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Amitabh Bachchan may have to extend his hospital stay

Amitabh Bachchan may have to extend his hospital stay

Mumbai: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who is recuperating post his abdominal surgery, might be required to spend a few more days at the hospital before he gets home.
“Looks like a few more days… before they set me free…but recovery at home will be another few months,” Bachchan tweeted today.
“Getting independent gradually… a careful shower avoiding the cuts and needles and ‘kites’… pretty dexterous exercise,” he wrote.
Bachchan was operated on 11 February at the Seven Hills hospital and was to be discharged soon. But after his surgery, the 69-year-old actor had tweeted he was in acute pain and hence his stay was extended.
Earlier this week, hospital sources said that as his health is improving he might get discharged in a day or two, something which has now been ruled out.
Bachchan said in his blog last night that the doctors seem to be satisfied with his recent improvement in health.
“The meetings of the morning with the team of doctors…happy to note that they seemed satisfied with the progress and after a few closed door discussions, came back with a few points that would bring relief to any sufferer,” he said.
Big B has been battling a string of stomach ailments since his near fatal intestinal injury while filming a fight scene in 1982 movie Coolie, when he remained in hospital for many months. Since then he has been frequently admitted to hospital for stomach related problems.
In November 2005, Bachchan was operated at Lilavati after he developed intestinal problems. He could resume work only after a two-month break.
Again in 2008, on his birthday on 11 October, he complained of abdominal pain and was rushed to hospital.

कई महीने काम नहीं कर पाएंगे अमिताभ

नई दिल्‍ली. सुपरस्टार अमिताभ बच्चन के स्वास्थ्य में सुधार हो रहा है। हालांकि उन्‍हें अभी कुछ और दिनों तक अस्‍पताल में रहना पड़ सकता है और काम पर लौटने में कई महीने लग सकते हैं।

बिग बी ने ट्वीट कर अपने सेहत की जानकारी दी है, ‘अपने दम पर उठकर खड़ा होने लगा हूं। खुद से मैंने स्‍नान भी किया लेकिन जख्‍मों, सूईयों और ‘पतंगों’ को बचाकर सावधानी से नहाना पड़ा। यह अच्‍छा अभ्‍यास है।’ यहां पतंग से मतलब है -शरीर पर लगी ढेर सारी ट्यूब्स और ड्रिप्स।  

अमिताभ आगे लिखते हैं, ‘धीरे-धीरे मेरे शरीर के कई अंग फिर से काम करने लगे हैं। इस पर मुझे हैरानी भी होती है। ऐसा लगता है कि अभी कुछ और दिनों तक अस्‍पताल में रहना पड़ेगा लेकिन घर जाने पर भी कई महीने तक आराम करना पड़ेगा।’

11 फरवरी को पेट के ऑपरेशन और दर्द के कारण अमिताभ मुंबई के सेवेन हिल्स अस्पताल में हैं।  

उन्‍होंने अमेरिका में ट्यूमर का इलाज करा रहे क्रिकेटर युवराज सिंह के बेहतर स्‍वास्‍थ्‍य की भी कामना की। अमिताभ ने ट्विट किया, ‘युवराज, हमें उम्‍मीद है कि आपका स्‍वास्‍थ्‍य बेहतर हो रहा है। आपके जल्‍द स्‍वस्‍थ होने की ईश्‍वर से प्रार्थना करते हैं।’

Amul is a very popular diary butter brand, and puts up hoardings all over the country

Hospital 7 Hills , Mumbai   Feb  20 ,  2012               Mon  11 : 54 PM

For those that do not know .. Amul is a very popular diary butter brand, and puts up hoardings all over the country on topics of recent and relevant importance .. they have done several for me throughout my career .. and continue to do so …

