Friday, August 19, 2011

What can one say when one settles down to write at this late hour Big B

Jalsa , Mumbai       Aug 18 ,  2011        Thu 11: 57 PM
What can one say when one settles down to write at this late hour. I have no words to express myself. No feelings after the numbness of what I have just seen and heard. And what I hear and see is the result of KBC in its prime. In a programme specially designed for ‘another chance’, not just in the realm of guided and compulsory protection, but in an effort to bring some sanity among us, we have had in the hot seat two young ladies from our own land that have shown just incredible bravery !
Rukhsana and Stanzin. The former from J&K and the other from Leh in Ladakh. Rukhsana is the one that we have heard often enough. She the young 20 year old daughter that took on the might of the terrorist in Kashmir, slammed her way through among them and taking over from one of their rivals shooting him down.
The latter a young pretty face from Leh Ladakh, suffering from the sudden cloud burst that occurred in their region some years ago, but its tragedy and strain not leaving her - she lost her entire family and belongings in that deluge, dead and gone forever.
They both came to the Hot Seat, among the guests sat Shankar and his gang from Dubai and what an interesting episode we recorded.
Their bravery and their resolve to fight against all odds, brought a lump in our throats as each narrated their horrific experiences.
Rukhsana and her family living in a most modest house, held in Kashmir, were attached by the terrorists of the region. She instead of succumbing to their threats, stood up and fought them, a group of six,bringing down one by firing a bullet from his own gun. Amazing stories to know the depth of thinking of these people, their belief and their valor. Just an amazing lot of incredible people, whom nothing can bring down ever.
And the pretty Stanzin from Leh, where she had to face, that her entire family was wiped out by the storm and dangerous cloud burst that occurred some years ago and still remains as an enormous tragedy, even today. For her to come down to Mumbai and to get an opportunity to play on the show despite her huge loss was most commendable. And she played well.
We the people of the city and affluence, of being shown the door each time you seek opportunity, can be the most formidable blunder ever made, according to us and to our minds. We have today forgotten what the poor in this country live and survive upon. Each day I meet some on set who narrate the stories of indiscipline, loot and vulnerability and am helpless and moved by their gestures. We can make attempts to help them but never shall be able to address them completely.
May all those that make effort and those that are completely subjugated by oppression, rise above all this and face the hostility of a Nation at war with its neighbor. May our efforts be true and deliverable .
Amitabh Bachchan

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