first choice Chitrangda opted out, he took the project to Vidya, but refused to cast Katrina. He was supported in this by co-producer Nikhil Advani. Now Nikhil has flown all the way to London where Kat is shooting just to narrate the script to her. He has agreed to wait till she returns to Mumbai to finalise the details. Will that be enough for her to overlook the initial opposition? Or will this cause friction on the sets, hindering her performance?

We just hope that in the end Mehrunissa will be worth all the trouble it has taken Sudhir to get his ambitious project off the ground.

I seek the goodness of those greats that have through centuries

Jalsa , Mumbai                  Mar  21 ,  2012                       Wed  11 : 30 PM

  I seek the goodness of those greats that have through centuries spent years in understanding society, building norms, and blessing us with the writings and words and thoughts that they leave behind. What nature of men and women must they have been ? What would have been their inspiration and desire to put all this down for it to be followed in the shape and form of a practiced religion ? How did religion give birth ? What did the sacred writings mean to humankind when they first encountered it ? What motivated some to follow in one direction and others to follow in another ? How did the belief and the practice of it become rigid and firm and committed ? Firm to the extent of giving their lives for its furtherance or its defense. It has been centuries since … but even today we do not change, despite the social and moral changes, despite the understanding and the scientific maturing of many of the beliefs. Where and how did this learning come from. Some believe it was the Guru's and the Saints that wrote it. Others believe it was a revelation from the God's above. That there was divine introduction to all that the belief believed in. What a stimulating and wondrous period of humanity that must have been … the setting of norms and scriptures and worship and its modalities … ones that have survived through all these centuries without change. Yes there has been a tributarisation, directions have differed, codes and construct has evolved … but … the basic belief has never changed – the existence and the reverence it has deserved …

Atheists, theosophists and their like shall be gathering to challenge and debate this … the good and the bad, or the bad and the good shall face each other .. resulting in an even stronger show of what each believes in … or not …

Religion has such inert strength and vigor .. its beliefs even more commendable, strong and stable. Equally strong are those that do not believe .. that have reason and argument for it … I would not challenge either .. I would wish and hope and pray that peace prevail .. that if sentiment is defiled or hurt, its act should be regretted. It is distressing to observe antagonism and for me particularly to live in it. Once done it shall remain with me for ever .. silently … but present all the same …


Good night and my love …

Amitabh Bachchan 

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