The meetings of the morning with the team of doctors be the most trying for the patient. As you await results of their assessment, you wonder what new discovery they may have found that would immerse you in further treatment. But happy to note that they seemed satisfied with the progress and after a few closed door discussions, came back with a few points that would bring relief to any sufferer.
Apart from the physical pain of the surgery, there is now a reduction in most other pains. The ‘central line’ immersed in the neck is a huge bother – it being on the side of the neck – the side I sleep upon. But the period of the dressing of the wound is something one never looks forward to. Taking out the plaster that is stuck to an already abrasive skin and wounded surgery, is worse than the surgery itself. On dressing days at other visits to hospitals during this ‘illustrious’ medical career of mine, I have often asked for a maternity bed that carries two holder rings on either side, to which one can hold on to tight at time of pain, or for the women during delivery. Why that works as a remedy I have never known. The strength deployed on another location could perhaps ease the pain at the real one. I would guess, but that is debatable.
However, those moments passed by and since the wounds, both about 10 cm in length, had healed well, they decided to keep away from any further dressings and indeed suggested that I should attempt to shower in the morning – the water having supposedly no effect. Now that is going to be a rather large experiment chest downwards, for the neck still has the needle immersed deep and will perhaps remain so for some days. Most of the medication is being administered through there.
Also there is indication of increased food intake and to get more mobile. That shall be attempted in the morrow.

Update over, its time to perhaps slide back in bed and follow what I was advised the day before – greater hours of sleep. So sleep it shall be.
I feel drained of all thoughts today. Perhaps the absence of anxiety makes it so. Some of the most valuable works have been accomplished in severe circumstances, or so they say. So one has to be poor in means to be rich in craft ? Not unusual. Most of the world that celebrates success and creative finesse has risen or at least originated from lesser environs. So I keep in tune, I guess. Let me see what tomorrow holds for me, then we shall discuss and comment. Till then …
Love is all that I can give ..

If it has been disturbing for many that I have indulged in this practice

Hospital 7 Hills, Mumbai                                         Feb 19,  2012                                           Sun 11 : 53 PM

Some of the most inspired writing comes at times when time has no value. If it has been disturbing for many that I have indulged in this practice at 4 in the morning, then I just this to defend myself with. A visitor asked me today how I decided what I was going to write about. I do not prepare or think ahead on this. I open my laptop, open the Blog window and page, punch in the DAY and the location date and time details and then start writing whatever comes to my mind at that moment. There is no agenda as such, there is no predetermined detail with me, unless I need to put something up of printed or photographed interest. And then I keep plodding along. Many ask me how I find the time to do all this, appreciate the fact that I have been diligent and consistent. My answer to them is, time finds me ! Truly ! This is not some deliberate smart remark to impress, it is something that happens in programmed fashion. Not within the limits of my time management, but one that pleasantly knocks on my door and even before I can reach out to open the entrance, enters, as though it was invited.
The morning, even after the 4:30 am slumber time, happened by 7 am .. I never felt deprived of sleep hours, but did feel that I was completely drenched in perspiration. This, despite the air in the room being conditioned for duvet coverage. So a quick costume change was organized, sheets changed and I went back horizontal. But to no avail. So within minutes I propped myself up through the gadgetry of the remote pad by my side, and sat up to face concerned sisters of the hospital on night duty ! The doctor at the nursing station outside my room Mihir also comes in and expresses his views on how sleep acts as an essential healing process and that if I defy it my condition would not improve. I am about to defy him when he wishes if he could say some words to me. I agree.
” I have seen all your films Sir, right from my childhood and was just watching ‘Sarkaar’ , when I was informed of my duty on your case. I have seen the film around 50 times, its my favorite and is loaded permanently on my computer. Just wanted you to know that I find this too coincidental, for, I was with you when you were in Leelavati Hospital in your earlier ailment some years ago.”
Now how does one disobey Mihir after this.
When the computer network had failed in the middle of the night and I had shown my anguish of having not been able to post my Blog, I sought help from the IT department of the Hospital. Within minutes a young man came by fixed the issue and on further query on the wifi connectivity, answered almost in embarrassed fearful tone -
” Sir I am soft ware engineer,  do not know much about connectivity first time meeting Amitabh Bachchan good night sir. ”
Said in the plainest of tones in one breath without any change of expression either on face or speech. Brings a smile to my face as I narrate it. Simplicity in the human is the most endearing feature of mankind. Those that dwell in that realm are fortunate to not have been polluted.
Had a toast today after long. Never realized how important an element becomes after it has been taken away from you. The story of life virtually …
My love my gratitude …

