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There is a certain exuberance in the completion of process BigB

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh    Feb  3,  2011       Thu  10 : 51 PM
There is a certain exuberance in the completion of process. A harsh evening spent in preparation, a even more difficult night tossing and turning at the probabilities of the coming event, an apprehension of delivery, the delivery, its acceptance or not and finally the lifting of a burden almost after its completion. And at the end of the day you sit back and wonder, did it really go all that well. Was there room for improvement. Were people merely being polite or was there genuine satisfaction.
Thoughts, arguments and troubled decisions that the mind shall be burdened with, perhaps for another few days or perhaps the day of trial at release. And then one fine day when the final product shall display itself to a million homes and hearts, you will get up and scream -”Damn ! Wish I could have done it the other way !”
Ramblings, dearest FmXt from an idle mind, that settles down to reminisce a day in the day of my profession !
It has been an overwhelming experience to find the number of respondents tonight at almost 438 .. or thereabouts. It is normally between the late 200’s and the hundred three. I am touched to know that so many actually read what I write and respond in good faith. Thank you. Your endorsement gives hope and pleasure.
I watch with bated breath the events that unfold in troubled Egypt and I reminisce most nostalgically my visit in 1990 to this wonderful land. From the moment I arrived to the day that I left, the people never left me for a moment away from their affection and love. The outpourings were so immense, the attention so spontaneous and warm that it was difficult for me to imagine that a land foreign to me could give an outsider so much of their time and support. Those hours and days spent in absolute glory shall be forever imprinted on my mind till eternity.
Dear God, may there be peace within the region and may you keep everyone safe and secure and may this turmoil end as rapidly as it can so that normalcy can be restored. Some of our EF from the region have somehow managed to send messages across to say they are fine. May they remain so.
During my stay in Egypt, there were reportages of course every day of what I was doing and where I was going and so forth, but a prominent newspaper brought a cartoon out on the front page one day which had a funny way of describing my visit to the country and it had in its reference the present President Hosni Mubarak as well.
I dare not mention here its details for that would not be appropriate at this hour … but I suddenly remembered its relevance, keeping in mind the present situation in the country.
May be some other day when things have calmed down, I shall bring it up again.
Solitude and the desire to be left alone prevails a great deal in my mind these days. On return from work I am in delight to be able to catch up with the happenings of the blog, or twitter or the responses on the mail, or perhaps to visit a sight and seek the importance of its content. Modern inventions, assets to communication and the entire process of keeping an individual so involved that he never does feel the need to travel out is revolutionizing society and habits and morals. There are frantic debates that consume a great deal of our time in discussing whether this is all good for us or not. Not too far away the Hindustan Times announced a ‘No Tv Day’ and I must say it did get a few subscribers to its campaign, many of whom were important celebrities who actually gave various personal reports on what they did and what they felt about it.
But what of those that have never seen a Tv in their house ? And a very large population in this country has not. Of over a billion I believe the figure for the number of sets or viewers is in the 250 million ! Thats just a quarter of the entire population ! Worth a thought I should say.
Must end now … must say my greetings for the night …. must wish you love …. and must ask to pray …
Amitabh Bachchan
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