Amitabh Bachchan

The morning of today arose with deep thought and contemplation on the morning before

Hospital 7 Hills , Mumbai               Feb 18 ,  2012                     Sat 11 : 45 PM

The morning of today arose with deep thought and contemplation on the morning before. In the midst of intense discussions between the medical team and the family, there seemed to be an opinion arriving that perhaps another surgery was avoidable and that some of the blood reports which had reached alarming levels were beginning to show signs of improvement. Oblivious to all these there was a desire to walk and move more than would be described as comfortable in prevailing circumstances, but the insistance of those that move about with slung stethoscopes about their necks was difficult to ignore and so a few gentle dragging steps, with the rod carrying the drips followed along a few feet around the bed. It is a wonder that many do not recognize or show awareness of, that unmoved, the body remains a well packaged box of freshly bought plasticine – fine and colorful to look at, and perhaps not disturbed, but pulled out, moulds itself according to our desire into many shapes. Unless you mould it the plasticine is plain and inert. So does the body if kept silent and unmoved. The fingers and the hand are the most vulnerable. Stop using them or moving them and they stay stopped. Stiff and stuck in the position you last left them.
So as mobility takes over, the status of the organs begin to get involved and improved. The organs’ involvement is music for the ears of the team which guides and monitors.
But who guides and monitors the organs that run the mind ? No one but yourself. We shall be responsible for its behavior, its attitude and its reactions. Much like the memory card or hard discs of modern computerization, they store and bring forward information only when the right button is pressed. The right button could be any right button – a gesture from a friend, a well wisher, a note of compassion, a chord that when struck opens up the gates of that particular emotion.
Once the chord and emotion fall in the place where they establish homogenous influence, all else connected thought shall pour out in what ever form you may have wished it to – laughter, tears, modes of happiness and joy or one of deep sorrow.
It is difficult to confess now what transpired for those chords to intertwine themselves to bring out emotion, but they did. And some day it may get manifested. Most of the time it simply remains a hidden asset, or a contour of vulnerable weakness. But the surge of passion and emotion for that moment can and will be understood by that which undergoes such turmoil. Or perhaps not ‘turmoil’. It may well be joyful. I hope it is in most cases. A troubled mind is one of the most dangerous facts of life. It propels itself inside to break out in the open, to capture and conquer this oppressor that has bound him to its body for who knows how many years. Its overwhelming strength to win the battle and the war together is humanities greatest frailty. Its resemblance makes itself known through the minds of those that are aware of its presence – philosophers, poets, painters, artists, musicians, singers, writers. They are the conveyors. We appreciate them in their understanding of the subject because they say and do what most cannot. Their contribution is such that it remains eternal and that force within, eager to erupt knows this, which is why it frequents their body. These creative acts bring us, who are not blessed with creativity, to appreciate immediately their presence. They, the artists, have been used intelligently to portray in such manner that which when exhibited shall get immediate attention and appreciation because, this is what we too were looking for but never had the talent or the gumption to excite it enough.
We empathize with an actor portraying particular emotion because we believe that that is true and honest. Meritoriously this is the most feared test for an actor – whether the emotion he or she displayed, did get the attention and appreciation of those millions for whom he or she demonstrated. It is not just enough that the actor were true honest and sincere. It has to be enough to be able to blend and capture it with those that come to witness the moment. Somewhere in his efforts towards creativity, the artist must have the guile to know this. The criteria for his or her appreciation depends on this. It may not necessarily be what the artist desired, but its recognition drives them to it.
Guru Dutt’s brilliance, as is customary with creative brilliance among all, in the making of now an iconic symbol and yardstick of creativity, ‘Kaagaz ke Phool’ was never recognized for its ‘appreciative’ audience. At the first theatre show of the film as he and his writer Abrar Alvi sat among the audience and noticed its reaction, he walked out midway of his own film and told him ‘ Abrar, we have given birth to a still child ..! ‘. It requires the strength of a genius to make such reference. Many do not possess such quality and Ritwik Ghatak, the incredible film director from Bengal, could not. Unable to curb that surge from within, he never allowed it to overtake him, or make compromise and instead stood steadfast to his urge, drowning it excessively with intoxicants that eventually destroyed his life, but did not succumb. It was one of my most distressing moments to have encountered him at the RajKamal Studios in Mumbai one afternoon, lost disheveled ragged and desperate, demanding in almost threatening tone -
” Give me 50 rupees ! ”
That look in his eyes as though his entire life depended on those 50, shall remain with me forever. It was not just frightening to an observer. It could have been. But to me it was the saddest spectacle ever. The creator subjecting his greatest tools of genius and brilliance to destruction, but not willing to compromise with his creativity.
Guru Dutt walked away from ‘Kaagaz ke Phool’ and made ‘Chaudhvein ka Chand’ a lovely romantic Muslim social, so popular at those times, got audience appreciation and moved on, perhaps, and one will never know now, to maintain his stability and his brilliance in his forthcoming films – ‘Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam’ another of my favorites. But was there hidden behind within him that frustrated maker who did not get the ‘appreciation’ of his truest form ? Alas one shall never discover.
Read up on Ritwik Ghatak, Beethoven and Sallieri, and Schubert and Mozart, Satyajit Ray, Kurosawa and so many other genius and you shall discover how lame and incompetent we are as creators in front of them.

What then at the end of all this can we surmise ? Is the act of the artist his or her truest and honest form. And will we be ever able to judge whether it develops recognition or not. They create, we recreate. Which one is doing right ? If we do not get exposure to value and merit, we shall remain short of cultural and classical form. Or forms which then occupy a space that one tags as ‘parallel’ or ‘artistic’.
And that is the biggest tragedy. ‘Artistic’ gets a legitimate title, but its recognition, illegitimate and bastardized – another still born child !!

Good night and sleep well .. its coming on to 4 am, a time when I am unable to curb my own impulse towards my Ef ..
Amitabh Bachchan

Somehow, the numbers of the DAY seem more welcome than before 1400

Hospital 7 Hills , Mumbai             Feb 17 , 2012                       Fri  11 : 27 PM

Somehow, the numbers of the DAY seem more welcome than before .. 1400 ! Though not an expert or a believer in any form of numerology, its science or its existence, we do tend to give attention to such facts when they are narrated to us. And in some peculiar manner you begin to allow it to enter into your thinking and psyche. Boarding a plane you count the gate number, flight number. A room in a Hotel. The number on your house and car. Car definitely, because people pay to get a certain numerical for there’s. What the roll call number is in class. Your birth date, year and month. Release date for a film – the count is endless … All because you wish it to be a successful, incident free and a positive number.
Numbers have now been attached to the alphabet. The English alphabet. And now we have complicated our lives even more. Since English is the most prevalent language in the world, our names, corporate or otherwise, despite being of local language, need some kind of justification in being translated to the English tongue.
Our dear Ef Rastogi is a firm believer and has learned knowledge of the science and shall disagree outrightly with this concept, but is it not factual that say a name like eg. MAYUR, though spelt correctly due to the phonetics of the English language, does not endeavor to  give it the Hindi language phonetics. For, if it did the name should be written as MAYOOR. But MAYOOR in written and perhaps pronunciation would be too close to MAYOR, which has an altogether different meaning and sound.
Now what, I ask, could possibly be the connotations on the numerology of the name if that were to take place.
Firstly I need to know, how when and why were the numbers attached to each alphabet in the English, derived from. Who set them up and why. I would love to spend some time with him/her, to understand the craft and ask a few questions pertinent to the subject.
And … if the phonetics were the reason for the construct of words and their pronunciation, why do those that speak and have great knowledge of the English language, a most developed entity, perhaps snigger and laugh at those not from their region pronounce say CHAMPAGNE, as ‘sham pug nee’ … written as it is, this would be the truest phonetic translation ..
Why does a British commentator insist on calling GAVASKAR as ‘ga vasker’, when the true pronunciation should be ‘gaavas kar’, with an elongation on the ‘gaa’ as opposed to the more snipped and cryptic design he gives. And this is just the Indian National Cricket team. Wait till you hear them when SriLanka plays … !!
Boy o Boy !! This shall invite great debate I am certain, but nevertheless a point that I encounter often and have often wondered on. The spelling is correct, but the stress on the particular alphabets, or whatever it is called in English grammar, is different. Or should I say, is according to the stress or meter used in the English language and not on the language of the origin of the name.

I leave that for the moment. We started on DAY 1400 being better suited than all the 13′s that were coming up for the past days and look where we are !!  Superstitious to 13 .. eh … MR B ??
Time to get off this rail road track ..

To matters more mundane – the doctors and hospital and treatments and ailments ! There seems to be a slight, very slight, upward push to the graph on recovery, though there is still an immense amount of work to be done and observed. Your prayers seem to be working. The fever stayed within control and a few blood readings brought a gentle smile on the faces of the medical team. A CT Scan planned to detect another nagging problem has been put off for today and shall be considered tomorrow. My intake has been improved upon – from three sips of water per day to four sips !! Thats like a couple of teaspoons full extra !! Blessed are they that lounge in the comfort of elegant and mouth watering cuisine, while a good 30 % of our populace still remains hungry and without meal. How great the dichotomy, how intensely unbalanced our living. Consider yourself privileged Shri Amitabh Bachchan for getting that increased sip of water. Many around you have never come across any ‘increased’ circumstances.

Amitabh Bachchan

Thank you for your understanding and your love on last nights condition

Hospital 7 Hills , Mumbai             Feb 16 , 2012                 Thu  11 : 40 PM                                      

 Thank you for your understanding and your love on last nights condition, but it was imperative for me to do that. I would never expected any less from this lovely band of people that we have created with great care and forbearance.
The night started off with great apprehensions, what with the temperature of the fever going up – always a dangerous signal. But the mercury fell during the night, or in todays terminology the digital reading in these modern contraptions, showed improvement and by the morning there was a freshness and hope of repair. Soon after wards though, the additional pain that has developed in the abdomen, apart from the surgical, kept doctors busy and going into a huddle. When ever they do that I always surmise there is something more than normal in the patient. Heavy dosages of even more antibiotics were pumped in, and to facilitate this operation they had to wheel me in to the OT again to put a ‘central line’, through an incision on the neck.
The lights as we rolled by above on the ceiling sped past, and with a few bumps and pushes on the trolley bed that rolls into the ‘theatre of the distressed’, found its destination among hushed vocals. The operating lights shine bright into your face, and masked faces appear magically above you – confident, considerate and compassionate. And before long well rehearsed and practiced procedures come into being. Green sterilized wrappings all around you, a covering over your body to keep you warm in the air bag that stretches above, a fumigated smell of purity and a visual of the doctor that shall do the deed.
They are all most pleasant and polite in their acts – ‘we are ready to go sir, if you feel any discomfort, speak out’ .. ‘just a small little needle prick sir’ … ‘it will numb the skin around the neck’ .. ‘applying a cream to desensitize the area, will feel a little cold’ .. ‘we are starting, this green cloth that covers your face may cause breathing problems but we shall keep your nose out so you can breathe’ .. ‘any pain sir ? we are entering the incision’ ..
And you feel the elements that are supposed to go in, go in … I casually ask the doc … ‘how many of these have you done ? … ‘about 10,000′ he responds. A certain sense of relief gathers about you – you are in capable hands …
‘You will now feel a wire like object rubbing against the walls, and then we shall be pressing your neck somewhat deeply, if you feel pain tell us. Procedure over, tubes and tapes being attached. The doc speaks up – ‘ you are a good patient sir ! I register it with a nod and soon all the mechanics over am shifted to bed from room and driven down somewhat rapidly to my room … an ominous silence prevails there, family anxious to know if all went well … Abhishek assures them, and tucked into bed, pillows all around, tired and tired, shut eyes …

When the doctors speak to you about what will happen in the procedure and what you will feel, how do they know the feel part ? Surely they have not been through it themselves have they ? Found it odd !

There are more doctors now being called in for consultation, for second opinion … hmmm … a lapse of some time, friends drop by inquiring after and then the doctors again … they do not differ in the analysis of the earlier doctors .. so treatment remains, pain remains and I remain with you – my sincerest of well wishers !
Love you all … hoping tomorrow shall be a better day than today and then onwards …
Amitabh Bachchan 

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